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Can You See a Medical Marijuana Doctor Online in Florida?

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

For Florida residents wondering if they can see a medical marijuana doctor online, the answer is yes. The Florida Department of Health has established guidelines that allow medical marijuana patients to meet with qualified physicians for their needs. This convenience is especially beneficial for seasonal residents and those with qualifying medical conditions who prefer the comfort of their own home.

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Telemedicine for Medical Marijuana Certification in Florida

The Florida Legislature's move to pass HB 387, which was signed into law and enacted on July 1st, 2023, has significantly streamlined the process for medical marijuana certification through telemedicine. This law specifically enables established medical marijuana patients to utilize telehealth services for their certification renewals​​. First-time patients, as mandated by Florida law, are required to have an initial in-person consultation with a qualified physician. However, follow-up appointments, which are necessary every 210 days, can now be conveniently conducted online​​​​.

For patients in Florida, this means that maintaining a valid medical marijuana card has become more accessible. Qualified patients can now renew their medical marijuana certification from the comfort of their own home, bypassing the need for physical visits to a medical marijuana clinic for follow-up consultations​​​​.

Furthermore, online platforms have emerged to facilitate connections between patients and board-certified doctors, aiding the process of obtaining a Florida medical marijuana card. While some companies charge a fee for this service, the convenience and safety they provide, especially during health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, offer substantial value to patients seeking telemedicine appointments​​.

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Key Takeaway: The adoption of telemedicine for medical marijuana certification in Florida marks a significant advancement for patient convenience and access to care.

For more detailed information on the certification process and to find out if you qualify, check the qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card.

Incorporate this update to your understanding of medical marijuana laws and telemedicine appointments by visiting this detailed overview: Telemedicine for Medical Marijuana Certification in Florida.

Lastly, for those looking to explore how medical marijuana can assist with conditions like PTSD or chronic pain, ARCannabisClinic provides comprehensive medical screening services.

Getting a Florida Medical Marijuana Card Online

Getting a Florida Medical Marijuana Card Online is a streamlined process that involves several key steps but can be managed with ease. Florida residents looking to use medical marijuana must first ensure they meet the eligibility criteria set by the state. The application process for a medical marijuana card in Florida is designed to be straightforward, allowing patients to apply and manage their information online through the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) website​​​​.

The initial step is to schedule an appointment with a qualified physician who is licensed to prescribe medical cannabis. Once a patient is evaluated and deemed to have a qualifying medical condition, the physician will enter their information into the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry. This registry is a key component in managing a patient's identification and eligibility for medical marijuana use​​.

After receiving a physician's certification, patients can then proceed to apply for their medical marijuana card online. The review process for applications typically takes up to 10 business days. Upon approval, patients will receive their medical marijuana card from the state, allowing them to legally purchase and use medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries in Florida​​.

Amidst the ongoing adjustments due to public health concerns like COVID-19, Florida has adapted to allow renewals of medical marijuana certifications and cards online via telemedicine, ensuring continuous access for patients​​.

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Key Takeaway: The online application for a Florida medical marijuana card is a key advancement in ensuring patients can obtain and renew their medical marijuana certification with ease.

For further clarity on the process, including the necessary documents and requirements, patients can refer to the comprehensive guide on how to get a medical marijuana card.

To learn more about the online process and what constitutes a qualifying condition, visit Getting a Florida Medical Marijuana Card Online.

Additionally, for those seeking further information on the benefits of medical marijuana for specific health conditions such as PTSD or chronic pain, ARCannabisClinic is a valuable resource with detailed information and support through their medical screening services.

Prescription Limits by Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

In Florida, medical marijuana doctors are guided by specific regulations when it comes to prescribing cannabis to patients. According to the latest rules, the maximum amount of smokable marijuana a patient can possess is 2.5 ounces within any 35-day period. This is a cap that applies regardless of the specific needs of the patient, ensuring that there is a uniform standard across the board for smokable forms of marijuana​​​​.

For non-smokable forms of marijuana, the state has set a 70-day total supply limit of 24,500 milligrams of THC. This limit reflects the state's commitment to ensuring that patients have enough medication for a significant period while also preventing excessive accumulation of the drug​​.

Each form of marijuana, whether edibles, topicals, or vaporized products, has equivalent daily dose amounts that are regulated by the Florida Department of Health. For example, edibles are capped at 60 milligrams of THC daily, which translates to no more than 4,200 milligrams of THC for a 70-day supply. The equivalent daily dose amount for each form of marijuana is set to ensure patients can safely manage their health condition without exceeding the maximum recommended intake​​.

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Key Takeaway: Florida's prescription limits for medical marijuana are designed to balance patient access with safety and regulatory compliance.

Patients and doctors must work within these limits, which are part of a broader regulatory framework that governs the use of medical marijuana in the state. For those looking to understand the full implications of these limits, detailed information is provided in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMUR), which is an essential resource for both patients and physicians​​.

Further information about the prescription limits and how they might affect the treatment of specific conditions like PTSD or chronic nonmalignant pain can be found on the ARCannabisClinic's page detailing how marijuana helps with chronic pain.

The Process of Online Medical Marijuana Consultations in Florida

The process of online medical marijuana consultations in Florida is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, accommodating the needs of both new and existing patients. With the implementation of telemedicine services, the state has made it possible for patients to have their medical marijuana evaluations from licensed physicians without the need for an in-person visit, a convenience that is especially valuable for individuals who may have mobility or transportation issues.

To start an online medical marijuana consultation, patients typically need to schedule an appointment with a qualified doctor through a telemedicine platform. This can often be done either via phone call, text, or by filling out an online form. The consultation itself is usually a brief evaluation, taking anywhere from 10-15 minutes. During this time, a doctor will assess whether the patient has a qualifying condition that meets the state's criteria for a medical marijuana card​​.

Once the evaluation is complete, and the patient is approved, the necessary documents are submitted to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU). The online application process is straightforward, with an expected review time of about 10 business days before the patient can receive their card and legally purchase medical marijuana from dispensaries across Florida​​.

Throughout the process, it's important for patients to have their medical records accessible and to complete any required intake forms, which are often sent via email prior to the consultation. This preparation helps ensure the consultation is as informative and efficient as possible​​.

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Key Takeaway: Telemedicine has made medical marijuana consultations in Florida more accessible and convenient, providing a critical service to those who might otherwise face barriers to access.

For more details on how to get started with an online medical marijuana card, patients can refer to instant approvals for a medical marijuana card in Florida.

For a deeper understanding of the entire process, from evaluation to obtaining your card, visit The Process of Online Medical Marijuana Consultations in Florida.

Furthermore, ARCannabisClinic offers support throughout this process, including assistance with understanding qualifying conditions for medical marijuana and other related services.


Can you see a medical marijuana doctor online in Florida? Yes, Florida residents can consult with a medical marijuana doctor online for follow-up appointments.

Is telemedicine available for initial medical marijuana evaluations in Florida? No, initial evaluations must be conducted in person, but subsequent examinations can be done online.

What are the qualifications for obtaining a medical marijuana card in Florida? A qualified physician must diagnose you with a qualifying medical condition recognized by the Florida Department of Health.

How long does it take to get a Florida medical marijuana card after the online consultation? Typically, it takes about 2-3 weeks after the online consultation and application process for a valid medical marijuana card to be issued.

Do seasonal residents in Florida have access to medical marijuana? Yes, seasonal residents can obtain a medical marijuana card if they have a qualifying medical condition.

Are follow-up visits with a Florida-licensed physician required for medical marijuana patients? Yes, follow-up visits are required for ongoing certification renewals.

Can the medical marijuana use registry be accessed during an online consultation? Yes, a qualified doctor can access the registry during your telemedicine appointment to review your medical history.

What should I do if my medical marijuana card is about to expire? Schedule an online consultation with a marijuana doctor for renewal before the expiration date.

Do I need to present medical records during my online medical marijuana consultation? Yes, presenting your medical records is essential for the physician to understand your health condition.

Can a primary care physician in Florida prescribe medical marijuana? Only physicians certified by the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use may issue medical marijuana recommendations.

How much medical cannabis can be prescribed by doctors in Florida? Prescriptions are limited by Florida law, with specific dosages set by the Florida Department of Health.

Are medical marijuana products available in Fort Lauderdale dispensaries after an online consultation? Yes, after obtaining a medical cannabis card, you can purchase products from licensed Florida dispensaries.

What happens if I miss the telemedicine appointment for my medical marijuana certification? You should reschedule as soon as possible to avoid disruption in receiving your medication.

How are new patients certified for medical marijuana in Florida? New patients must undergo a physical examination with a qualified physician and get entered into the state registry.

Is the approval process for a Florida medical marijuana card done entirely online? After the initial in-person consultation, the application and renewal process can be done online.

What conditions typically qualify for medical marijuana in Florida? Conditions like chronic pain, PTSD, and other chronic nonmalignant pain conditions usually qualify.

Can a medical cannabis doctor in Florida provide a recommendation for hospice care patients? Yes, if the patient meets the qualifying condition criteria.

What is the first step in the Florida medical marijuana card application process? The first step is to have an in-person consultation with a board-certified doctor for initial certification.

How often must certification renewals be submitted for medical marijuana in Florida? Certification renewals are required every 210 days for continued access to medical cannabis.

Does the Florida medical marijuana program ensure confidentiality of my medical bills and history? Yes, the program is designed to maintain patient confidentiality in compliance with federal and Florida state law.

Does Florida law allow online renewals for medical marijuana cards? Yes, Florida law permits the renewal of medical marijuana cards through online consultations.

Will my medical marijuana recommendation from a Florida doctor expire? Yes, medical marijuana recommendations in Florida must be renewed periodically.

Are telemedicine appointments for medical marijuana available throughout the state of Florida? Yes, patients across the entire state, including central Florida and St. Petersburg, can use telemedicine services.

Can online consultations with Florida marijuana doctors be scheduled during weekends? Availability depends on the individual medical marijuana clinic, but many offer flexible scheduling.

Are medical cannabis cards issued immediately after an online consultation in Florida? No, there is usually a waiting period while the application is processed by the Florida Department of Health.

Do I need to create login credentials for the medical marijuana use registry in Florida? Yes, patients need to create login credentials to access the medical marijuana use registry.

Can non-residents apply for a Florida medical marijuana card online? Non-residents cannot apply unless they are a seasonal resident with a qualifying condition.

What is the role of the Office of Medical Marijuana Use in Florida? The Office regulates the medical marijuana program, including the certification of physicians and patients.

Are board-certified doctors available for online medical marijuana consultations in Florida? Yes, board-certified physicians licensed to recommend medical marijuana are available for online consultations.

What information do I need to provide during an online medical marijuana consultation? Patients need to provide their medical history, identification card, and details of their qualifying condition.

How do I know if I qualify for a medical cannabis card in Florida? A qualified doctor will evaluate your health condition and medical records to determine if you qualify.

Can veterans obtain a medical marijuana card through an online consultation in Florida? Yes, veterans can obtain a card if they have a qualifying condition and consult with a qualified physician.

Is the Florida medical marijuana application process complicated? No, it is designed to be an easy 3-step process that can be completed with the guidance of a knowledgeable staff member.

What types of medical marijuana products can I access in Florida once I get my card? A variety of products are available at Florida dispensaries, including edibles, oils, and smokable flower.

How can I ensure that I get excellent service during my online medical marijuana consultation in Florida? Choose a reputable and licensed medical marijuana treatment center with a track record of excellent service.

If I live in Fort Lauderdale, do I need to see a local doctor for my medical marijuana certification? While you can choose a local doctor, any Florida-licensed physician certified to recommend cannabis can conduct your online consultation.

How long has the medical marijuana program been approved in the state of Florida? The state program was approved on June 15, 2017.

Can chronic pain be treated with medical marijuana obtained through an online consultation in Florida? Yes, if chronic pain is identified as a qualifying condition by your physician.

Are follow-up visits necessary after getting a medical marijuana card in Florida? Yes, follow-up visits are necessary to monitor the patient's condition and adjust dosages if needed.

What if I encounter technical difficulties during my online medical marijuana consultation? Contact the main office or support staff of the medical marijuana clinic to resolve technical issues.


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