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How Long Does a Virginia Medical Card Last?

When it comes to obtaining a medical cannabis card in Virginia, knowing the duration of its validity is crucial for patients. This guide breaks down the key aspects, including the registration process, costs, and legal implications.

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Process and Timeframe for Obtaining a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

Securing a medical marijuana card in Virginia involves a series of straightforward steps. The Commonwealth of Virginia has set a progressive course, legalizing both medical and adult-use cannabis, paving the way for a comprehensive medical cannabis program. To obtain a medical card, Virginia residents must first consult with registered practitioners, which include licensed physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. These healthcare providers will review medical history, possibly conduct a drug test, and determine if the patient's condition aligns with the state's qualifying conditions for medical cannabis use.

Key Takeaway: It's essential to have your medical records handy for the assessment. Once qualified, a written certification from the doctor enables immediate access to medical marijuana dispensaries.

The next step is the online application, submitted through the Virginia Department of Health Professions. A government-issued ID and proof of residency are necessary, along with the application fee. Processing typically spans a few business days, after which a registration card is issued, which can be either a physical card or an e-card, based on preference. Although Virginia law now allows patients to bypass state registration, obtaining a registration card is advisable, especially for those who might travel, as some states require a state-issued card for purchase in their dispensaries.

Virginia dispensaries offer an array of medical cannabis products, excluding raw flower, such as cannabis oil, cannabidiol oil, tinctures, edibles, topicals, and capsules. It is important to consult healthcare providers or dispensary staff to understand the suitable products, their dosages, and consumption methods to ensure an optimal treatment plan.

Patients should be aware that while they can legally purchase and use medical cannabis, home cultivation is not permitted. All purchases must be made from state-approved dispensaries, ensuring quality and legal compliance. As of July 1, 2022, the physical ID card became optional, but patients can still choose to register with the Board of Pharmacy for a fee.

For more information about the process and to find out if you qualify, ARCannabisClinic offers a detailed guide on how to obtain your medical marijuana card in Virginia.

With the updated telemedicine options, ARCannabis Clinic Virginia simplifies the process by connecting patients with state-licensed medical marijuana doctors for evaluations, making it a convenient option for many.

For those needing more personalized assistance, ARCannabisClinic is ready to help. They offer a comprehensive MMJ Therapy Visit, providing patients with a medical marijuana treatment plan tailored to their specific needs.

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Purchasing and Possession Limits for Virginia Medical Marijuana Cardholders

In Virginia, the rules for medical marijuana cardholders regarding possession and purchasing are clear. Medical patients are entitled to possess what is defined as a "90-day supply" of cannabis products. However, it's important to note that Virginia has not yet set a standardized amount for what constitutes this 90-day supply. Instead, it is determined on an individual basis, in consultation with a recommending pharmacist​​.

When it comes to purchasing limits, medical patients in Virginia may not buy more than their prescribed 90-day supply within any 90-day period. These purchase limits are determined by the recommending physician and are tailored to the individual needs of the patient​​. For recreational users, while dispensaries are not yet open and the final purchasing limits have not been established, it's anticipated that they will mirror the possession limit of one ounce of cannabis or its equivalent​​.

Consumption of both recreational and medical marijuana in public is prohibited. Consumption is only legal on private property as of July 1, 2021​​. Additionally, while the state permits the personal cultivation of up to four cannabis plants per household for adults 21 and over, all medical cannabis must be obtained from a licensed dispensary. The cultivated plants must not be visible to the public and should be secured from access by minors​​.

Key Takeaway: Medical marijuana cardholders must follow the state guidelines on possession and purchasing limits, ensuring they consult with their recommending healthcare providers to understand their specific allowances.

For further details on the process and rules surrounding medical marijuana in Virginia, ARCannabisClinic provides an informative guide on the purchasing and possession limits for Virginia medical marijuana cardholders.

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Costs and Fees Associated with a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

The costs associated with obtaining a Virginia medical marijuana card include several components. Initially, there is a $50 fee for applying for the medical marijuana card issued by the Virginia Department of Health Professions, which is required to be renewed annually for the same amount​​​​.

Consultations with a physician are mandatory for obtaining the card. The fees for an initial physician consultation vary widely, generally ranging from $200 to $300 or even more, depending on the physician and their rates. Some physicians may also charge for any follow-up appointments that might be required for renewals of the medical marijuana card​​. ARCannabis Clinic Virginia physicians charge a flat fee of $199 for a full yearlong approval with no follow up fees.

After receiving the medical marijuana card, patients can purchase medical marijuana products from licensed dispensaries in Virginia. The prices at dispensaries can fluctuate based on various factors like the type of product, the strain, and the quantity purchased. For instance, the cost for a single product can range from $20 to $60 or more, which means patients need to consider these ongoing costs as part of managing their medical condition​​.

Additionally, medical marijuana products are subject to state and local taxes, which can further add to the overall cost. The specific tax rate may vary by locality, so it’s important for patients to inquire about the applicable taxes when making purchases at dispensaries​​.

For a more detailed breakdown of the costs, you can refer to the comprehensive guide on the ARCannabisClinic website, which provides a current and thorough summary of the expenses associated with obtaining a medical marijuana card in Virginia.

Key Takeaway: Acquiring and maintaining a medical marijuana card in Virginia involves several costs, from application fees to physician consultations and the purchase of products, along with potential taxes.

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Workplace Implications for Virginia Medical Marijuana Cardholders

In Virginia, significant changes in marijuana laws have affected the workplace dynamics for medical marijuana cardholders. As of July 1, 2021, Virginia law provides employment protections to medical marijuana cardholders, prohibiting employers from firing or discriminating against employees for the lawful use of cannabis oil with a valid certification. However, this does not permit work impairment, possession during work hours, or require employers to violate federal law or lose federal contracts due to an employee's cannabis use​​.

For employees in safety-sensitive or federally regulated positions, marijuana use is still prohibited, and federal government contractors have specific carve-outs that allow them to maintain a marijuana-free workplace​​. Recreational marijuana users don't receive employment protections, and employers can still require drug testing. However, if an employee with a medical marijuana card tests positive for marijuana, the employer cannot use the test result alone as a basis for disciplinary action​​.

Employers must consider these factors when crafting workplace policies and should engage in an interactive process to determine reasonable accommodations for medical marijuana cardholders. It's recommended that employers consult legal counsel before taking any adverse actions against employees who are authorized to use medical marijuana​​.


How long does a Virginia medical card last? Yes, a Virginia medical marijuana card lasts for one year from the date of issue. Patients must renew their card annually by submitting a new online application through the Virginia Board of Pharmacy.

Is the Virginia medical marijuana card renewal process the same every year? Yes, the renewal process for a Virginia medical marijuana card typically requires the same steps each year, including obtaining a valid written certification from a registered practitioner and paying the renewal fee.

Can I use my Virginia medical marijuana card in other states? No, Virginia's medical marijuana card is not valid in other states as Virginia does not have reciprocity agreements for medical marijuana.

What is the fee for renewing a Virginia medical marijuana card? The renewal fee for a Virginia medical marijuana card is generally $50, payable during the online application process.

Do I need a new medical marijuana certification from a healthcare practitioner for renewal? Yes, for each renewal of a Virginia medical marijuana card, a new medical marijuana certification from a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant is required.

How can I prove my residency for the Virginia medical marijuana card application? Proof of residency can be established with a government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or state ID, showing your Virginia address.

Are there any legal protections for medical marijuana cardholders in the workplace in Virginia? Yes, Virginia law provides legal protections for medical marijuana cardholders against discrimination for lawful use of cannabis oil with a valid certification.

Can I be fired for using medical cannabis if I have a Virginia medical marijuana card? No, Virginia employers cannot fire you solely for the lawful use of cannabis oil with a valid written certification. However, impairment at work and possession during work hours are not protected.

What medical conditions qualify for a medical marijuana card in Virginia? Virginia does not have a set list of qualifying conditions; any ailment that a registered practitioner believes could benefit from medical cannabis use may qualify.

Do I have to visit a medical marijuana dispensary in person to get my medication in Virginia? Not necessarily, some Virginia dispensaries may offer delivery services, but generally, medication is picked up in person at the dispensary. Telemedicine appointments are also available for consultations.

Will my medical insurance cover the costs associated with obtaining a medical marijuana card in Virginia? No, medical insurance does not cover the costs of obtaining a medical marijuana card in Virginia due to conflicts with federal law.

Can I grow my own medical marijuana plants with a Virginia medical card? Yes, adults 21 and older in Virginia may grow up to four plants per household, regardless of medical card status.

Are there any restrictions on the types of medical marijuana products I can purchase in Virginia? In Virginia, patients can purchase various medical cannabis products except for raw marijuana flower. Available products include oils, tinctures, capsules, and more.

How much medical marijuana can I legally possess in Virginia with a medical card? Patients can legally possess up to a 90-day supply of medical cannabis products and no more than 4 ounces of botanical cannabis in a 30-day period.

What is the cost of medical cannabis products in Virginia dispensaries? Prices for medical cannabis products at Virginia dispensaries vary and can range from $20 to $60 or more per product, based on potency and quantity.

Are there any discounts or financial assistance programs for medical cannabis patients in Virginia? Discounts and financial assistance programs for medical cannabis may vary by dispensary; patients should inquire directly with the dispensaries.

If I move within Virginia, do I need to update my medical marijuana card information? Yes, if you move within Virginia, you should update your personal information, including your address, with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy.

Can a minor be a registered medical marijuana patient in Virginia? Yes, minors can be registered medical marijuana patients, but they must have a legal guardian or registered agent assigned to manage their medication.

How do I find a licensed dispensary in Virginia? The Virginia Board of Pharmacy provides an official list of state-licensed dispensaries where you can legally purchase medical marijuana products.

Does Virginia offer an electronic version of the medical marijuana card? Yes, in addition to a physical card, Virginia offers an optional e-card for medical marijuana cardholders after completing the registration process.

Is the application fee for a Virginia medical marijuana card refundable? No, the application fee for a Virginia medical marijuana card is not refundable once paid.

Can I apply for a Virginia medical marijuana card online? Yes, patients can complete the medical marijuana card application process online through the Virginia Board of Pharmacy.

Do I need to have a Virginia driver’s license to apply for a medical marijuana card? While a Virginia driver’s license is a common form of proof of residency, any government-issued ID showing your Virginia address may be used.

How many business days does it take to receive the Virginia medical marijuana card after application? After completing the online application, it generally takes up to 10 business days to receive your Virginia medical marijuana card by mail.

What forms of medical cannabis are available at dispensaries in Virginia? Virginia dispensaries offer a variety of medical cannabis products such as oils, tinctures, capsules, vape cartridges, and more.

Are out-of-state medical marijuana cards recognized in Virginia? No, Virginia does not recognize out-of-state medical marijuana cards.

How do I prove my medical condition qualifies for a Virginia medical marijuana card? A registered practitioner must provide a valid written certification stating that the use of medical cannabis may alleviate the symptoms of your diagnosed condition.

Can I use my Virginia medical marijuana card at any dispensary in the state? Yes, you can use your Virginia medical marijuana card at any state-licensed dispensary within the Commonwealth.

Is there an official list of medical marijuana dispensaries in Virginia? Yes, the Virginia Board of Pharmacy provides an official list of licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.

What is the maximum amount of THC allowed in medical cannabis products in Virginia? The maximum amount of THC in medical cannabis products is regulated by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy and can vary by product type.

What should I do if I lose my Virginia medical marijuana card? If you lose your Virginia medical marijuana card, you should contact the Virginia Board of Pharmacy for guidance on obtaining a replacement.

Does chronic pain qualify for medical marijuana use in Virginia? Yes, chronic pain is one of the conditions that a registered practitioner in Virginia may certify as benefitting from medical cannabis use.

Can physician assistants in Virginia certify patients for medical marijuana use? Yes, physician assistants registered with the Virginia Board of Medicine can certify patients for medical marijuana use.

Is telemedicine an option for obtaining a medical marijuana certification in Virginia? Yes, telemedicine appointments are available for patients seeking medical marijuana certification in Virginia.

How often do I need to renew my Virginia medical marijuana certification? The medical marijuana certification in Virginia must be renewed annually.

If I am a legal guardian of a patient, can I apply for a medical marijuana card on their behalf in Virginia? Yes, legal guardians can apply for a medical marijuana card on behalf of their dependents in Virginia.

What is the cost for a telemedicine appointment for medical marijuana certification in Virginia? Costs for telemedicine appointments for medical marijuana certification in Virginia may vary, but ARCannabisClinic offers consultations for $199.

Can I use medical marijuana at my workplace in Virginia? While you cannot use medical marijuana at the workplace, Virginia law prohibits discrimination against cardholders for lawful use outside of work hours.

Do Virginia medical marijuana cardholders need to register with the state? As of July 1, 2022, patient registration is no longer necessary in Virginia if you have a valid written certification from a registered practitioner.

Are medical marijuana card renewals automatic in Virginia? No, cardholders must initiate the renewal process annually, which includes a new certification and application fee.


At ARCannabisClinic, the largest network of marijuana doctors across the nation, we're committed to assisting patients in securing their medical marijuana card smoothly and efficiently. With our MMJ Therapy Visit, patients receive a custom treatment plan, including strain recommendations and dosing instructions, from a cannabis expert. ARCannabisClinic is at the forefront of comprehensive evaluations for PTSD, anxiety, and other qualifying conditions, ensuring every patient receives the care they need.

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