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Our mmj doctors ( marijuana doctor ) and staff here at AR Cannabis Clinic are committed to educate and help you understand the process in which to obtain your Arkansas marijuana card, medical card ( cannabis card ) so that you may have an alternative treatment option.  The marijuana doctor ( cannabis doctor ) and staff at AR Cannabis Clinic understand that the world is changing and the art of medicine has to change along with it.  Our marijuana doctors ( cannabis doctors ) will see you periodically for follow-up appointments and visit with you on your progress.  Your cannabis card marijuana card ( mmj card ) is required to be re-certified yearly by your marijuana doctor ( cannabis doctor ) to keep your marijuana card active.   At Arkansas Cannabis Clinic, we offer unparalleled patient care and exceptional customer service to help you reach a better quality of life. Get certified to get your marijuana card today!

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Price Match Guarantee. Simple. We'll Match It!

Ensuring we offer our patients the best care and value.

How to Price Match

Please have the following information ready before making your request:

1.  Confirm you are a new patient of our practice.

2.  Medical clinic name and/or doctor's information.  (physician must be able to practice medicine in the State of Arkansas).  We only price-match dedicated cannabis clinics.  This is because some family practice doctors and specialists are still charging insurance (medicare/medicaid/blue cross etc) for your visit AND charging you a separate fee on top.  This is not only unethical, it's illegal and can land the doctor doing that in big trouble.  Don't risk getting your certification from a doctor engaging in unethical business practices that can lead to problems with your card.

3.  Full web url (web address) of where the price is listed.  (Please note any special limited time promotions, social media posts and/or coupon offers do not apply).  We will match any everyday menu pricing.

4.  Your full name, date of birth, phone number.

To get started please email us:

*All price match bookings must be approved prior to visiting with the doctor or normal fees will apply.  To make sure your price match is applied correctly please give us a call before booking an appointment. Please note we can only price match to our nearest AR Cannabis Clinic location from the requested competing clinic.

**Discounts can not be combined and are subject to change without notice.