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Why Privacy Matters, Part 1

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Privacy is becoming a very big issue in the world we live in today. Facebook, Google, Instagram all control so much of our information and they share our information to third-parties in order to sell advertising. People tend to take privacy seriously when it comes to social media, but people don't always think much about it when it comes to their own health care choices. Yes, most people know about HIPPA, which is the federal law that protects a patient's medical information. HIPPA is enforced by the health care provider and hospital. Patient's don't have to even think about HIPPA, they just trust that the health care system will just "do it." What about the privacy aspect the patient *can* control? Let's talk more about that.

Patient's are encouraged to speak to their doctor with their health concerns. However, that isn't always an easy thing to do for a variety of reasons. Your doctor may be personally against medical marijuana, and now is forced to reveal that to you in the form of a "no" or a flimsy excuse like "I don't know enough about it." Let's be real here. Doctors are educated people, and are usually some of society's most educated people. Your doctor has already made a decision on medical marijuana, but he/she may not be willing to tell you how they feel for fear of a confrontation or awkward interaction. Either the doctor will sign your marijuana certification or will not. Let's examine both scenarios and the potential cons of each situation.

If your doctor says "no," now there is a disagreement between the patient and doctor about health care options. That situation may indeed make some patients angry, doctors can get defensive, tensions flare, and now there is a toxic situation between patient and doctor. All of a sudden the patient may find they no longer are getting prescribed the xanax they used to get. The pain medicine is now getting reduced or stopped altogether. Patients are suddenly being asked to be drug tested when they have never been asked to do one before. Even worse, some patients are being asked to "find a new doctor," meaning, you've just been fired as a patient from that doctor. Sounds extreme? It does happen. This is a common scenario that has played itself out all over Arkansas, and we hear these stories daily from our patients.

Now let's talk about what could happen if your doctor says "yes." Everything works out perfectly if your doctor writes your certification right? Not so fast. Your insurance company now has access to that part of your medical chart where it is mentioned that you now are certified to use medical marijuana. Oh, your doctor said it won't be charted? That's illegal and unethical, but that's besides the point. It is not a stretch to say that ALL Insurance companies are always looking for ways to NOT pay a bill. That's how they make money. The CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield made $19 million dollars in 2018, and that wasn't because he did such a good job paying out on all claims made to help patients. Did you know that insurance companies have started to NOT pay ER bills for people who suffer serious injuries (like from a car wreck) if the patient is "under the influence" of drugs and/or alcohol? The situation has gotten so common that some ER doctors are being asked by hospital administration NOT to order a urine drug screen unless it will make a difference in the treatment plan or outcome of the patient. The hospital figured out really fast they didn't want to eat the cost on a $100,000 ER bill because the patient tested positive for marijuana.

There are more examples of potential pitfalls of asking your doctor to write your marijuana certification, but that will be discussed in part 2 if this post gets over 200 views. Please like, share, and subscribe to our blog where you will get the most up-to-date information from the staff at AR Cannabis Clinic. If you think you have a qualifying medical condition and want to get a medical marijuana card, you can contact AR Cannabis Clinic toll-free at 1-888-454-2111. You may visit our secure website and book an appointment online at Our brand-new clinic is located at 1121 S. Bowman Rd, Suite C-3, Little Rock.

After you make a risk-free appointment with no deposit required, one of our documentation specialists will call you to assist you (at no charge) in the process of gathering the required medical records from your doctors. Every situation is different so you may already have the documents needed and not realize it. Let us know how we can help.

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