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What Is Oklahoma's Medical Marijuana Authority?

In the United States, each state holds the right to enact laws that govern the use of medical marijuana within its jurisdiction. In the State of Oklahoma, the task of regulating medical marijuana falls under the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, or OMMA. OMMA is an extension of the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) and plays a crucial role in the state's medical marijuana program. It oversees the issuance of medical marijuana cards to patients and licenses to businesses, which include medical marijuana dispensaries and food licenses for edibles.

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Understanding the Medical Card

In Oklahoma, a medical marijuana card, sometimes referred to as an MMJ card, serves as a license for patients who qualify under certain medical conditions to legally access medical marijuana products for their symptom management. It's a way to ensure that these products, under state law, reach those who genuinely need them, whilst reducing the risk of black market operations.

Application Process

The process of acquiring a medical card in Oklahoma is relatively straightforward but demands certain prerequisites. The initial step requires a prospective medical marijuana patient to consult with a certified doctor who is registered with the OMMA. This doctor will assess the patient's condition to determine if they qualify for the use of medical marijuana under the state statute.

The law in Oklahoma provides a list of qualifying conditions, which include but are not limited to severe illnesses such as cancer, Parkinson's disease, and Crohn's disease, along with chronic pain and mental health conditions like PTSD. However, unlike many other states, Oklahoma law gives physicians the discretion to recommend marijuana for conditions that are not explicitly listed. This level of flexibility means more patients may have the chance to benefit from medical cannabis use.

Once the patient has received the doctor's approval, the next step involves applying to the OMMA. Here, the applicant is required to pay a state application fee of $100, which can be paid using a debit card. The application process also necessitates the provision of personal identification, including the patient's email address, proof of Oklahoma residency, and a clear, color, full-face digital photograph. Patients under the age of 18 must have the approval of their parent or legal guardian, who also must serve as their caregiver.

Following the application's submission and review, the patient then receives their patient card, assuming the application is approved. This state-issued license gives them legal permission to purchase, carry, and consume medical marijuana products. The application process can even occur entirely through video chat, allowing patients to receive their medical card without needing to leave the confines of their primary residence.

Legal Permissions

The medical card provides patients with certain legal permissions related to the possession and use of medical marijuana. Under the Oklahoma law, cardholders are allowed to possess up to three ounces of marijuana on their person, six mature plants, and six seedlings. They can also possess one ounce of concentrated marijuana, 72 ounces of edible marijuana, and up to eight ounces of marijuana in their residence.

Caregivers in Oklahoma

The medical marijuana law in Oklahoma recognizes that not all patients are able to independently manage their use of medical marijuana products. Hence, the state allows for caregivers – a crucial role that can be fulfilled by a family member or a legal guardian who has received a caregiver license from the OMMA.

The caregiver can assist the patient with the purchase and administration of their medical marijuana. It's a role of great responsibility and involves ensuring that the patient uses their medicinal marijuana correctly and safely. The caregiver also needs to comply with all the laws of the state, particularly those related to the quantity of marijuana that can be purchased or grown.

Business Opportunities

The establishment of OMMA didn't just provide benefits for patients; it also opened a myriad of opportunities for entrepreneurs. The medical marijuana business landscape in Oklahoma is broad, covering areas from growing marijuana to selling it in various forms, whether it's the plant itself or products made from it.

The state's medical marijuana program offers licenses to businesses, including dispensary licenses and food licenses for those who intend to sell edible marijuana products. The commercial applications are plentiful and have led to the creation of numerous jobs. In turn, this has contributed to the economic growth of the state, particularly in areas like Oklahoma City, which have seen a surge in medical marijuana dispensaries.

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Legal Considerations

While the use of medical marijuana is legal for qualifying patients in the state of Oklahoma, it's worth noting that recreational marijuana remains illegal. There are strict laws governing the amount of cannabis a patient can possess at any given time, and using marijuana in public places is prohibited. Employers also retain the right to maintain their drug testing policies in the workplace. However, protections for medical marijuana license holders have been put in place through the Patient Protection Act to avoid discrimination in employment due to their medical marijuana use.

A relatively new law introduced last year has made it mandatory for medical marijuana dispensaries to display signs warning pregnant women about the potential risks associated with cannabis use during pregnancy. The goal is to safeguard the unborn child and to ensure that potential risks are well understood by users.

For anyone seeking assistance in getting their medical marijuana card in Oklahoma, consider reaching out to the ARCannabisClinic. As a premier network of certified physicians in Oklahoma, we offer professional and compassionate support to patients throughout their medical card application process. Our expertise ensures that you receive proper medical evaluation and guidance in your journey to manage your health better through medical marijuana.

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