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We are the #1 Medical Marijuana Card Online Service

Marijuana Doctors and nurses standing proudly

What We Do

Since 2019, ARCannabis Clinic has been a leader in connecting patients with certified medical marijuana doctors, making the approval of a medical marijuana card (MMJ card) a fast, easy process. Our network of medical marijuana doctors is committed to providing a smooth, efficient route to a medical cannabis card. We have helped hundreds of thousands of patients successfully get approved for a medical marijuana card online so they could legally access marijuana dispensaries.

A patient speaking to a marijuana doctor online

Same Day Visits

ARCannabis Clinic is committed to fast service, offering same-day visits with our experienced in-person and online medical marijuana doctors for patients seeking a medical marijuana card online. Expedite your journey towards natural relief with our efficient same-day marijuana doctor online services. We specialize in same day marijuana card online approvals. We are the fastest marijuana doctor online service in the industry, period. Get your medical weed card online same-day without the hassle.

A MMJ Doctor diagnosing a patient for a qualifying condition online

Online Medical Screenings

ARCannabis Clinic was first in the industry to provide comprehensive medical screening services for qualifying conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, and other qualifying medical conditions. By using our screening services, you can expedite the process of obtaining your marijuana card online without the hassles of gathering your outside medical records. If you want your medical records anyway, we will help you get them.

A medical marijuana bottle with cannabis flower on top of a medical marijuana prescription

Personalized MMJ Therapy

A Medical Marijuana Therapy Visit at ARCannabisClinic offers patients a tailored approach to their wellness regimen. During this visit, our seasoned medical marijuana experts provide individualized dosing advice and a customized medical marijuana recommendation. Get the most out of your MMJ card by knowing exactly what to buy at the medical marijuana dispensary before you go.

A cannabis doctor smiling due to a price match guarantee

Price Match Guarantee

At ARCannabisClinic, we prioritize accessibility, offering a Price Match Guarantee for an online marijuana doctor visit. Get approved today, pay later with our 0% interest financing option. Choose us for an affordable path to connect with a certified marijuana doctor online and take control of your healthcare journey without leaving the comfort of home.  We are the #1 marijuana doctor online service and it's not even close.

a medical marijuana doctor shaking hands with a patient after approving for a medical marijuana card

Get Approved Now

At ARCannabisClinic, we are so confident in our ability to help you get a Medical Marijuana Card that we offer a risk-free guarantee: get approved for a marijuana card online by one of our certified marijuana doctors or receive a full refund. We have a 99% approval rate and a vast network of certified online cannabis doctors ready to see you in minutes. Let us get you legal and keep you legal so you can get the relief you need year after year.

Speak to a Medical Marijuana Doctor Online Easily

At AR Cannabis Clinic, we simplify and expedite the process of obtaining your state's in-person and online medical marijuana card, guiding you through each step from initial screenings to marijuana application submission. Our team of in-person and online medical marijuana doctors ensures you meet the necessary qualifying conditions and assists with documentation, offering an educational and seamless experience.

01.Visit with a Medical Marijuana Doctor Online:

Begin your journey by scheduling a consultation with a certified medical marijuana doctor online. During this consultation, your health conditions and medical history will be assessed to determine if medical marijuana is a suitable treatment option for you.

02. Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card

Once you are approved, the next step is to apply for a medical marijuana card online. This typically involves submitting an application to your state's Department of Health, along with any required documents, and paying any associated fees.

03. Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

Upon approval of your application, you'll receive your medical marijuana card online or via mail. This MMJ card gives you legal permission to purchase from legal marijuana dispensaries and use medical marijuana as part of your treatment plan under the supervision of your medical marijuana doctor.

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ARCannabisClinic Patient happy to get marijuana card
D.C. M., Patient

Our Marijuana Card/ Cannabis Card Patient

.... Literally, the best decision of my entire life so far. My quality of life will improve from this, yours can as well -- I'll guarantee it.
ARCannabisClinic patient smiling big for the camera
Chuck V., Patient

Our Marijuana Card/ Cannabis Card Patient

This was pleasant experience for me as a new patient. Reception staff were courteous, helpful and made me feel at ease. After a consultation with Dr.....I received my card 2 days later. Thanks ARCannabisClinic
ARCannabisClinic has been connecting patients with medical marijuana doctors since 2019. We help patients find specialized marijuana physicians that may recommend them for medical marijuana within in their state. We offer PTSD Evaluation, Anxiety Evaluation, Medical Evaluation, and Marijuana Therapy. Get your medical marijuana card now. Open 7 days a week.
Denise N., Patient

Our Marijuana Card/ Cannabis Card Patient

....I would suggest if you are on the fence about getting your card don't be, its painless! Go to ARCannabisClinic you will not regret it! Thank y'all so much! See y'all next year!😊
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