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Don't have recent records or want to speed up the process?

Try our medical screening services to speed up the process.  Get screened with us for PTSD, anxiety, or your current medical condition.  The results of your evaluation will be used toward your MMJ card approval visit

Next Available (cst):
*Available in all States except Missouri
*Currently ONLY available in Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Oklahoma.
 *Requires existing records on file
*We can request for your records directly from your doctor's office as an add-on service (Not an appt.)

Do you have records in hand?  Or would like your doctor's office to send us the records?

 You can fax us your records directly or request your doctor's office to fax our secure fax line:  501-708-2292

You can also upload your medical records directly to us

* we can ONLY accept PDF files.
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