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ReLeaf Center Dispensary in Bentonville Review [2024]

Bentonville, Arkansas is home to the ReLeaf Center, a beacon for medical marijuana patrons. Diving into the dispensary's journey reveals its commitment to quality and service. To get access to ReLeaf Center you need a medical marijuana card and ARCannabisClinic can get you approved 7 days a week.

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Table of Contents

History of ReLeaf Center Dispensary in Bentonville, Arkansas

The ReLeaf Center Dispensary has solidified its presence in Bentonville, Arkansas, as a pioneering force in the medical marijuana landscape. With its opening on August 7, 2019, the dispensary made a considerable mark, selling a substantial amount of medical marijuana by December of the same year, indicating a strong start and demand for its services in the community​​.

This significant step for the ReLeaf Center was not just about opening doors to customers but also about materializing a vision that took about three years to bring to fruition. Owner and COO Matt Shansky reflected on the momentous nature of the dispensary's launch, recognizing it as a historic event for Bentonville and the state at large. It was a culmination of anticipation from those who had been awaiting legal access to medical cannabis for various health concerns​​.

The dispensary's establishment is nestled in the broader context of medical marijuana's evolution in Arkansas. The state's landscape has been shaped by various players, including dispensaries like the ReLeaf Center, which have contributed to the substantial sales figures recorded in the state, reflecting the vital role these establishments play in the health and wellness sectors​​.

For those interested in a deeper dive into the significance of the ReLeaf Center's establishment and its place within the state's medical cannabis history, a more comprehensive look is available. By exploring the Arkansas Times archives, readers can gain insight into the nuanced developments of the medical marijuana industry within the state, including the influential role of dispensaries like the ReLeaf Center​​.

Key Takeaway: The ReLeaf Center's launch was a landmark event, symbolizing the growth and acceptance of medical marijuana in Arkansas, and serving as a testament to the years of planning and effort invested in providing patients with access to cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

In the grand scheme of things, the ReLeaf Center stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of medical marijuana in Northwest Arkansas. This growth mirrors the ethos of ARCannabisClinic, which also emphasizes patient care and access to medical cannabis as part of comprehensive health treatment plans.

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Location of ReLeaf Center in Bentonville, Arkansas

The ReLeaf Center Dispensary in Bentonville, Arkansas is known for its wide range of medical marijuana products and its commitment to high-quality patient care within a safe and compassionate environment. Its location at 9400 E. McNelly Rd., Bentonville, provides a peaceful and discrete experience for patients, with a focus on privacy and premium service​​.

The center stands out not only for its product offerings but also for its role in educating patients and the community about the benefits of medical marijuana. It works to ensure that patients are well-informed and make decisions that best suit their individual health needs​​.

The ReLeaf Center has a broad inventory that includes cannabis flower, vape products, tinctures, and edibles, catering to various preferences and requirements for medical marijuana consumption. These products are carefully curated to offer immediate relief and cater to the needs of patients with a diverse range of medical conditions​​.

Key Takeaway: The ReLeaf Center is a significant player in the provision of medical marijuana in Northwest Arkansas, offering a comprehensive array of products and services aimed at enhancing the quality of life for patients requiring cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

For more detailed information about the products and services offered by ReLeaf Center, you can visit their direct listing or read more about their approach to patient care and community engagement at the provided links​​​​.

To learn about the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card or to explore further educational resources, ARCannabisClinic provides a thorough guide that can assist in navigating the qualifications and steps needed to access medical marijuana legally​​.

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Operating Hours of ReLeaf Center in Bentonville, Arkansas

It's always a good idea to confirm the operating hours before planning a visit to ensure the best experience. Their operating hours listed on their website state: Monday-Saturday

​9am - 8pm, Sunday 10am - 6pm. You can learn more about their products, services, and operating hours by visiting ReLeaf Center's official page or directly contacting them at their location on E. McNelly Rd., Bentonville, Arkansas​​.

Remember, the ReLeaf Center is not just a place to purchase medical marijuana but also a supportive environment for those seeking alternative healthcare solutions. Their commitment to quality care, patient privacy, and comprehensive wellness makes them a standout location for medical marijuana patients in Northwest Arkansas.

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For detailed information on qualifying conditions and how to get a medical marijuana card, ARCannabisClinic is available with resources and personalized support. Visit their page on qualifying conditions for more information.

Pricing at ReLeaf Center Dispensary in Bentonville, Arkansas

The ReLeaf Center in Bentonville, Arkansas, has been identified as a go-to destination for medical marijuana, celebrated for its extensive selection and commitment to delivering high-quality options in a setting that ensures safety and compassion for its clientele.

Although the specific pricing details for the ReLeaf Center's products are not directly listed online, it's widely acknowledged that the dispensary aims to offer reasonably priced medicinal marijuana to meet the needs of patients seeking affordable alternatives for their health concerns.

The dispensary's reputation for cost-effectiveness comes from patient testimonials and reviews, which often highlight the value for money provided by the ReLeaf Center. They offer a diverse range of products, including cannabis flower, vape products, tinctures, and edibles, to cater to the various preferences and requirements of their customers. The center is also known for its frequent sales and discounts, which include daily deals and special events that provide additional value to their customers.

It's important to note that the pricing of medical marijuana products can be influenced by several factors, including the type of product, quality, strain, and market dynamics. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, potential visitors should directly contact the ReLeaf Center or visit their official website​​.

The significance of the ReLeaf Center in the local community extends beyond pricing and product availability. They are part of a larger, adaptive legislative landscape in Arkansas that values consumer education and safety. This approach ensures that patients have uninterrupted access to cannabis products, even in challenging times, and the tax revenue generated from sales goes back into the community, funding state initiatives and projects​​.

Key Takeaway: The ReLeaf Center is reputed for its affordable pricing strategy, ensuring that patients can access high-quality medical marijuana without financial strain.

For more personalized assistance and information on medical marijuana, ARCannabisClinic offers services to help patients access the best strains and products from dispensaries, including the ReLeaf Center. You can find more about their services on their about us page.

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Remember, to stay informed about pricing and available products, visiting the ReLeaf Center’s official page or contacting them directly is always the best course of action.

Dispensary Reviews for ReLeaf Center in Bentonville, Arkansas

The ReLeaf Center in Bentonville, Arkansas, has garnered a variety of reviews that showcase its impact on the local community and beyond. Patients have shared stories of finding solace through the products offered by the ReLeaf Center, with many appreciating the patient-centric care that values the unique needs of each individual. The dispensary is not only a retail outlet but is seen as an institution that symbolizes hope and education regarding the benefits of marijuana for various conditions.

Customers have expressed satisfaction with the center’s wide range of high-quality medical cannabis products, which include dried marijuana flowers, vape products, tinctures, and edibles. The ReLeaf Center is noted for its staff who are described as knowledgeable, kind, and helpful, offering a level of service that many find exceptional. Reviews also mention the dispensary’s role in community outreach, sponsoring local gatherings, and engaging in philanthropic endeavors, reflecting a commitment to holistic community well-being.

The ReLeaf Center has been praised for its serene and somewhat rural location at 9400 E. McNelly Rd., Bentonville, AR, which contributes to a peaceful and discreet experience for visitors. This setting is appreciated for providing a premium experience with a high level of privacy and service. Patients also value the educational resources provided by the center, which help them make well-informed decisions about their medical marijuana journey.

The key takeaway from the dispensary reviews is the ReLeaf Center’s dedication to providing high-quality, affordable alternative solutions for medical marijuana patients, fostering community connections, and championing holistic well-being.

For more information on the services and support provided by the ReLeaf Center, you can visit the ARCannabisClinic blog posts discussing local health solutions and dispensaries in Arkansas​​​​​​.

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For those looking to begin or continue their medical marijuana journey, ARCannabisClinic can provide support in obtaining a medical marijuana card and offer personalized consultations, including mental health counseling and marijuana therapy​​.


Is the ReLeaf Center in Bentonville a recommended dispensary? Yes, the ReLeaf Center is recommended by many for its high-quality products and customer service. It stands out in Northwest Arkansas for its commitment to providing medicinal cannabis solutions.

What products are available at the ReLeaf Center? The ReLeaf Center offers a range of products including marijuana flower, vape cartridges, tinctures, and edibles, tailored for both new and experienced medical marijuana patients.

Does the ReLeaf Center cater to all qualifying conditions approved by the Arkansas Department of Health? Yes, they provide medicinal cannabis dispensary products for a variety of qualifying conditions as outlined by the Arkansas Department of Health.

Can you get medical marijuana cards at the ReLeaf Center? While the ReLeaf Center does not issue medical marijuana cards, they can offer advice on how to obtain one and serve customers who already have been qualified.

What has been the impact of the ReLeaf Center's grand opening in Bentonville? Since its grand opening, the ReLeaf Center has positively impacted the community by increasing access to medicinal cannabis and providing a comfortable environment for patients.

How does the ReLeaf Center ensure privacy for its clients? The ReLeaf Center adheres to a strict privacy policy to ensure all customer information and purchases remain confidential.

Is the ReLeaf Center considered a premier destination for medical marijuana in Arkansas? Yes, it is often described as a premier destination due to its extensive product range and quality of service.

Does the ReLeaf Center offer affordable alternative solutions? Yes, the center is known for offering affordable alternative solutions to traditional medicine for managing various medical conditions.

How does the ReLeaf Center enhance the quality of life for its patients? The center enhances quality of life by providing high-quality medicinal cannabis products and individual medical advice to treat chronic pain and other conditions.

What is the address of the ReLeaf Center in Bentonville? The center is located at 9400 E. McNelly Rd., providing a convenient location for Bentonville and the surrounding Northwest Arkansas region.

Are there any unique products at the ReLeaf Center? Yes, they offer unique strains of cannabis flower and specialized medicinal cannabis dispensary products.

Does the ReLeaf Center contribute to the Arkansas Times sales figures for medical marijuana? The center does contribute to overall sales figures in the state as one of the leading medical marijuana dispensaries.

Who is Matt Shansky of ReLeaf? Matt Shansky is associated with the ReLeaf Center, likely playing a significant role in its operations or ownership.

Does the ReLeaf Center offer a service-based experience? Yes, the center is known for its excellent service-based experience, focusing on patient needs and care.

What are the operation hours for the ReLeaf Center? For the most accurate and up-to-date operating hours, it's best to contact the dispensary directly or visit their official website.

Do they offer guidance for first-time medical marijuana users? Yes, the ReLeaf Center provides guidance for first-time users, ensuring they understand the products and their uses.

Can patients find vape cartridges at the ReLeaf Center? Yes, the center offers a variety of vape cartridges among its product selections.

Is the ReLeaf Center known for minimal exposure and discretion? Yes, its somewhat rural location offers a discreet experience with minimal exposure for patients seeking privacy.

Does the ReLeaf Center have a significant community footprint in Bentonville? Yes, the center is known for its community outreach and education efforts, enhancing its footprint in the local area.

Is the ReLeaf Center involved in any philanthropic endeavors? The center engages in community events and philanthropy, contributing to the well-being of the Bentonville area.

Does the ReLeaf Center serve the wider Northwest Arkansas area? Yes, it serves patients across Northwest Arkansas, providing access to medicinal cannabis for those in the region.

What kind of buying experience can customers expect at the ReLeaf Center? Customers can expect a comfortable and educational buying experience, with staff ready to provide guidance on medicinal cannabis dispensary products.

Are the products at the ReLeaf Center lab-tested for quality? Yes, the center ensures high quality by providing lab-tested products, adhering to Arkansas Department of Health regulations.

Can out-of-state visitors shop at the ReLeaf Center? Visitors must have a medical marijuana card recognized by the state of Arkansas to purchase products at the dispensary.

What initiatives does the ReLeaf Center take for first dispensary visitors? The center offers individual medical advice and a welcoming environment to ensure a positive experience for first-time dispensary visitors.

How is ReLeaf Center contributing to the medical marijuana sales in Arkansas? The center contributes significantly to medical marijuana sales in Arkansas through its extensive product offerings and customer service.

Does the ReLeaf Center offer any special discounts or loyalty programs? Customers should inquire directly with the center for current discounts or loyalty program details.

How does the ReLeaf Center compare with other medical marijuana dispensaries on E. McNelly Rd? The ReLeaf Center is known for its extensive product range and commitment to patient care, setting it apart as a preferred choice for many.

What are the sales figures of the ReLeaf Center like? While specific sales figures are confidential, the center is known to be a significant contributor to the medicinal marijuana market in Bentonville.

Do patients get individual medical advice at the ReLeaf Center? Yes, the center prides itself on providing individualized advice to ensure patients receive the best care for their conditions.

How does the ReLeaf Center ensure minimal exposure for its patients? The center is designed to ensure privacy and discretion, offering a comfortable environment with minimal exposure.

Is the ReLeaf Center involved in any local community events in Bentonville? The center actively engages in local community events, reflecting its commitment to community well-being.

What do reviews say about the service-based experience at the ReLeaf Center? Reviews often highlight the exceptional service-based experience provided by the knowledgeable and friendly staff at the center.

Does the ReLeaf Center offer guidance on qualifying conditions for medical marijuana? Yes, the center provides information on qualifying conditions and can guide patients through the medical marijuana card process.

How does the ReLeaf Center maintain a comfortable environment for its clients? The center is designed with patient comfort in mind, providing a safe and welcoming space for all visitors.

Are there any products unique to the ReLeaf Center? The center offers a variety of unique products, including exclusive strains and medicinal cannabis options.

What steps does the ReLeaf Center take to comply with the Arkansas Department of Finance regulations? The center complies with all regulations, including those set by the Arkansas Department of Finance, ensuring lawful operations.

Does the ReLeaf Center offer educational resources on medical marijuana? Yes, the center provides educational resources to help patients understand the benefits and uses of medical marijuana.

How does the ReLeaf Center address the issue of chronic pain with its products? The center offers a range of products specifically designed to address chronic pain, with staff available to recommend suitable options.

What feedback do customers give regarding the medicinal cannabis products at the ReLeaf Center? Customers often provide positive feedback, citing the quality and effectiveness of the medicinal cannabis products available at the center.


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