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AR Cannabis Clinic: First blog post

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Arkansas Cannabis Clinic is under construction at our location in West Little Rock on Bowman and Kanis. While we build our clinic to best serve you, we are also rapidly developing our state-of-the-art website Our staff is testing, re-testing and building the foundation for an effective clinic and website to serve your needs. Medical Marijuana access has been a long time coming to Arkansas and the time is almost at hand for patients to finally be able to get relief. The first dispensaries in Arkansas are expected to be open and ready for business by April/May with the majority of dispensaries open by summer. A new day is coming for Arkansans and AR Cannabis Clinic wants to be there to serve you during this time of change. We want to be open as soon as possible but we also want to get the job done right the first time. Please sign up for our email newsletter for the latest news and information on our launch date. Share the word! AR Cannabis Clinic is coming soon!

doctor talking to a patient about medical marijuana as an option for treatment


Experience the convenience of ARCannabisClinic's online doctor visits, offering professional, compassionate, and comprehensive marijuana-based medical advice, all at your fingertips.

medical marijuana patient happy and smiling talking to a marijuana doctor
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