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You are all set!  After you sign the consent form, simply sit back and wait for our MMJ specialist to contact you at your scheduled appointment time.


Need a more convenient way to get your Medical Card Approval?  Get screened RISK-FREE for anxiety & get your MMJ card approval same day* if you qualify.*
*Not all patients qualify, in select states


STEP 1.  Book an Appointment

STEP 2.  Payment

Select time for your RISK-FREE ANXIETY Screening *
Please add 1 hour for Eastern Time (EST)


Most Frequently Asked Questions for Anxiety

📌 Is Anxiety a qualifying condition to get a medical marijuana card?

Yes. Anxiety is recognized as a qualifying condition for a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania, Missouri, New Jersey, Virginia, and Oklahoma and other states

✔ How can ARCannabisClinic help me get screened for Anxiety?

ARCannabisClinic MMJ specialists can screen you for ANXIETY disorder during a brief visit and a screening questionnaire based on the Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) Screening Tool.

💡 Is getting this anxiety screening all I need to get a medical marijuana card approval?

No.  If you want to be screened for Anxiety, the Anxiety screening visit is the first part of the process. You must also visit with a medical provider for a medical marijuana card approval visit.

🏥 Do I need to provide medical records to get screened for Anxiety?

If you have them available, you can upload medical records showing your clinical condition.

⚡What are the steps to get screened for Anxiety?

There are four steps to be screened for Anxiety:

1. Book an Anxiety screening appointment

2. Pay online

3. Sign an Online Consent Form (a link will be emailed to you upon payment)

4. A MMJ specialist will visit with you at your appointment time.

*IMPORTANT* A MMJ specialist cannot visit with you until a correct consent form is signed AND your payment is made in full. Please note each appointment type has it's own unique consent form that MUST be signed by you BEFORE your appointment.

⌛ Do I have to get screened every year for Anxiety to get renewed for a card?

It depends. The decision whether you need additional records is based on the medical provider's clinical judgement. In most cases records under 12 months are considered recent. An ARCannabisClinic MMJ specialist can speak to you about your unique situation, risk-free.

⏱ What if I have Anxiety but don't want to wait for records to come in?

We have several patients who have Anxiety, but do not want to ask or wait for records to come in from their existing providers. We are happy to re-screen you for Anxiety.

👍 How much does it cost for a Anxiety Screening Visit?

Our Anxiety Evaluation Visit, priced at $99, quickly checks your medical records on the same day. This initial step is crucial but different from the MMJ card screening and approval. If our doctor can't recommend you for a medical card based on this screening, you're fully refunded for Anxiety Evaluation Visit. Remember, this isn't the MMJ approval visit—it's a necessary first step, book an appointment today!

🤷‍♂️ I have more questions, can you help?

Absolutely!  We'd love to help and we are open everyday.  Please contact us at anytime if you need assistance.

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