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Welcome to the premier directory for medical marijuana dispensaries in the United States. We provide the latest information on legalization status, regulations, and dispensary locations across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
Browse our directory to find a dispensary in your state, or continue reading for comprehensive information on medical marijuana legalization.

Medical Marijuana in the USA

By 2023, medical marijuana got the green light in 36 states, and even DC jumped on board. Remember when California broke the mold back in '96? Since then, state after state has warmed up to the idea, seeing how cannabis can help folks out medically.

Let's journey through the roller-coaster history of medical marijuana legalization, shall we?

A Glimpse Through Time: Medical Marijuana’s Rise

West Coast Trailblazers

  • California kicked it off in '96. The OG! 🌴

  • Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada thought, “Hey, why not?” by '98.


2000 - 2008: The Bold and the Brave

  • Maine got on board in '99.

  • In the 2000s, Colorado and Hawaii felt the wave.

  • Fast forward a bit, and Vermont, Montana, Rhode Island, New Mexico, and Michigan said, "Count us in!"


2010 - 2014: The Middle Crew

  • Arizona and New Jersey jumped in tandem in 2010.

  • Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maryland, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and New York didn’t want to miss the party.


2015 and Beyond: The Newbies but Notties

  • Georgia and Louisiana felt the vibe in 2015.

  • Others like Arkansas, Florida, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Iowa, Oklahoma, Utah, South Dakota, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky have since hopped on the wagon.


We're here for all the twists and turns! So, as the tides of legalization keep turning, we promise to keep you looped in - from new laws to exciting research and the coolest dispensary openings.

By the way, aside from the 36 states diving into the medical scene, 16 other states, plus our capital DC, are also vibing with recreational use. Always make sure you're in the know about local laws before lighting up recreationally.

Need Your Fix? Our Dispensary Directory Awaits!


Dive into our curated dispensary list, tailor-made for you. Discover local dispensaries, check out their hours, read genuine reviews, and explore their products. We're here to make your cannabis journey smoother and more informed.

So, whether you’re seeking relief, relaxation, or just knowledge, come along! Let's explore the ever-evolving world of medical marijuana and its potential to uplift lives. 🍃🌿

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