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Jonesboro Clinic Grand Opening Tuesday!

AR Cannabis Clinic is pleased to announce our grand-opening in our brand-new clinic located at 1319 Red Wolf Blvd (Stadium Drive) Suite A in Jonesboro, Arkansas. This location is on the main retail district in Northeast Arkansas and is conveniently located next to multiple shopping and dining options. As the statewide leader in medical cannabis certifications, we wanted to get the very best location for our patients and we have that on Red Wold Blvd (Stadium Drive). The building is in the former Gearhead Outfitters store which has been built as a clinic. It is still not too late to be seen on opening day, there are some slots remaining. Call 888-454-2111 or you can book online 24/7 at

If you need a spot that is unavailable on Tuesday, we are seeing patients again on Friday.

See you soon!

Hannah, Clinic Director

AR Cannabis Clinic



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