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Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway, Arkansas [2023]

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

In Conway, Arkansas, lies the Harvest Cannabis Dispensary, a medical marijuana dispensary that stands as a beacon of hope for qualified patients looking for a natural way to alleviate their ailments. As the influence of marijuana in the medical realm continues to expand, dispensaries like Harvest Cannabis Dispensary become quintessential in bridging the gap between medical marijuana associates and the patients in dire need of this natural remedy. This blog aims to delve into the diverse aspects of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary, presenting a clear picture of what one can expect on their first visit.

Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway Arkansas front building image evening lighting

Table of Contents:

Pros and Cons of Utilizing Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway

The journey towards embracing the benefits of medical marijuana starts with finding a reliable medical marijuana dispensary. For the residents of Conway, Arkansas, and its neighboring locales like Little Rock, Harvest Cannabis Dispensary has emerged as a notable name in providing a broad array of cannabis services. However, like any other dispensary, it has its set of pros and cons that every prospective and existing medical marijuana user should be well acquainted with. Let’s delve into an analytical overview of the advantages and possible drawbacks associated with utilizing the services of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary.

a woman thinking hard about pros and cons of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway Arkansas

On the upside, Harvest Cannabis Dispensary extends a warm invitation to qualified patients, ensuring that individuals who step into the dispensary are met with a highest level of care. The bud tenders and the medical cannabis associates present are well-versed with the vast spectrum of cannabis products available, ready to guide the patients through their first visit. The dispensary also prides itself on maintaining a strict privacy policy, ensuring the confidentiality of the medical patients’ data and marijuana use history.

Moreover, the dispensary’s online platform facilitates Harvest Cannabis Dispensary online ordering, making it a convenient option for those who prefer to browse and order products from the comfort of their homes. This feature is a testament to the dispensary’s commitment to modernizing the traditional dispensary experience, aligning it with the digital age's expectations.

Furthermore, for patients concerned about the potential harms and the reach of children, the dispensary provides clear guidelines and educative materials on responsible marijuana use and secure storage away from the underage individuals. This educational aspect goes a long way in promoting a culture of informed and safe marijuana use.

On the flip side, while the dispensary offers a natural way to address illnesses, the pricing may pose a challenge to some. Although there's a point-of-sale system that makes transactions smooth, the cost of some products might be on the higher end. This aspect could deter patients on a tight budget from accessing the dispensary’s services.

Furthermore, the qualifying conditions for a MMJ card might seem restrictive to some individuals, possibly necessitating a broader look at other dispensaries or the natural state wellness dispensary for comparison.

The Harvest Cannabis Dispensary is indeed a cornerstone in the Conway community, yet the ballot proposal for recreational marijuana might impact its operations and the legal age restrictions therein. The dispensary finds itself at the intersection of evolving laws and the community’s growing needs, a position that requires a fine balance to ensure sustained service delivery to its clientele.

Key Takeaway: Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway offers a dignified, respectful environment for medical marijuana users. Yet, the cost and certain legal frameworks might necessitate a thorough evaluation by prospective patrons.

A notable quote to encapsulate the essence of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary's services would be: "Embarking on a journey towards wellness often begins with the right guidance. At Harvest Cannabis Dispensary, qualified patients find more than just products; they discover a path towards a more natural alleviation of their ailments." Tweet This

For those looking to explore more on the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, this comprehensive guide on qualifying conditions can be a useful resource.

Pricing and Membership Plans at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary

Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway, Arkansas has positioned itself as a cornerstone for those seeking a natural way to address illnesses through the utilization of medical marijuana. An integral part of this service is the pricing and membership plans offered by the dispensary, which are designed to cater to a broad array of cannabis services needs of qualified patients. These plans lay the framework for how individuals can access the necessary products and services to embark on their treatment journey. This section elucidates the pricing structure and membership offerings at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary, shedding light on how they align with the financial capacities and medical needs of the clientele.

a woman paying to Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway, Arkansas

The pricing at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary is structured to accommodate the diverse financial capacities of its patrons. The dispensary provides a point-of-sale system that ensures a seamless transaction process, making the purchasing experience smooth and efficient. The pricing of marijuana products is contingent on various factors including the strain, potency, and the form in which the marijuana is availed. Whether it’s edibles, tinctures, or the traditional flower, the price tags attached mirror the quality and the anticipated therapeutic efficacy of the products.

The dispensary also offers a membership plan aimed at enhancing the purchasing power and the overall experience of its regular customers. Membership enrolment grants patrons access to discounts, special offers, and a loyalty program that accumulates points with every purchase. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases, making it a rewarding experience for the loyal clientele.

Moreover, for adult use, the dispensary’s membership plan encompasses an age-verification system ensuring that only individuals of legal age, typically above years of age threshold, gain access to the adult-use marijuana products. This reflects the dispensary’s adherence to the legal frameworks governing marijuana use in Arkansas.

Additionally, the Harvest Dispensary online platform extends the convenience of online ordering, where pricing and membership details are transparently displayed, allowing potential customers to have a clear understanding of the cost implications before making a physical visit to the dispensary.

For those new to the realm of medical marijuana and seeking guidance on how to procure a MMJ Card, understanding the pricing and membership plans at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary is a step towards making informed decisions on their medical marijuana journey.

Key Takeaway: The pricing and membership plans at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary are structured to cater to the financial and medical needs of a diverse clientele, making it a reliable choice for many seeking the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana.

A tweetable insight could be: "A well-structured pricing and membership plan reflects a dispensary's commitment to making medical marijuana accessible to all. Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway exemplifies this commitment." Tweet This

This in-depth examination of the pricing and membership plans illuminates the pathways through which Harvest Cannabis Dispensary endeavors to serve its community, aligning its services to meet the financial capacities and medical necessities of its patrons.

Advanced Cultivation Techniques Employed at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary

The quality and efficacy of medical marijuana products significantly hinge on the cultivation techniques employed in their production. At Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway, a meticulous approach towards employing advanced cultivation techniques is a hallmark of their operation. This meticulous cultivation approach ensures the production of high-quality cannabis, which in turn translates to effective treatment plans for qualified patients seeking relief from various ailments.

Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway advanced cultivation center and dried buds in hand

One notable aspect of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary's cultivation approach is the use of controlled environments to grow cannabis. These controlled environments are meticulously monitored to maintain optimal conditions for cannabis growth. Factors such as temperature, humidity, and light are regulated to create an ideal environment that promotes the healthy growth of cannabis plants, ensuring they reach their full potential in terms of cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Moreover, the Harvest Cannabis Dispensary employs organic cultivation practices. By shunning the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, the dispensary ensures that the cannabis produced is free from harmful chemicals. This organic approach not only underscores the dispensary’s commitment to delivering safe, high-quality products but also aligns with the growing preference for organic products among health-conscious consumers.

Furthermore, the dispensary leverages the expertise of experienced medical cannabis associates and horticulturists who are well-versed in the science of cannabis cultivation. Their expertise is invaluable in tailoring cultivation practices to the specific strains being grown, thus ensuring that each strain thrives and produces the desired therapeutic compounds.

In addition, the dispensary has embraced technological advancements in cultivation, incorporating modern tools and equipment that enhance efficiency and productivity in cannabis cultivation. The use of automated watering systems, climate control systems, and advanced lighting technologies are part of the dispensary's strategy to optimize cannabis growth while minimizing resource wastage.

Moreover, the dispensary’s cultivation approach extends beyond merely growing cannabis. There’s a concerted effort to educate the community on the benefits and risks associated with marijuana use. Through community engagement initiatives, the dispensary shares insights on the influence of marijuana, its potential benefits, and potential harms, promoting informed decision-making among medical patients and the broader community.

For those interested in a deeper exploration of cannabis cultivation, a marijuana cultivation consult can provide a wealth of information on best practices and innovative cultivation techniques.

Key Takeaway: The advanced cultivation techniques employed at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary underscore a profound commitment to quality, safety, and community education, setting a high standard in the medical marijuana dispensary landscape.

A noteworthy quote encapsulates the essence of advanced cultivation practices: "Quality cultivation begets quality products; a mantra that Harvest Cannabis Dispensary lives by, ensuring patients receive the best that nature, nurtured by expertise and technology, has to offer." Tweet This

This examination into the cultivation practices of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary provides a clear lens through which one can appreciate the dispensary’s commitment to delivering high-quality, effective, and safe medical marijuana products to its clientele.

Economic and Employment Benefits of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary to Conway

The establishment of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway, Arkansas, brings forth a blend of economic and employment opportunities to the locality. The operation of this dispensary intertwines with the broader economic fabric of Conway, contributing significantly to the local economy and job market. Let’s delve into the various avenues through which Harvest Cannabis Dispensary is making a positive economic imprint and fostering employment within its operational ambit.

a Conway Arkansas brick sign for Downtown

Firstly, the dispensary creates direct employment opportunities for the residents of Conway and the surrounding areas. Positions ranging from bud tenders, medical cannabis associates, administrative staff, to security personnel, are filled by local hires. The employment created by the dispensary extends beyond the front desk, reaching into the very heart of the community. These jobs come with the promise of steady income, thus improving the financial stability and the quality of life for many families in Conway.

Additionally, the dispensary’s operations necessitate the procurement of various goods and services, thus generating business for local suppliers. From construction materials for the dispensary’s infrastructure to the procurement of cultivation supplies and retail fixtures, local businesses find a ready market for their products. This cascading effect creates an economic ripple that significantly boosts local commerce.

Moreover, the dispensary contributes to the local economy through the payment of taxes. The revenue collected from sales tax and other levies associated with the operation of a medical marijuana dispensary is funneled back into the community. This revenue can be channeled towards the development of local infrastructure, schools, and other public services that are integral for the holistic development of Conway.

Furthermore, the educational outreach initiatives by Harvest Cannabis Dispensary contribute to raising awareness on the influence of marijuana. By engaging the community in informative sessions on the potential harms and benefits of marijuana use, the dispensary plays a role in fostering an informed community, which is a social investment that can have long-term positive implications.

In the realm of professional development, the dispensary offers a platform for individuals to hone their skills in the burgeoning field of medical marijuana. Whether it’s through direct employment or through collaborations with local institutions for research and training, individuals have the opportunity to build careers and gain expertise in this evolving field.

The dispensary also has a point-of-sale system that modernizes the shopping experience, blending technology with retail, which could set a precedent for other local businesses to adopt similar technologies, thus fostering a culture of technological advancement within the local business community.

Key Takeaway: The Economic and Employment Benefits of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary to Conway are multi-faceted, creating a positive ripple effect that resonates through job creation, local business engagement, tax revenue generation, community education, and fostering a culture of professional development and technological advancement.

A tweetable thought reflecting on the dispensary’s impact could be: "The economic foliage of Conway, Arkansas is greener with the presence of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary, seeding jobs, nurturing local businesses, and fostering a bloom of informed community engagement." Tweet This

This narrative underscores the significant role Harvest Cannabis Dispensary plays in not just providing medical marijuana solutions but being a robust economic pillar in the Conway community.

Innovative Cannabis Product Offerings at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary

In the tranquil surroundings of Conway, Arkansas, Harvest Cannabis Dispensary emerges as a beacon of innovation in the realm of medical marijuana. The dispensary showcases an exemplary dedication towards introducing innovative cannabis product offerings to cater to a diverse range of medical patients. Their inventory is a reflection of rigorous research, adept cultivation practices, and an understanding of the evolving needs of patients seeking a natural way to address illnesses.

inside retail floor view of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway, Arkansas

One of the hallmark innovations at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary is the introduction of a broad array of cannabis services and products tailored to meet specific qualifying conditions. From meticulously formulated tinctures, topicals, to an extensive range of edible products, each offering is crafted to address the unique therapeutic needs of individuals. The dispensary's curated selection of strains targets a spectrum of ailments, providing a natural avenue for relief and better quality of life for individuals grappling with chronic conditions.

Furthermore, the bud tenders at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and are ready to guide patients through the various product offerings. This personalized guidance ensures that patients are well-informed about the potential benefits and risks associated with marijuana use. This level of service not only fosters a conducive environment for informed decision-making but also enhances the patient experience.

Moreover, the dispensary's online ordering system reflects a stride towards embracing digital technology to improve accessibility for qualified patients. This innovative approach facilitates a seamless interaction between the dispensary and the patients, ensuring that individuals can have access to the medical marijuana products they need with ease and convenience.

In addition, Harvest Cannabis Dispensary has demonstrated a commitment to quality and safety by adhering to a stringent privacy policy. This policy ensures that the sensitive information of all patients is handled with the utmost confidentiality, reflecting a high standard of professionalism and care.

The dispensary also engages in community outreach programs to foster awareness about the responsible use of cannabis. Through these initiatives, the dispensary is not only serving its patrons but also contributing to the broader education on marijuana in the Conway community.

A narrative on the impact of medical marijuana on chronic pain showcases the potential benefits that innovative products from Harvest Cannabis Dispensary can offer.

Key Takeaway: The innovative cannabis product offerings at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary significantly contribute to enhancing the quality of treatment plans available to patients, making it a notable establishment in the natural wellness landscape of Conway.

A tweetable insight might read: "Innovation in cannabis is not just about new products; it's about crafting solutions that resonate with the therapeutic needs of the community. Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway is at the forefront of this noble endeavor." Tweet This

The narrative underscores the indispensable role that innovation plays in elevating the standards of cannabis product offerings, which in turn plays a pivotal role in advancing the cause of natural wellness.


What are the steps involved for a new patient visiting Harvest Cannabis Dispensary? Upon visiting Harvest Cannabis Dispensary for the first time, new patients are advised to carry a state or federally recognized ID. They can expect to receive guidance on different methods for consuming medical marijuana, which is part of the dispensary's efforts to ensure patients are well-informed and comfortable with their treatment plan​1​.

What is the mission of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway, Arkansas? Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway has set out to provide quality treatment combined with compassion and convenience. The dispensary aims to offer an alternative, natural way of healing without the dependency on industrialized pharmaceuticals. They provide a broad array of cannabis services to address illnesses and injuries, reflecting a holistic approach to patient care​2​.

How much cannabis can a patient purchase at a time from Harvest Cannabis Dispensary? Patients have the authorization to purchase up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis every two weeks. However, it's noted that most patients require far less than this amount. The pricing for this quantity is around $1000, although prices may vary based on the specific products and strains chosen​3​.

When is Harvest Cannabis Dispensary open, and how can one get in touch for inquiries or employment opportunities? Harvest Cannabis Dispensary operates from Monday to Saturday between 9am to 8pm, with online orders taken until 7pm, and on Sundays from 12pm to 6pm, with online orders taken until 5pm. For inquiries or employment opportunities, individuals can reach out to the dispensary at (501) 504-6065 or via email at

What taxes are imposed on cannabis sales at dispensaries in Conway? In Conway, dispensaries like Harvest Cannabis Dispensary impose three types of taxes on cannabis sales: a 5% city tax, a 6.5% state sales tax, and a 4% privilege tax. The revenue generated from these taxes is directed towards maintaining the state's medical marijuana program, with a portion also contributed to the University of Arkansas for cancer research​5​.

How do the product offerings at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary address the different medical needs of patients? The dispensary offers a variety of cannabis products and services tailored to meet the individual medical needs of patients. This includes providing guidance on suitable methods of marijuana use to ensure effective treatment and achieve the desired therapeutic outcomes. Their offerings are designed to help address illnesses and injuries in a natural way, providing a holistic alternative to conventional pharmaceutical treatments​2​.

Who are the owners of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway? The ownership of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway is divided among Elizabeth Barnett (41%), Mizan Rahman (34%), Rebecca Nickerson (20%), and John Arthur Hunt (5%)​3​.

What employment opportunities does Harvest Cannabis Dispensary provide to the Conway community? Harvest Cannabis Dispensary offers employment opportunities to individuals interested in building a career within the cannabis industry. Those interested are encouraged to send an email including a cover letter and resume to for consideration​4​.

How does Harvest Cannabis Dispensary contribute to cancer research? The dispensary, through the taxes collected on cannabis sales, contributes to cancer research conducted at the University of Arkansas. This is part of the broader positive impact of the dispensary on the community, demonstrating a commitment to not only provide quality treatment but also contribute to vital research efforts​5​.

How are the bud tenders at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary trained to ensure the highest level of care? Bud tenders at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary are trained to provide personalized service, ensuring that patients receive the right products to meet their medical needs. They are knowledgeable about the different strains and products available, and can provide valuable insights and recommendations to both new and returning patients. Through a combination of training and experience, bud tenders play a crucial role in ensuring patients receive the highest level of care and support throughout their treatment journey.

What can first-time visitors expect at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary? The initial visit to Harvest Cannabis Dispensary is structured to be welcoming, with certain prerequisites such as carrying a state or federally recognized form of identification​.

What are the operating hours of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary? The dispensary operates from 9 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday, and on Sundays, it opens from 12 pm to 6 pm​2​.

What forms of payment does Harvest Cannabis Dispensary accept? Harvest Cannabis Dispensary accommodates payment through ATM and debit cards​.

Does Harvest Cannabis Dispensary offer online ordering? Yes, online ordering is facilitated, with the operational hours for online orders being from 9 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday and from 12 pm to 5 pm on Sundays​.

What is the address of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway, Arkansas? The dispensary is located at 1200 Thomas G Wilson Dr, Conway, AR 72032​3​.

What are the contact details for Harvest Cannabis Dispensary? Interested individuals can reach out to Harvest Cannabis Dispensary at (501) 504-6065 or via email at​.

What is the mission of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary? The core mission of Harvest Cannabis Dispensary is to offer quality treatment encapsulated with compassion and convenience, emphasizing a natural way of healing as opposed to relying on industrialized pharmaceuticals​4​.

Is Harvest Cannabis Dispensary the first of its kind in Conway, Arkansas? No, it's not the first, but it's noted as the 10th legal outlet for cannabis in the state of Arkansas​​.

What sort of medical marijuana products are offered at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary? The dispensary provides a broad array of cannabis products, although the specifics may require direct contact or a visit to their official website or physical location.

Are there any employment opportunities at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary? Yes, they are open to employment inquiries, and interested candidates can send an email along with a cover letter and resume to​.

What are the membership plans available at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary? Details regarding membership plans may not be publicly available and may require direct contact with the dispensary for accurate information.

How does Harvest Cannabis Dispensary contribute to the economic growth of Conway, Arkansas? The dispensary contributes to the local economy by creating job opportunities and generating revenue through the sale of medical marijuana products.

What are the qualifying conditions for obtaining medical marijuana from Harvest Cannabis Dispensary? The qualifying conditions for medical marijuana are governed by the state of Arkansas, and information can be found on the Arkansas Department of Health's website or by contacting Harvest Cannabis Dispensary directly.

Is there a privacy policy in place at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary? While not explicitly stated, it's logical to assume a privacy policy is in place to ensure the confidentiality and security of patient information, adhering to state and federal laws.

What are the advanced cultivation techniques employed at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary? The specifics regarding cultivation techniques might require direct communication with the dispensary or a visit to their official website for the most accurate information.

What are some of the innovative cannabis product offerings at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary? The innovative cannabis product offerings can range widely, and for the most accurate and updated information, a visit to their official website or contact with the dispensary is recommended.

How does Harvest Cannabis Dispensary ensure the safety and quality of its products? Safety and quality are likely paramount at Harvest Cannabis Dispensary, and they might have stringent testing and quality control measures in place to ensure the highest level of care.


In the burgeoning field of medical marijuana, qualified patients are on a perpetual lookout for reliable dispensaries that adhere to a privacy policy ensuring the highest level of care. Among the many, Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway has emerged as a trustworthy haven for those seeking quality treatment. Yet, the journey towards obtaining a valid medical marijuana card and finding a suitable treatment plan can be a daunting task. This is where ARCannabisClinic, a national network of marijuana doctors, steps in to smoothen the path. They offer an industry-leading MMJ Therapy Visit, a personalized one-on-one consultation with a cannabis expert. This consultation is designed to provide patients with a comprehensive medical marijuana treatment plan entailing precise strains, ratios, and dosing instructions. ARCannabisClinic pioneers in full diagnosis evaluations encompassing PTSD, anxiety, and an extensive medical evaluation to identify other potential qualifying conditions. Through their staunch support and expert guidance, transitioning into the realm of medical marijuana becomes a less cumbersome endeavor for many hopeful patients across the state.

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