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Dive into comprehensive Tele-Health consultations on marijuana cultivation with our seasoned cannabis physicians. Secure tailor-made advice and strategies for peak cultivation outcomes.

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You are all set!  After you sign the consent form, simply sit back and wait for our MMJ expert to contact you at your scheduled appointment time.


Most Frequently Asked Questions for MMJ Cultivation

📌 What is a MMJ Cultivation Consult?

An MMJ (Medical Marijuana) Cultivation Consult is a consultation service, provided by marijuana experts knowledgeable about the cannabis plant, that guides patients or caregivers on the proper methods, best practices, and legal guidelines for cultivating medical marijuana.


The purpose of such consultations is to ensure that patients or their caregivers can grow cannabis in compliance with state or local regulations and achieve the desired therapeutic effects. These consultations can cover a range of topics including:

  1. Choosing the right strains based on a patient's medical condition.

  2. Understanding the basics of plant biology and the cannabis growth cycle.

  3. Tips on soil, lighting, water, and nutrient requirements.

  4. Pest and disease management.

  5. Harvesting, drying, and curing methods.

  6. Legal limitations and requirements related to cultivation.

By seeking our MMJ Cultivation expert, you can ensure you will be producing safe, effective, and legal medical marijuana for your personal use.

🏡 How can a cultivation consult benefit my home-growing operation?

A cultivation consult acts as a roadmap, mentor, and troubleshooting guide, streamlining your home-growing operation and enhancing the quality and quantity of your yield. Whether you're a novice seeking foundational guidance or a seasoned grower looking to refine techniques, a cultivation consult can be a pivotal asset.

💡 Is there a specific strain that's most beneficial for my medical condition?

Selecting the right strain to match therapeutic needs is essential for patients aiming to grow the most beneficial cannabis for their condition. Through our medical marijuana card services, our collaborative network of MMJ experts ensure that we gather the necessary medical details to guide you towards the most suitable strains.

🌱 How often should I consult with a cannabis cultivation expert throughout the growing process?

Ensuring regular consultations helps patients maintain prime growing conditions and quickly address any arising issues. With our cultivation consult accompanying you, our dedication is to guide you at each step, aiming for a prosperous and rewarding harvest. Schedule an appointment any day of the week to converse with our seasoned cultivation specialists, equipped with years of expertise.

⚡What are the steps to get a MMJ Cultivation Consult?

There are four steps to get a MMJ therapy Consult:

1. Book a MMJ Therapy appointment

2. Pay online

3. Sign an Online Consent Form (If you already filled one out for a MMJ Card Screening Visit then you can skip this step)

4. A marijuana expert will visit with you at your appointment time.

👍 How much does it cost for a MMJ Therapy Consult?

For only $99, get our MMJ Cultivation Consult. This service provides specialized guidance from our cultivation expert, along with a tailored growth plan designed specifically for your unique needs.

🤷‍♂️ I have more questions, can you help?

Absolutely!  We'd love to help and we are open everyday.  Please contact us at anytime if you need assistance.

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