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How Often Do You Have to See a Doctor for Medical Marijuanas in Florida?

For Florida residents exploring the benefits of medical cannabis, knowing the specifics of obtaining and renewing a medical marijuana card under Florida law is crucial. This guide aims to clarify the process, the role of a qualified physician, and the importance of staying compliant with state regulations.

a lady doctor with a clipboard explaining How Often Do You Have to See a Doctor for Medical Marijuanas in Florida?

Table of Contents:

Florida Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Frequency

In Florida, maintaining a valid medical marijuana card is a yearly commitment. The state requires cardholders to renew their medical marijuana card every 12 months. It is advised to begin the renewal process approximately 45-90 days before the expiration date to avoid any lapse in eligibility for medical marijuana use. This timeframe allows for any potential processing delays and ensures continuous access to medical cannabis without interruption​​.

Renewal isn't just about paying the fee; it involves a re-certification process to verify that the cardholder still qualifies for medical marijuana use under Florida law. Patients are required to see their certified medical marijuana doctor every 210 days—essentially twice a year—to maintain their eligibility. This re-certification is crucial as it reaffirms the patient's condition and need for medical marijuana treatment​​​​.

The cost for renewing a medical marijuana card in Florida includes a state fee of $75.00. If you renew online, which is the most convenient and recommended method, there is an additional $2.75 convenience fee. Remember, the re-certification appointments with your physician will also incur costs, which can vary depending on your healthcare provider​​.

To renew your card online, you would log into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, update your personal details, supply a photo, provide proof of residency, and pay the required fees. If you prefer to renew by mail, you need to complete the renewal application form, include a passport-style photo, proof of residency, and the renewal fee​​.

Key Takeaway: Always renew your Florida medical marijuana card well before the expiration date, and stay up-to-date with your re-certification appointments to ensure uninterrupted access to medical cannabis.

For a comprehensive step-by-step guide, or if you need further assistance with the renewal process, ARCannabis Clinic Florida offers services that cover everything from doctor’s visits to renewing your medical card.

Moreover, as the medical marijuana field continues to evolve, it's helpful to stay informed about the latest updates and resources related to medical marijuana in Florida. For more detailed information on the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry and to initiate your renewal process, you can visit their official website.

Lastly, if you're seeking personalized assistance or are a new patient starting the medical marijuana journey, ARCannabisClinic offers a range of services, including personalized MMJ Therapy Visits. You can learn more about their services and how they can assist with qualifying conditions, treatment plans, and navigating the medical marijuana landscape at ARCannabisClinic.

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Doctor Visit Requirements for Medical Marijuana Certification

For patients in Florida, maintaining a medical marijuana certification involves a critical ongoing process that must be adhered to strictly as per the state's medical marijuana laws. To ensure continued access to medical marijuana, patients must have a re-certification appointment with their certifying physician every 210 days, or approximately every 7 months. This is a requirement separate from the annual renewal of the medical marijuana card itself. Neglecting the re-certification visit can result in the loss of the patient’s ability to legally obtain medical marijuana treatment​​​​.

During these re-certification appointments, the physician will reassess and confirm the patient's qualifying condition. These conditions are stipulated by Florida law and include a wide array of ailments, ranging from cancer and epilepsy to PTSD and chronic muscle spasms. The law is designed to ensure that medical marijuana is used as a legitimate treatment for substantial medical conditions​​.

Physicians in Florida who are eligible to certify patients for medical marijuana use must hold an active, unrestricted medical license and must have completed a 2-hour continuing medical education (CME) course and examination regarding medical marijuana. This course must be retaken each time the physician renews their medical license, ensuring that the certifying physicians are up to date with the latest medical marijuana knowledge and legal guidelines​​​​​​.

For physicians to order medical marijuana for their patients, they must establish a genuine doctor-patient relationship, which includes a comprehensive medical evaluation and the creation of a tailored treatment plan. This ensures that the physician is not only familiar with the patient's medical history but is also actively managing the patient's health with regard to the use of medical marijuana​​.

The Florida Medical Association provides the required training for physicians, which includes detailed information on the state's medical marijuana program, legal responsibilities, and patient care related to medical marijuana use. It is crucial for physicians to remain informed and compliant with the state's regulations to provide the best care for their patients​​.

Patients can search for qualified physicians who have completed the required training on the Medical Marijuana Use Registry's website, ensuring they choose a certified professional for their medical marijuana needs. This registry lists physicians by location and specialty, helping patients find the most convenient and appropriate care​​.

Key Takeaway: It's imperative for patients and physicians alike to adhere to Florida’s medical marijuana certification and re-certification rules to maintain legality and continuity in medical treatment.

For more detailed information about maintaining your medical marijuana card in Florida, visit the Medical Marijuana Use Registry or refer to resources provided by ARCannabis Clinic Florida for more guidance.

Costs Involved in Renewing Medical Marijuana Card and Doctor Visits

Renewing a medical marijuana card in Florida and covering the costs for doctor visits are two important considerations for patients using medical marijuana for treatment.

The state application fee for renewing the medical marijuana card is $75.00. If you choose to renew online, which is a convenient and recommended method, there's an additional $2.75 convenience fee, making the total $77.75. It's worth noting that the renewal of your medical marijuana card is a separate process from the recertification visits to the physician, which are required every 210 days (approximately every 7 months). The cost for these visits can vary widely, usually between $150 and $300, depending on your healthcare provider​​​​.

For new patients looking to obtain a medical marijuana card in Florida, the costs include a doctor’s evaluation fee and the card fee, which may total around $225. The renewal of the card is generally cheaper than the initial cost, with renewals being offered at around $100 by some services​​.

It's important to budget for these expenses, as most medical insurance plans do not cover the cost of medical marijuana card applications or the associated doctor's visits. While it can be a slight inconvenience, considering these costs in advance will ensure that you're prepared for the annual expenses related to maintaining your medical marijuana treatment​​​​.

If you're looking for assistance with the renewal process or finding qualified physicians for your recertification, there are services such as ARCannabis Clinic that can help you navigate the process and connect you with the necessary medical professionals for a fee that covers your doctor's visit and any additional perks​​.

For those looking to renew their medical marijuana card, it's recommended to start the renewal process 45-90 days before the current card expires. The state will usually notify you via email when it's time to renew your card. Ensure that you've also had your doctor's visit within the past 7 months as part of the renewal process​​.

Key Takeaway: Budgeting for the annual state application fee, the online convenience fee, and the biannual physician re-certification visits is crucial to maintaining your legal access to medical marijuana in Florida. For more information and assistance, visiting websites like ARCANNABIS CLINIC FLORIDA and the Florida Medical Marijuana Registry can be helpful.

Eligibility and Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Florida

In Florida, the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana is clearly defined under state law. To be eligible for a medical marijuana card, patients must be diagnosed with one or more of the following conditions:

  • Cancer

  • Epilepsy

  • Glaucoma

  • Positive status for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

  • Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

  • Crohn’s disease

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Beyond these specifically named conditions, Florida law also permits medical marijuana access for individuals suffering from other unnamed medical conditions that are of the same kind or class, or comparable to those listed. Additionally, those with a terminal condition diagnosed by a physician other than the one issuing the certification and individuals experiencing chronic nonmalignant pain caused by a qualifying condition or that persists beyond the usual course of the condition are also eligible​​​​.

The state of Florida requires that a qualified physician diagnose or confirm the diagnosis of these conditions. Physicians recommending medical marijuana must complete a 2-hour continuing medical education (CME) course and examination provided by the Florida Medical Association or the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association. The Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) keeps an updated list of qualified physicians who are approved to recommend medical marijuana​​​​.

To be considered for a medical marijuana card in Florida, applicants must be either permanent or seasonal residents. A seasonal resident is defined as someone who temporarily resides in Florida for at least 31 consecutive days each year, maintains a temporary residence in the state, returns to their state or jurisdiction of residence at least once a year, and is registered to vote or pays income tax in another state or jurisdiction​​.

The cost of obtaining a medical marijuana card in Florida is $75, with a renewal fee of the same amount required annually. Payment for online applications can be made via debit or credit card, while paper applications submitted by mail must include a check or money order​​.

When visiting a medical marijuana treatment center (MMTC) in Florida, patients are advised to bring their medical marijuana use registry identification card, Florida state ID, and a form of payment, such as cash or a debit card, as federal banking regulations can restrict the use of debit and credit cards for marijuana-related purchases​​.

For minors to be eligible for a medical marijuana card, they must designate an adult caregiver in their application, and this caregiver must be a Florida resident and at least 21 years of age. Minors are required to have recommendations from two different qualified physicians and consent from a parent or legal guardian​​.

In summary, Florida's medical marijuana program is designed to provide access to patients with a range of conditions and includes provisions for those with comparable conditions not explicitly listed. Both adults and minors can apply for a medical marijuana card, with specific guidelines to ensure proper care and legal compliance.

For more details and assistance with qualifying conditions and the application process, the Florida State Cannabis website and ARCannabisClinic are valuable resources.


How often do you have to see a doctor for medical marijuanas in Florida? Yes, Florida residents must see a qualified physician for an in-person examination every 210 days for the recertification of their medical marijuana use.

Is a follow-up visit necessary after the initial appointment for medical marijuana in Florida? Yes, after the initial appointment, a follow-up visit is necessary for recertification to maintain a medical marijuana card.

Can new patients apply for medical marijuana cards online in Florida? Yes, new patients can initiate their application for a medical marijuana card online, but an in-person examination by a certified physician is required by Florida law.

Do Florida residents need to renew their medical marijuana card annually? Yes, medical marijuana cards in Florida must be renewed annually, with the renewal application submitted 45 days before the expiration date.

Are seasonal residents eligible for a medical marijuana card in Florida? Yes, seasonal residents who reside in Florida for at least 31 consecutive days each year can apply for a medical marijuana card.

Does Florida law permit the use of low-THC cannabis? Yes, under Florida law, qualified patients are allowed to use low-THC cannabis as part of their treatment plan.

Can you pay for the medical marijuana card renewal fee with a credit card? Yes, the renewal fee for a medical marijuana card in Florida can be paid with a credit card through the online Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

Are there legal representatives that can help with the medical marijuana application process in Florida? Yes, patients may appoint a legal representative to assist them with the medical marijuana application process in Florida.

Does the Office of Medical Marijuana Use require medical records for the application? Yes, medical records documenting a qualifying condition are required by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use for the medical marijuana card application.

Are medical marijuana doctors in Florida required to be certified? Yes, doctors in Florida must complete a state-approved course and examination to become certified to recommend medical marijuana.

What conditions qualify a patient for medical marijuana in Florida? Qualifying conditions include, but are not limited to, cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, PTSD, ALS, Crohn's disease, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Do qualifying patients receive a physical ID card for medical marijuana in Florida? Yes, qualifying patients receive a medical marijuana use registry identification card in the mail after their application is approved.

Are there any potential health risks associated with medical marijuana use that Florida voters should be aware of? Yes, patients should be informed of potential health risks, and a qualified physician should discuss these risks before recommending medical marijuana.

What are the office visit requirements for the initial certification of medical marijuana in Florida? For initial certification, a qualified physician must conduct an in-person examination and assess the patient's qualifying medical condition.

Can Florida dispensaries sell smokable medical marijuana? Yes, smokable medical marijuana is available at licensed Florida dispensaries for qualified patients.

Is there a specific expiration date for medical marijuana recommendations in Florida? Medical marijuana recommendations in Florida expire after 210 days, and patients must then seek recertification.

What is the process for new law applications regarding medical marijuana in Florida? New law applications for medical marijuana are processed through the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, following the same steps as initial applications.

How do patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) apply for medical marijuana in Florida? Patients with ALS must see a certified physician who will assess their condition and determine if they meet the criteria for medical marijuana use.

Can patients with Parkinson’s disease receive medical marijuana in Florida? Yes, patients with Parkinson’s disease may qualify for medical marijuana if a certified physician deems it an appropriate treatment option.

What is the role of the Florida Department of Health in the medical marijuana program? The Florida Department of Health oversees the medical marijuana program, including the certification of physicians and registration of patients and caregivers.

Can caregivers also apply for a medical marijuana card on behalf of a patient? Yes, caregivers in Florida may apply for a medical marijuana card to assist a qualified patient, following the specific caregiver certification course requirements.

Are there any restrictions on the administration of marijuana to patients in Florida? Yes, the administration of marijuana in Florida is regulated, and only qualified patients and their legal representatives can legally administer medical marijuana products.

Do patients with terminal conditions receive different consideration for medical marijuana use? Yes, patients with a terminal condition diagnosed by a physician other than the qualified physician issuing the physician certification may be eligible for medical marijuana under Florida law.

What forms of medical cannabis are available at Florida dispensaries? Florida dispensaries offer various forms of medical cannabis, including oils, tinctures, topicals, capsules, and, as permitted by law, smokable marijuana.

Do Florida residents need to be aware of the expiration date on their medical marijuana card? Yes, Florida residents should be aware that their medical marijuana card has an expiration date and must be renewed annually to maintain legal access to medical marijuana.

How do I find a licensed medical marijuana treatment center in Florida? Patients can find a licensed medical marijuana treatment center by visiting the Florida Department of Health's Office of Medical Marijuana Use website.

What is the cost of an office visit to a certified physician for medical marijuana in Florida? The cost of an office visit can vary, but patients should expect to pay a fee for each visit to a certified physician for medical marijuana assessment and certification in Florida.

Does the Florida medical marijuana use registry identification card allow for marijuana delivery devices? Yes, the card includes an allowance for the legal use of marijuana delivery devices prescribed by a qualified physician.

What are the requirements for a physician certification for medical marijuana in Florida? Physician certification for medical marijuana in Florida requires a qualified physician to confirm that the patient has a qualifying medical condition and that the potential benefits outweigh the risks.

Can out-of-state medical marijuana patients use their card in Florida? No, out-of-state medical marijuana cards are not recognized in Florida; however, seasonal residents may apply for a Florida medical marijuana card if they meet the state residency requirements.

Are there any potential risks associated with medical marijuana use that should be considered during the certification process? Yes, potential risks must be discussed by the certified physician during the certification process, ensuring that patients make informed decisions about medical marijuana use.

How often must Florida medical marijuana patients have a recertification appointment? Patients must have a recertification appointment every 210 days to maintain an active medical marijuana certification in Florida.

What qualifying conditions are eligible for treatment with low-THC cannabis in Florida? Qualifying conditions for low-THC cannabis treatment include cancer, epilepsy, chronic muscle spasms, and other conditions specified by Florida law.

Are legal representatives permitted to assist in the medical marijuana application process? Yes, legal representatives can assist qualifying patients in the medical marijuana application process in Florida.

Is a patient’s treatment with medical marijuana confidential under Florida statutes? Yes, a patient's treatment with medical marijuana is confidential and protected under Florida's medical marijuana laws and HIPAA regulations.

What is the role of the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine in medical marijuana? The Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine provides oversight and establishes regulations for osteopathic physicians who can recommend medical marijuana.

What should patients expect during an in-person examination for medical marijuana in Florida? During an in-person examination, patients should expect a thorough review of their medical history, current health condition, and a discussion on the appropriateness of medical marijuana for their treatment.

Can I use my medical marijuana card at any Florida dispensary? Yes, once approved, patients can use their medical marijuana card at any licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Florida.

How can a new patient start the medical marijuana certification process in Florida? A new patient can start the certification process by scheduling an initial appointment with a certified medical marijuana doctor in Florida.

What are the accepted methods of payment for medical marijuana products at Florida dispensaries? Accepted methods of payment typically include cash and debit cards, as federal banking regulations often limit credit card transactions for marijuana products.


Navigating the intricacies of medical marijuana in Florida can be complex, but with the right guidance, patients can manage their health effectively. For comprehensive support, ARCannabisClinic stands out as a national network of marijuana doctors dedicated to helping patients obtain their medical marijuana card. Through their MMJ Therapy Visit, patients receive personalized consultations to craft a medical marijuana treatment plan tailored to their needs, including strain selection, ratios, and dosing. Recognized for full diagnosis evaluations for conditions like PTSD and anxiety, ARCannabisClinic pioneers in identifying potential qualifying conditions for medical cannabis use, ensuring a high standard of care for every patient. Discover more about their services here.

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