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Fiddler's Green Dispensary in Mountain View, Arkansas [2023]

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

In Mountain View, Arkansas resides Fiddler’s Green Dispensary, a cornerstone in the community for medical cannabis patients. This establishment not only serves the residents of Mountain View but beckons to those from neighboring regions like Little Rock and Hot Springs. Fiddler's Green has marked its territory as a first dispensary of choice for many, offering a bud bar stocked with a variety of cannabis products to cater to the medicinal needs of its clientele. As a haven of natural relief, this dispensary symbolizes a blend of tradition and modernity in the provision of custom cannabis solutions.

Fiddler’s Green Dispensary in Mountain View, Arkansas front of the building image

Table of Contents:

Pros and Cons of Fiddler’s Green Dispensary Offerings

As a cornerstone in the community of Mountain View and beyond, Fiddler’s Green Dispensary has burgeoned into a reliable hub for medical cannabis enthusiasts. The dispensary, nestled amidst the picturesque hills of Arkansas, is a haven for those in quest of natural relief. A close examination of Fiddler’s Green reveals a blend of pros and cons that define its standing in the community and the broader medical cannabis landscape in regions extending to Little Rock, Hot Springs, and Mountain Home.

Pros and cons of Fiddler's Green Medical Marijuana Dispensary sign with heart


  1. Variety of Strains: Fiddler’s Green is renowned for its extensive variety of different flower strains, catering to a broad spectrum of medical conditions. This vast selection enables patrons to find the specific strains that resonate with their medicinal needs.

  2. Educational Initiatives: The dispensary takes prides in its community outreach and educational initiatives. It’s not merely a place to purchase cannabis products but a hub of knowledge where individuals can learn about the medical benefits of cannabis, the differences between CBD products and THC dominant products, and how to apply for a medical marijuana card.

  3. Compliance and Safety: A strong adherence to the guidelines set forth by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Alcoholic Beverage Control ensures that Fiddler’s Green operates within the legal framework, prioritizing the safety and well-being of its clientele.

  4. Custom Cannabis Solutions: The bud bar at Fiddler’s Green offers custom cannabis solutions. It’s not just about the transaction but the tailored experience, ensuring individuals get the products that are most conducive to their health and wellness.

  5. Community-Centric: The dispensary has managed to knit a tight community of like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of belonging and support among medical cannabis users in Mountain View and the neighboring regions.


  1. Pricing: The product prices at Fiddler’s Green might be on the higher side, reflecting the quality and compliance standards adhered to by the dispensary. However, this could deter individuals on a tighter budget from accessing their range of cannabis products.

  2. Accessibility: For those residing in far-flung areas like Pine Bluff or West Memphis, the drive to Mountain View could be a hurdle. Although the serene journey through Arkansas’s natural scenery could be soothing, the distance might pose an accessibility challenge.

  3. Availability Issues: At times, due to high demand or supply chain snags, certain cannabis products or proprietary strains might be temporarily unavailable, causing inconvenience to the patrons.

  4. Limited Promotions: Compared to some other dispensaries, Fiddler’s Green might not offer as many promotions or discounts, which could affect the overall affordability of their products.

  5. Lack of Online Sales: As of the current operational model, the lack of an online sales platform might hinder those who prefer online shopping, especially amidst the prevailing global health concerns.

Key Takeaway: Fiddler’s Green Dispensary extends beyond being a mere point of sale for cannabis products. It’s an educational nexus, a community hub, and a bastion of legal, safe, and quality medical cannabis supply. The pros significantly outweigh the cons, and with a little maneuvering, Fiddler’s Green could mitigate the cons, propelling itself further as a distinguished dispensary in the heart of Arkansas.

Product Prices at Fiddler’s Green Dispensary

In the sprawling landscape of medical cannabis dispensaries, pricing plays a pivotal role in patron's decision-making process. The tranquil town of Mountain View, Arkansas, boasts the tranquil presence of Fiddler’s Green Dispensary, a reputable establishment in the medical cannabis sector, not only serving the residents of Stone County but also attracting individuals from Little Rock, Hot Springs, and even as far as Pine Bluff.

prices in marijuana buds and fiddler's green dispensary in Arkansas

Fiddler’s Green prides itself on offering a range of medical cannabis products, with a pricing structure reflective of its commitment to quality, legal compliance, and community engagement. The dispensary's bud bar is an emblem of its dedication to providing custom cannabis solutions, offering an array of different flower strains, vape pens, and different lotions among other cannabis products.

The price tags at Fiddler’s Green are a testament to the dispensary’s adherence to the stringent regulatory frameworks set forth by the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control, under the larger umbrella of the Arkansas Department of Finance. The prices mirror the dispensary’s compliance with the regulatory bodies, ensuring that the cannabis products are safe, legal, and of high caliber.

A closer examination of the product prices reveals a tiered structure, accommodating the varied financial capacities of its patrons. Whether it’s the seasoned medical marijuana card holders or the novices taking their first steps into the realm of medical cannabis, Fiddler’s Green has a pricing ladder that caters to all. However, the quality and safety assurance comes with a price tag that might be perceived as steep by some, especially when compared to other dispensaries in neighboring regions like Fort Smith or West Memphis.

Moreover, the pricing at Fiddler’s Green also reflects the dispensary’s community-centric approach. A portion of the revenue generated is funneled back into community outreach and educational initiatives. This not only enriches the community but also educates them on the medicinal benefits of cannabis, making the journey to obtaining a medical marijuana card less daunting for the uninitiated.

The comparative analysis between Fiddler’s Green and other dispensaries such as Green Springs Medical or Plant Family Therapeutics in Mountain Home, may highlight a price differential. Yet, it’s the holistic experience, the educational value, and the sense of community that justifies the pricing structure at Fiddler’s Green.

Key Takeaway: The pricing at Fiddler’s Green Dispensary is a reflection of its unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and community engagement. While the prices might seem elevated compared to other dispensaries, the value derived from the educational resources, community initiatives, and the assurance of quality and safety makes every penny spent a worthy investment towards better health and wellness.

Embedded within this narrative is a broader perspective on how pricing in medical cannabis dispensaries like Fiddler’s Green is not merely a reflection of the product but the value, the safety, and the community enrichment that comes along with it.

Product Selection and Availability at Fiddler’s Green

The leafy haven of Fiddler’s Green Dispensary in Mountain View, Arkansas, has cultivated a name synonymous with an extensive product selection and consistent availability. It has become a locus for individuals from across regions, including Little Rock and Hot Springs, in search of medical cannabis solutions. The quaint town of Mountain View now finds itself on the map of many, thanks to the dispensary's robust product portfolio that caters to a myriad of medical and psychological issues.

Products selections at Fiddler's Green Dispensary in Mountain View, AR

The bud bar at Fiddler’s Green is a hallmark of its diverse product selection. It's here that patrons find themselves amidst an array of different flower strains, each with its unique profile and medicinal benefits. The dispensary takes pride in offering a blend of both proprietary strains and name brand strains, ensuring a wide spectrum of choices for its clientele. This extensive selection is crucial for those with a medical marijuana card, seeking to find the strains that resonate with their therapeutic needs.

Fiddler’s Green has also embraced the contemporary trend of offering CBD products. These products cater to individuals looking for relief without the psychoactive effects associated with THC. From tinctures to lotions and vape pens, the dispensary provides a broad spectrum of products, embodying the holistic ethos of medical cannabis therapy.

Availability is another cornerstone of Fiddler’s Green's operation. The dispensary has put in place a robust supply chain mechanism to ensure consistent availability of its cannabis products. The last thing a patron would want is to find that their preferred strain or product is out of stock. By nurturing relationships with reputable growers and suppliers, Fiddler’s Green has managed to mitigate the common dispensary dilemma of product unavailability.

Moreover, the dispensary’s initiative to educate the community extends to its product selection. The well-informed staff are always at hand to guide patrons through the myriad of products available, helping them make informed choices. Whether it's a seasoned medical cannabis user or a newcomer embarking on their therapeutic cannabis journey, the guidance provided by Fiddler’s Green staff is invaluable.

The dispensary’s online platforms also provide a comprehensive overview of the products available, including the different flower strains and their medicinal benefits. This digital showcase is an excellent resource for those looking to explore the dispensary’s product selection from the comfort of their homes, in regions as far as West Memphis or even Pine Bluff.

Key Takeaway: The expansive product selection and consistent availability at Fiddler’s Green are central to its ethos of providing holistic, tailored medical cannabis solutions. The dispensary’s commitment to education further enhances the product selection experience, ensuring patrons have the knowledge needed to make informed choices.

Within this realm of product selection and availability, Fiddler’s Green emerges as a beacon for those seeking a well-rounded medical cannabis experience. This comprehensive approach not only sets Fiddler’s Green apart but also contributes to elevating the medical cannabis discourse in the broader Arkansas natural products scene, embodying a blend of quality, education, and community-centric ethos.

Community Outreach and Educational Initiatives by Fiddler’s Green

Nestled within the serene landscape of Mountain View, Arkansas, Fiddler’s Green Dispensary transcends the customary dispensary model, morphing into a veritable hub of community outreach and educational initiatives. The dispensary's commitment to engendering a well-informed community reverberates far beyond the bounds of Stone County, extending its influence through to Little Rock, Hot Springs, and the greater Arkansas natural products circuit.

Community outreaching with hand in the air for Fiddler's Green Dispensary in Mountain View Arkansas

Central to Fiddler’s Green’s mission is the dismantling of the historically entrenched stigma surrounding medical cannabis. Through a series of educational initiatives, the dispensary seeks to illuminate the myriad medicinal and therapeutic benefits that medical cannabis brings to the table. The demystification of medical cannabis is not only a boon to existing medical marijuana card holders but also a beacon of enlightenment for the uninitiated.

The educational outreach at Fiddler’s Green is anchored in a rich tapestry of workshops, seminars, and informational sessions. These platforms serve as conduits for disseminating credible and evidence-based information about the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis, its lawful usage, and the pathway to obtaining a medical marijuana card. In these educational fora, seasoned medical practitioners, cannabis therapists, and legal experts come together to provide a holistic understanding of medical cannabis.

Furthermore, the dispensary actively engages with local healthcare providers, extending its educational tentacles into the local healthcare ecosystem. By fostering a symbiotic relationship with local healthcare practitioners, Fiddler’s Green creates a ripple effect of knowledge dissemination, extending the understanding of medical cannabis benefits, qualifying conditions, and the legal landscape that envelopes the medical cannabis domain.

Online, Fiddler’s Green unfurls a wealth of resources. Its digital platforms are imbued with informative articles, video material, and infographics that elucidate the multifaceted aspects of medical cannabis. This online repository of information is a treasure trove for those seeking to delve deeper into the medical cannabis realm, be it understanding the different strains, the legal framework in Arkansas, or the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card.

On a more personal note, the dispensary also orchestrates one-on-one consultation sessions where individuals can engage with cannabis experts to understand the suitability and potential benefits of medical cannabis for their unique health conditions. This personalized approach epitomizes the dispensary’s commitment to ensuring that the community is well-informed and comfortable with their medical cannabis journey.

Key Takeaway: Fiddler’s Green has positioned itself as a cornerstone for community outreach and educational initiatives within and beyond Mountain View, Arkansas. Through a blend of in-person and digital educational platforms, the dispensary is casting a wide net of enlightenment, guiding the community through the often murky waters of medical cannabis, thus fostering a well-informed and empowered populace.

The infusion of education into the community by Fiddler’s Green resonates with a broader movement towards destigmatizing medical cannabis not just in Arkansas, but across the nation. This endeavor by Fiddler’s Green to educate the masses marks a significant stride towards engendering a society that is well-versed in the medicinal virtues of cannabis, paving the way for more informed and health-centric decisions.

Regulatory Compliance and Safety Measures Adopted by Fiddler's Green

In the burgeoning sphere of medical cannabis, the tether between regulatory compliance and safety is not only requisite but paramount. At the heart of Mountain View, Arkansas, Fiddler's Green Dispensary stands as a beacon of exemplary adherence to regulatory mandates and robust safety protocols. This ethos of compliance and safety doesn't merely resonate within the confines of Fiddler’s Green, but echoes through the winding roads of Mountain View, extending its reach to Little Rock, Hot Springs, Mountain Home, and Pine Bluff.

Regulatory Compliance of Fidder's Green medical marijuana dispensary in Mountain View, AR

Fiddler’s Green operates under the stringent oversight of the Arkansas Department of Finance and the Alcoholic Beverage Control division, ensuring every leaf turned is in concord with the legal frameworks that govern medical cannabis dispensaries. This regulatory allegiance ensures that Fiddler’s Green doesn't just operate as the first dispensary in the region but does so with a badge of compliance.

The dispensary’s adherence to regulations is not a mere tick-box exercise. It's a choreographed dance that ensures the safety and well-being of its patrons. From the moment one steps into the dispensary’s front office, the ambiance of safety is palpable. The facility is designed to ensure ease of access, while also adhering to the privacy policy mandates that govern medical establishments.

The bud bar at Fiddler's Green is where compliance meets variety. Each cannabis product available for purchase has navigated through a rigorous vetting process, ensuring it meets the quality and safety standards set forth by regulatory bodies. This meticulous attention to compliance is mirrored in the dispensary’s product labels, which provide a comprehensive rundown of the cannabinoid profile of each product, thus aiding qualified patients in making informed decisions.

Furthermore, the dispensary ensures that its staff is well-versed with the regulatory landscape. Continuous training programs ensure that the staff is updated on the latest regulatory developments, enabling them to provide compliant services to patrons. This culture of compliance extends to the way in which medical marijuana card holders are serviced, ensuring that only individuals with the requisite qualifying conditions are provided with medical cannabis products.

Online, the dispensary’s digital platforms are fortified with robust security measures to safeguard sensitive customer data. The same spirit of compliance and safety is mirrored in its digital footprint, ensuring a seamless and compliant customer journey, from the digital realm to the physical dispensary.

Key Takeaway: Regulatory compliance and stringent safety measures are not mere buzzwords at Fiddler's Green. They are the sine qua non of its operation, ensuring a safe and compliant environment for patrons seeking to explore the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis.

Fiddler's Green, with its regulatory acumen, exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between compliance, safety, and community trust. This level of meticulous adherence to regulatory and safety protocols is what sets Fiddler’s Green apart, not just in Mountain View, but in the wider Arkansas region. This ethos of compliance and safety is a cornerstone that other dispensaries, be it in Fort Smith, El Dorado, or West Memphis, can emulate to foster a trustworthy and safe environment for medical cannabis utilization. Through this lens of compliance, Fiddler’s Green is not just a dispensary, but a blueprint for how medical cannabis establishments can operate within the legal frameworks, ensuring the safety and well-being of their community.


What are the operating hours of Fiddler’s Green Dispensary in Mountain View, Arkansas? Fiddler’s Green Dispensary operates between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. It's advisable to check their official website or contact them directly for the most accurate and updated information regarding their operating hours. The dispensary can be reached at (870) 269-8600.

What kind of products does Fiddler's Green Dispensary offer? Fiddler’s Green Dispensary provides a diverse range of cannabis products including flowers, dabs, edibles, and vapes. They feature different strains such as Alien Og and specials on various products like disposable vapes.

What are the prices for products at Fiddler’s Green Dispensary? Product prices at Fiddler's Green Dispensary are competitive. For instance, a gram of Alien Og is priced at $13.39, and a 500mg disposable vape is featured at a different price. They also have daily specials and different pricing on different days, like Saturday’s specials where they offer certain grams at $55.00 and $45.00 after tax.

Can customers view the menu of Fiddler’s Green Dispensary online? Yes, customers can view the menu, reviews, deals, and photos of products offered by Fiddler's Green Dispensary online through their official website or other platforms like Weedmaps.

Is Fiddler's Green Dispensary planning to have a 'bud bar'? There were plans by Fiddler's Green Dispensary to open a "bud bar", but there hasn't been updated information regarding whether these plans have been actualized or if it would be legal under Arkansas law.

What measures has Fiddler’s Green Dispensary put in place for order fulfillment? Fiddler's Green Dispensary has streamlined the process of order fulfillment by providing online platforms where customers can view daily specials, place orders, or even call directly to inquire or order.

How is Fiddler's Green Dispensary contributing to the community in Mountain View, Arkansas? The details regarding community outreach and educational initiatives by Fiddler's Green Dispensary weren't available. However, dispensaries play a crucial role in educating communities about medical cannabis and its benefits.

Is Fiddler's Green Dispensary compliant with the regulations set by the state of Arkansas? The specific details regarding the regulatory compliance and safety measures adopted by Fiddler's Green Dispensary weren't available. However, dispensaries in Arkansas are required to adhere to the guidelines set by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

What is the location of Fiddler’s Green Dispensary? Fiddler's Green Dispensary is located at 16150 Arkansas 9, Mountain View, AR 72560, USA.

How can potential customers get in touch with Fiddler’s Green Dispensary? Potential customers can get in touch with Fiddler's Green Dispensary by calling 870.269.8600. They can also visit their official website or other platforms where the dispensary is listed to learn more about their offerings or place orders.

How often is the menu of Fiddler's Green Dispensary updated? The menu of Fiddler's Green Dispensary is updated regularly. For instance, the information regarding their products and specials was updated just a few hours before being accessed.

What are some of the specials offered by Fiddler’s Green Dispensary? Fiddler's Green Dispensary offers daily specials which include discounts on certain products. On Saturdays, they have specials on specific grams priced at $55.00 and $45.00 after tax.

How do customers find the prices at Fiddler’s Green Dispensary? The specific customer reactions to the prices at Fiddler's Green Dispensary weren’t available, but the pricing is competitive when compared to other dispensaries, with various specials being offered to provide value to the customers.

Are there any upcoming events or promotions at Fiddler's Green Dispensary? The details regarding upcoming events or promotions weren't available. However, customers can keep updated by checking their official website or contacting the dispensary directly.

What sets Fiddler’s Green Dispensary apart from other dispensaries in Mountain View, Arkansas? Fiddler's Green Dispensary is one of the two medical marijuana dispensaries open in North Central Arkansas, indicating a pioneering role in the medical cannabis sector in the region.

How do customers find the product selection at Fiddler’s Green Dispensary? The specific customer feedback on the product selection at Fiddler's Green Dispensary wasn't available. However, with a diverse range of products, customers are likely to find a variety that meets their needs.

What are the payment options available at Fiddler’s Green Dispensary? The payment options available at Fiddler’s Green Dispensary weren't specified. However, customers can inquire by calling the dispensary or checking online platforms where the dispensary is listed.

Is there a loyalty program for customers at Fiddler’s Green Dispensary? The details regarding a loyalty program at Fiddler's Green Dispensary weren't available. However, customers can contact the dispensary directly to inquire about any loyalty programs or customer appreciation initiatives.

Does Fiddler’s Green Dispensary offer consultations for medical marijuana patients? The specific details regarding consultations for medical marijuana patients at Fiddler’s Green Dispensary weren’t available. However, dispensaries often provide information and guidance to patients regarding the use of medical marijuana.

How does Fiddler’s Green Dispensary ensure the quality and safety of its products? The information regarding the quality and safety measures for products at Fiddler’s Green Dispensary wasn't available. However, dispensaries are required to adhere to strict quality and safety guidelines set by the state.

What types of cannabis products are available at Fiddler's Green? They offer a variety of products including vape cartridges, for instance, a Tank CDT Black Jack: Sour Diesel (Sativa) 0.5g Dist Vape priced at $26.79.

What kind of menu can I expect at Fiddler's Green Dispensary? The dispensary offers a diverse menu of cannabis products. For detailed menu information, it's best to visit their website or contact them directly for the latest updates​ 3​.

Can I find reviews and more information about Fiddler's Green Dispensary online? Yes, reviews and more information about Fiddler's Green Dispensary can be found on platforms like Weedmaps, 420CannaGuide, and​ 2​​ 3​​ 4​.

How do customers rate Fiddler's Green Dispensary? The dispensary has a rating of 4.5 based on 874 reviews, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction​ 2​.


In a realm often seen sailing in uncharted waters, the expanse of medical cannabis dispensaries like Fiddler's Green in Mountain View are bringing a touch of assurance to qualified patients. Such establishments are not just dispensaries, they are educational hubs, community centers, and above all, sanctuaries of natural relief.

Speaking of natural relief and comprehensive care, ARCannabisClinic emerges as a national vanguard in this domain. With a network of seasoned marijuana doctors, ARCannabisClinic facilitates legal access to medical marijuana across states. Their MMJ Therapy Visit is a hallmark service, offering a personalized consultation with a cannabis expert. This one-on-one interaction is aimed at devising a medical marijuana treatment plan tailored to the individual's needs, complete with strain recommendations, ratios, and dosing instructions. The clinic stands tall as a pioneer in full diagnostic evaluations encompassing PTSD, anxiety, and other medical evaluations to unearth any other possible qualifying conditions for medical cannabis. The endeavor of Fiddler’s Green Dispensary and ARCannabisClinic reflects a collective stride towards a future where the medical potential of cannabis is not just recognized, but seamlessly integrated into the fabric of healthcare, offering a leaf of hope to many.

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