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How Do You Make Marijuana Butter: A Step-by-Step Guide

Marijuana butter, popularly known as cannabis butter or cannabutter, is the cornerstone of numerous cannabis-infused edibles. Made by infusing the essential components of the cannabis flower into regular butter or other fats, this cannabis butter is an easy way to transform your favorite baked goods into potent edibles. This step-by-step guide will shed light on the infusion process, ensuring your final product is rich in taste and efficacy.

Table of Contents:

Why Choose Cannabis Butter Over Other Infusion Methods?

Cannabbutter - CBD infused butter melting on a black plate

In the sprawling world of cannabis-infused goodness, there's an array of methods to get that golden-green goodness into your favorite dishes. But, when it boils down to it, cannabis butter (or cannabutter) truly stands out from the rest. Here's a deep dive into why.

  1. Familiarity and Versatility: Whether you're a seasoned chef or someone who can just about muster a decent sandwich, butter is a household staple. The great thing about cannabis butter is that it can slide effortlessly into any recipe that calls for regular butter. Want to whip up a batch of brownies? Perhaps a creamy sauce? Your trusty jar of cannabutter is up to the task. Plus, with the choice between unsalted butter, coconut oil, or even olive oil as the base, it caters to all culinary preferences.

  2. Rich Flavor Profile: Coconut oil infusions and cannabis oil have their merits, sure. But nothing really beats the rich, full-bodied flavor profile of butter. When you infuse this with the herbal notes of decarbed cannabis, it's a match made in heaven.

  3. High Fat Content - A Perfect Partner for THC: THC loves fat. The compounds in cannabis bind exceptionally well to fats, making butter a prime candidate. This ensures a potent final product every single time. The infusion process is a cinch, especially if you follow a simple cannabutter recipe. Remember, fat content determines the potency of your edibles.

  4. Ease of Preparation: Got a slow cooker? Maybe a large saucepan? That’s pretty much all you need to start your infusion journey. A low heat approach is the easiest way to make sure all that precious THC finds its home in your butter, without getting destroyed by much heat.

  5. Cost-Efficient and Sustainable: Making your own weed butter from cannabis flower can be more cost-effective than buying pre-made cannabis edibles. Moreover, it's sustainable; you get to decide how much THC goes into your butter, making it a great way to use up all your plant material.

  6. Great Place to Begin: If it's your first time exploring the world of cannabis edibles, starting with cannabutter is a safe bet. It's an important step towards DIY cannabutter mastery and a solid foundation for creating baked goods, sauces, or any cannabis-infused recipes.

For those of you curious about the specific conditions that qualify for an MMJ card or how to actually apply for one, ARCannabisClinic's guides on qualifying conditions and the application process are treasure troves of information. And if you're someone battling conditions like anxiety or PTSD, well, there's something for you too.

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Key Takeaway: Cannabis butter offers unmatched versatility, flavor, and efficiency in the realm of cannabis infusions, making it a top choice for both rookies and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to indulge in a savory dish or a sweet treat, cannabutter provides the perfect base.

Necessary Tools and Ingredients:

adding crushed cannabis powder in the stove with butter

Whipping up a batch of cannabis-infused butter is a rite of passage for the canna-curious and seasoned pros alike. And while the process is straightforward, having the right tools and ingredients can make the difference between an ‘okay’ end result and a stellar final product that you'd be proud to use in your homemade edibles. So, let's deep dive into what you need.

1. High-Quality Cannabis Flower: You can't have cannabis butter without the star ingredient: the cannabis flower. Ensure you're sourcing high-quality, lab-tested cannabis for the best results.

2. Slow Cooker or Double Boiler: A slow cooker offers an easy way to maintain a consistent low heat, crucial for extracting all the goodness from your buds without burning them. A double boiler can also be handy, especially if you're keen on stovetop methods.

3. Baking Sheet and Parchment Paper: Essential for the decarbing process, these tools help transform your raw cannabis into a potent, psychoactive ingredient ready for infusion.

4. Unsalted Butter or Coconut Oil: Regular butter does the trick, but many users find that coconut oil, with its high-fat content, does an even better job of absorbing cannabinoids. The choice between unsalted butter and coconut oil often boils down to personal preference and the final dish you're planning.

5. Grinder: Breaking your cannabis flower into small pieces boosts the surface area, making the infusion process more efficient. No need to powder it – just a coarse grind will do.

6. Cheesecloth or Coffee Filter: When your infusion's done, you'll need to separate the plant material from the butter or oil. A cheesecloth or coffee filter ensures a smooth, plant matter-free cannabis butter.

7. Mason Jars: Once you’ve got your finished product, a mason jar is the best way to store your cannabis butter. Airtight and easy to label, these jars will help extend the shelf life of your infusion.

Curious about how cannabis strains impact the end product? The different strains play a pivotal role in defining the flavor, potency, and therapeutic effects of the butter. If you're aiming for a specific therapeutic effect, it might be worth looking into the MMJ card qualifying conditions and choosing a strain that matches your needs.

Key Takeaway: The tools and ingredients you choose can make or break your cannabis butter-making experience. Always prioritize quality and take your time. Patience is key when working with cannabis-infused recipes.

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Considering growing your own cannabis for this project? ARCannabisClinic offers a pioneering Cannabis Cultivation Consult to guide you in the cultivation process for top-notch cannabis flowers. After all, the journey to the best cannabutter starts right from the plant's roots!

The Decarbing Process: An Important Step:

cannabis cooking in a silver pot and wooden spoon

Let's talk about something that often flies under the radar, but makes all the difference in your edibles: the decarbing process. Ever bitten into a homemade brownie and wondered, "Why am I not feeling anything?" Yup, it's probably because you skipped the magic of decarbing.

What the Heck is Decarbing? Let me break it down: decarboxylation, or "decarbing", is the simple act of heating your cannabis. In the plant's raw state, you've got a lot of THC-A, which is non-psychoactive. By heating it up, you transform THC-A into the THC we all know and adore. The same goes for turning CBD-A into CBD. It’s like turning your cannabis from Bruce Banner into the Hulk.

Why Bother? Imagine making a killer batch of cookies, but you've forgotten the sugar. Decarbing is that sweet component. Whether you're using cannabis for a chill time or to help with issues like PTSD or anxiety, missing out on decarbing means you're missing out on the good stuff.

Decarb Like You Mean It:

  1. Warm It Up: Set your oven to around 220-245°F. Think low and slow.

  2. Get Grinding: Don't pulverize your buds, just a nice coarse grind will do.

  3. Spread the Love: Lay out your cannabis on a parchment-paper-lined tray, evenly.

  4. Patience, Young Padawan: Bake for about 30-45 minutes. Maybe do a little dance at the halfway point and give them a gentle stir.

  5. Cooling Time: Let it cool off. Now, your cannabis is ready to rock and roll!

If you’re diving into cannabis for its therapeutic vibes, decarbing is the key to fully accessing strains for different medical needs. Different strains bring different games, so decarbing unlocks the full playground.

Key Takeaway: Decarbing is like the secret handshake in the cannabis club. If you're not doing it, you're not really in the know.

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Before I wrap up, if you're either dipping your toes or diving headfirst into the world of cannabis, the ARCannabisClinic is your go-to spot. From learning how to snag a marijuana card to the nitty-gritty of marijuana therapy, they've got you covered. Stay lifted and informed!

Crafting Your Cannabis-Infused Butter:

measuring cannabis for cannabutter with flower and cannabis power and butter and oil

Crafting cannabis-infused butter, often hailed as "cannabutter", isn't just a trendy stoner activity; it’s the fusion of two worlds - the rich tradition of buttery goodness and the dynamic universe of cannabis. And if you’re looking to elevate your culinary endeavors or find alternative marijuana therapies, this is your golden ticket.

Here’s How You Whip Up Some Dank Cannabutter:

  1. Quality Matters: Begin with high-quality buds. Your butter is only as good as your weed. Aim for strains that best suit your medical needs, be it relief from anxiety or alleviating symptoms of PTSD.

  2. Decarbing is Key: Remember our chat about the decarbing process? Yup, ensure your cannabis is properly decarboxylated to activate the THC or CBD.

  3. Simmer and Stir: In a pot, melt butter and add a cup of water to prevent burning. Introduce your decarbed cannabis, and let the fusion happen on low heat for 2-3 hours. Keep an eye, stir occasionally, and share stories with the pot.

  4. Strain It: Use a cheesecloth to strain out the plant material, leaving you with the liquid gold - your cannabutter.

  5. Cool and Store: Pour the butter into a container, let it solidify in the fridge, and voila! Your cannabis-infused butter is ready to rock your recipes.

Whether you're whipping up brownies, drizzling on popcorn, or experimenting with savory dishes, cannabutter is a game-changer. And if you're curious about how this integrates into medical marijuana avenues, ARCannabisClinic’s insights on dispensaries are a must-read.

Key Takeaway: Crafting cannabis-infused butter isn't just about mixing weed with butter. It's an art that requires understanding, patience, and love for both the culinary and cannabis domains.

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Need inspiration for your butter? Sites like Leafly for strain suggestions, Epicurious for recipe ideas, or High Times for all things cannabis, can be your guiding light. And for those just starting their cannabis journey or seeking legal routes, knowing how to get a marijuana card is crucial. Dive deep, explore, and may your culinary adventures be ever blissful!

Storing and Using Your Homemade Cannabutter:

cannabutter stored in a white bowl on a beige table with marijuana leaves

Alright, buds, you've gone through the soulful ritual of crafting your cannabutter. But now what? You can't just plop it on your kitchen counter and call it a day. Nope. Properly storing and using your homemade cannabutter can make all the difference in potency, flavor, and overall experience.

Stash It Right: Storage Tips

  1. Refrigerate: Always keep your cannabutter in the refrigerator when not in use. This not only helps maintain its texture but also ensures the THC and CBD potency remains consistent.

  2. Airtight Containers: Oxygen is a big no-no. Using airtight containers or vacuum-sealed bags will keep it fresher for longer.

  3. Label, Label, Label: Trust me, you don’t want to accidentally spread your cannabutter on your morning toast when you've got a big meeting. Label it clearly and keep it separate from regular butter.

Elevate Your Eats: Usage Tips

  1. Start Low, Go Slow: Especially if you're new to the world of edibles, start with a small amount. Overdoing it isn’t fun, and it's essential to find your sweet spot.

  2. Versatility for the Win: Cannabutter can be used in almost any recipe that requires butter. From pastries to pasta, the world is your delicious, THC-infused oyster.

  3. Consult and Consume: If you're using cannabutter for medical reasons, always consult with professionals or explore marijuana therapy options to ensure you're getting the benefits without unintended side effects.

Wondering how your butter stacks up against other edibles? Platforms like Leafly, High Times, and Cannabis Now have tons of recipes and insights on edibles' potency.

Plus, for those of you diving into the therapeutic potentials of cannabis, understanding how to apply for a marijuana card or looking into qualifying conditions can add an extra layer of peace of mind.

Key Takeaway: Proper storage and mindful usage of cannabutter ensure you savor every moment of your cannabis culinary journey, without any unpleasant surprises.

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Last but not least, share your culinary masterpieces, join communities, and keep the green spirit alive. Whether it's for fun or therapeutic relief, like managing anxiety, always remember to savor each bite and enjoy the journey. Happy cooking, my fellow green thumbs! 🌿🍽


  • Can I use olive oil instead of butter? Yes, though butter typically offers a richer flavor.

  • How do I determine the mg of THC in my butter? It depends on the cannabinoid content of your cannabis flower and the amount used.

  • Is decarbing necessary? Absolutely, it ensures THC activation.

  • How long is the shelf life of cannabutter? If stored properly, it can last up to several weeks.

  • Can I use CBD oil instead of THC-rich cannabis? Yes, if you're aiming for non-psychoactive edibles.

  • What's the easiest way to make cannabutter? Following our simple cannabutter recipe above!

  • How much cannabis should I use? Start with an ounce of cannabis for every cup of butter, and adjust based on desired potency.

  • Is the double boiler method effective? Yes, it's a great way to control temperature during the infusion process.

  • Why is my cannabutter green? The chlorophyll from the plant can tint your butter.

  • How much heat is too much? Avoid high temperatures; sticking to low heat retains the cannabinoid content.

  • Can I use the magical butter machine? Yes, it's a handy tool for those making large batches.

  • Can I infuse peanut butter? While it's possible, regular butter or coconut oil is preferred.

  • What if I don’t have a slow cooker? A regular saucepan will do, just monitor the heat closely.

  • Do different strains produce different butter effects? Absolutely, strains have unique cannabinoid profiles affecting the final product.

  • How do I know my butter's potency? Start small, and consider getting your cannabutter lab-tested.


Cannabis-infused butter is a delicious and versatile component for countless edibles. With a pinch of patience, the right tools, and premium cannabis flower, you can master the art of making marijuana butter.

For those looking to explore medical marijuana further, ARCannabisClinic is a trusted national network of marijuana doctors. They specialize in guiding patients towards legal medical marijuana usage in their state. They also offer an industry-leading MMJ Therapy Visit to provide you with a tailor-made treatment plan. From full diagnosis evaluations including conditions like PTSD and anxiety, to an exclusive Cannabis Cultivation Consult, ARCannabisClinic ensures you're well-equipped. Best of all, they offer 100% interest-free financing, making their invaluable services accessible to all. Truly, ARCannabisClinic is your one-stop shop in the medical marijuana industry.

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