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What is a Zip of Marijuana? Weed Measurements Guide

Navigating the cannabis world can be a bit like deciphering a secret language. With a myriad of slang terms floating around, from dime bag to quarter ounce, it's essential to know your weed measurements, especially if you're a medical patient or just diving into this for the first time. If you've ever pondered how much weed is in a zip or how much a gram of weed will set you back, you're in the right place.

Table of Contents:

The Cannabis Metric System vs. Imperial System:

cannabis weight scale with two buds of marijuana

When stepping into the world of cannabis, one of the first things a budding enthusiast might notice is the interesting dance between the metric and imperial systems. This dance has led to an array of slang terms, from the simple "gram of weed" to the more elusive "eighth of an ounce". To fully appreciate the roots of these systems, it’s essential to dive into the history available on Wikipedia.

In many parts of the world, especially in the legal markets, the metric system is the standard. This means when someone talks about a "gram of cannabis", they're referring to exactly that – a single gram. It's a neat, tidy, and universally understood measurement, making it easier for casual smokers, medical patients, and first-timers to know how much weed they're dealing with.

On the flip side, if you hop over to the United States or check out High Times, the discussion gets a tad intricate. While the country does use the metric system in some scientific and medical contexts (like the medical use of cannabis), it largely remains loyal to the imperial system for everyday affairs. That's why terms like "eighth of weed" or "quarter of weed" pop up. An eighth? It's shorthand for an eighth of an ounce, roughly 3.5 grams of weed. And for those eavesdropping on conversations in Los Angeles or even vibing to a fresh Snoop Dogg track, a "zip" is all about an ounce of marijuana.

With the global dynamics of cannabis laws and measurements so varied, portals like World Cannabis Laws become handy. They offer a perspective on how regions differ, ensuring you're never lost, whether you're in Amsterdam or Los Angeles.

Considering the variations in measurements, it’s crucial for anyone navigating the cannabis world, especially if they're contemplating medical cannabis treatment, to understand these nuances. Whether it's for PTSD, anxiety, or other qualifying conditions, mastering your measurements ensures the perfect amount for therapeutic use. For newcomers, getting insights on how to apply for a medical card can be the game-changer.

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Key Takeaway: Whether you're diving into cannabis culture for recreation or seeking relief through medical cannabis, grasping the dance between the metric and imperial systems will enhance your journey. Stay informed, choose wisely, and savor the experience. Cheers to elevating your cannabis understanding! 🌿🔥🔍

Popular Slang Terms and Their Weights:

The cannabis world is like an old library. As you move from one aisle to another, there’s a rich lingo, with words whispered in the corridors of both legal markets and the good ol' black market. To decipher this dialect, let's unveil some popular slang terms and match them up with their weight in the world of weed.

  1. Dime Bag: Typically, a dime bag once cost ten bucks. Nowadays, this term doesn’t stick strictly to the price but rather points to a small amount of weed, roughly a gram. With the rising tide of cannabis legalization, the exact weight for a dime bag might differ when you're searching at a local dispensary compared to the guy on the corner.

  2. Dub of Weed: The successor to the dime bag, a dub usually represents $20 worth of weed, which could be anywhere from 1.5 to 2 grams of cannabis, though this varies based on quality and location. An interesting read about its evolution is available on Leafly.

  3. Eighth (of an Ounce): Popular among the cannabis community, an eighth refers to 3.5 grams of weed. It’s a favorite among both casual smokers and medical patients, especially those benefiting from marijuana therapy.

  4. Zip: The big kahuna of the bunch! A zip means a full ounce of marijuana, equal to 28 grams. Inspired by the Ziploc bag it typically was sold in, it’s a term you might have heard in a Wiz Khalifa or Snoop Dogg track.

  5. Full and Half Zips: Continuing with the zip terminology, a half zip is naturally half of an ounce (14 grams), while a full zip, as mentioned above, accounts for a complete ounce.

Strolling through cannabis culture is a journey, and slang is an intrinsic part of it. For patients stepping into this world for the first time, understanding these terms can be crucial. Whether you’re looking to qualify for a medical marijuana card or just seeking knowledge about your qualifying conditions, mastering the lingo can make your experience smoother. For the real enthusiasts, a dive into cannabis cultivation might be the next step, where these terms get even more fun.

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Key Takeaway: While cannabis slang might seem casual and fun, it holds the history, culture, and evolution of the marijuana world. Understanding these terms not only enriches one's experience but also helps in making informed choices, whether for recreational fun or therapeutic use. Always remember, a well-informed toker is a happy toker! 🌿🌬️🌍

Price Range for Different Quantities:

a woman giving money to get a bag of marijuana wearing a white shirt

It's not just about rolling and sparking up; it's about understanding the economics behind that herb. The cannabis market, ever-evolving and growing, has its fluctuations in pricing. Whether you're diving into it for recreation or medicinal purposes, comprehending these price tags is essential.

Gram (1g): Often the starting point for many, buying a gram gives you a little taste without much commitment. Pricing can fluctuate based on quality and location but expect to spend between $10 to $20. For someone diving into marijuana therapy for the first time, a gram can be a perfect sample size to gauge effects.

Eighth (3.5g): A go-to quantity for many regular smokers. This quantity has a wider price range of $30 to $60. As with all cannabis, remember that factors like strain quality and regional disparities can account for the difference. Before you spend your bucks, you might want to consult the list of qualifying conditions to ensure you're picking a strain that suits your needs.

Quarter (7g): If you're serious about your cannabis or find a strain you adore, a quarter might be your pick. Usually ranging from $50 to $120, remember to always look out for deals, especially when dispensaries have stock clearance.

Ounce (28g): The heavyweight quantity! If you're considering buying in bulk, either for a long-term medical treatment or just to have a consistent stash, an ounce will set you back anywhere from $150 to $400, if not more for premium strains. Always worth checking out your local dispensaries or even considering diving into cannabis cultivation if you're a real enthusiast.

Keep an eye on market trends and regional pricing, as legalization and cultural shifts can play a big role in how much you're shelling out. And if you’re wondering whether it's the right time to get your green card, check out the step-by-step guide on how to get a marijuana card.

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Key Takeaway: Cannabis pricing is a blend of quality, quantity, and geography. Whether you're a casual user or a medicinal patient, comprehending the cost dynamics can enhance your experience, ensuring you get the best value for your money. It's not just about lighting up, it's about lighting up wisely. 🌿🔥💵

Legal Limits Across the United States:

united states major cities map and pin pointing all the capital cities

While marijuana has taken its sweet time to roll onto the legal scene, the states have been puffing their chests with varying stances. From coast to coast, each state has lit its path, and understanding these legal boundaries is essential for every cannabis enthusiast.

Alaska: In the chilly embrace of Alaska, adults can possess up to one ounce. But hey, that's not all. The state even allows a personal grow of up to six plants! Curious about how to grow your own? Dive into this guide on marijuana cultivation.

California: The sunny state allows adults to have up to one ounce and also permits a personal grow of six plants. From the golden beaches to the sequoias, California has been leading the cannabis charge. If you're looking to make the leap into medical marijuana, see how you can apply and be a part of the green wave.

Florida: Floridians with medical conditions can access cannabis, but the rules are stringent. It's vital to get a marijuana card to steer clear of any legal hiccups.

New York: Having recently joined the party, New York allows adults to carry up to three ounces. That's a hefty amount for those Big Apple strolls. For anyone looking for therapeutic usage, the qualifying conditions list is a must-check.

Now, these are just a few states to highlight the varied landscape. Each state, with its unique essence, has specific guidelines. Always be in the know. NORML offers an updated guide on state-by-state marijuana laws, making it easier for enthusiasts like us.

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Key Takeaway: As the U.S. cannabis landscape evolves, it's not just about being lit, it's about being legit. Each state paints a different picture, and for every enthusiast, understanding these legal nuances is paramount. So, wherever you are, always puff responsibly and within the law. 🌿🔥📜

Cannabis Culture and Famous Advocates:

young woman in a cannabis field smelling the marijuana leaves

The cannabis plant has always been surrounded by a hazy cloud of taboo. But, as the times change, so do perceptions. And guess what? Our favorite celebrities have played a blazing role in pushing cannabis culture into the limelight.

First off, let’s talk about the legendary Bob Marley. This man wasn’t just about reggae music; he was about that green life. Advocating for the spiritual and therapeutic aspects of marijuana, Marley became synonymous with cannabis. And speaking of therapy, have you checked out the multitude of benefits from marijuana therapy?

Then there’s our homegirl Rihanna, always candid about her love for the herb. With songs like "James Joint" and her line of cannabis products, she's clearly on a mission to lift the stigma. And hey, if you’re vibing with her and want to join the green club, here's how to get your medical marijuana card.

We can't forget the comedy duo, Cheech & Chong. These two took cannabis comedy mainstream, sparking both laughter and a broader conversation around marijuana. Their films, combined with their outspoken advocacy, helped many see cannabis in a lighter tone.

And, oh! The times are indeed a-changin', with mainstream personalities like Morgan Freeman voicing out for medical marijuana, especially for pain management. The guy’s faced issues like fibromyalgia and sees cannabis as a solution, not a problem. Curious about conditions that qualify for medical marijuana? Take a peek at these qualifying conditions.

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Key Takeaway: While cannabis culture has roots deep in history, it's the recent advocacy from big names that’s helping to break down barriers. These famous advocates aren't just enjoying a sesh; they're reshaping societal perceptions and advocating for the acceptance and benefits of the plant. So, next time you light up, remember, you're in some iconic company! 🌿🔥🎤


  • What's a zip of marijuana? A "zip" is slang for an ounce of marijuana.

  • How many grams are in an ounce of weed? There are 28.3 grams in an ounce.

  • Why is it called a "zip"? The term likely comes from the Ziploc bag often used to store this amount.

  • Is it cheaper to buy in larger quantities? Often, buying larger quantities like a full zip can offer a lower price per gram.

  • What's the difference between a gram of weed and a gram of cannabis? There's no difference; it's merely different terms used in the cannabis community.

  • How much does an average zip of cannabis cost? It varies, but depending on the quality and local dispensary, it might range from $150-$300 in legal states.

  • How much weed is in a pre-rolled joint? Typically, a pre-rolled joint contains about 0.5 to 1 gram of cannabis flower.

  • Is it legal to carry a full zip in every state? No, local laws dictate the legal amount of cannabis one can possess.

  • Why do some people refer to a "dub of weed"? A "dub" usually refers to $20 worth of weed, which can be anywhere from 1 to 2 grams depending on quality and region.

  • What's the difference between medical cannabis and regular marijuana? While the plant is the same, medical cannabis is often prescribed and may have strains tailored for specific medical conditions.

  • How do different strains impact the price? Rare or highly sought-after strains might be more expensive due to demand and cultivation costs.

  • What's a dime bag? Traditionally, a dime bag was $10 worth of weed, which might be less than a gram in today's market.

  • Can I grow my own cannabis? Depending on your state's laws, you may be able to cultivate a personal amount. Some states also allow cultivation for medical use.

  • Is it better to buy smaller amounts frequently or a large amount less often? It depends on your consumption habits and how much cannabis remains fresh.

  • Are there any celebrities known for their cannabis advocacy? Absolutely! From Snoop Dogg to Wiz Khalifa, many celebs openly embrace and advocate for cannabis culture.


The world of cannabis is vast and varied. Whether you're a light smoker or someone who's been around the block in the cannabis community, understanding measurements and slang can be a game-changer. But remember, always abide by local laws and prioritize quality over quantity. And if you're ever unsure, especially for medical reasons, consult a professional. Speaking of which, ARCannabisClinic is a national network offering a one-stop-shop for medical marijuana patients. With services like the industry-leading MMJ Therapy Visit and Cannabis Cultivation Consult, ARCannabisClinic is a pioneer in providing full diagnosis evaluations, including PTSD, anxiety, and general medical evaluations. Plus, with their 100% interest-free financing, getting started has never been easier. Dive deeper into the world of cannabis with the experts who know it best. Safe travels in your cannabis journey, my friend!

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