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You can get certified for your Marijuana Card by our Cannabis Doctor risk-free or your money back*

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No Certification? No Fee.

We offer 100% risk-free evaluations with one of our marijuana doctors so you may get a cannabis card.  Other places charge more and do not refund you even if you do not qualify.  At ARCANNABIS CLINIC, we only take a fee if we provide you with a signed marijuana doctor certification letter for your qualified diagnosis*. Our providers inform you of the best way that you can get approved so that you have a seamless, easy, and stress-free experience. *terms and conditions apply.

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100% Legal compliance 

Cut-rate providers can put you in legal jeopardy.  Our marijuana doctors follow the strictest standards under the law and are focused on compliance to help you get your marijuana card/cannabis card legally.  We keep meticulous records and are confident you will not have any issues with your medical marijuana card/cannabis card.  Don't take a chance with your livelihood and reputation by going to a less than reputable clinic that takes shortcuts behind the scenes.  Get legal and stay legal ONLY with an ARCANNABIS CLINIC marijuana doctor.  

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First-Class Service

ARCANNABIS CLINIC offers tele-health service and in-person visits in multiple states to certify for your marijuana card/cannabis card today and we are rapidly expanding across the nation.  We are the only company offering SAME DAY online doctor approvals 6 days a week.  Other companies take your information--and your money--and book you a month out to see a doctor 2 hours away.  Trust ARCANNABIS CLINIC to provide you with the best and highest rated cannabis card certification service in the industry.

Our Marijuana Card/ Cannabis Card Patient

.... Literally, the best decision of my entire life so far. My quality of life will improve from this, yours can as well -- I'll guarantee it.

AR Cannabis Clinic has thosands of 5 star positive reviews

Chuck V., Patient

Our Marijuana Card/ Cannabis Card Patient

This was pleasant experience for me as a new patient. Reception staff were courteous, helpful and made me feel at ease. After a consultation with Dr.....I received my card 2 days later. Thanks AR Cannabis Clinic

AR Cannabis Clinic has thosands of 5 star positive reviews

Denise N., Patient

Our Marijuana Card/ Cannabis Card Patient

....I would suggest if you are on the fence about getting your card don't be, its painless! Go to AR Cannabis Clinic you will not regret it! Thank y'all so much! See y'all next year!😊

AR Cannabis Clinic has thosands of 5 star positive reviews

D.C. M., Patient