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Can You Have a Medical Marijuana Card and a Gun at the Same Time in Arkansas?

Can medical marijuana patients in Arkansas exercise their right to gun ownership? This blog delves into the layers of federal law and state legislation that entangle medical marijuana users with the realm of gun ownership. Discover the interplay between state freedoms and federal government restrictions, all within the framework of Arkansas's unique position.

a hand gun and with a magazine and Can You Have a Medical Marijuana Card and a Gun at the Same Time in Arkansas?

Table of Contents:

Legal Conflict Between State and Federal Laws for Medical Marijuana Patients and Gun Ownership in Arkansas

The conflict between state and federal laws on the issue of medical marijuana patients possessing firearms in Arkansas is a prime example of the broader national legal conundrum. At the state level, medical marijuana is legal in Arkansas, and the state has laws allowing medical marijuana patients to apply for concealed carry licenses. Yet, federal law remains unyielding, classifying marijuana as a Schedule I substance with no recognized medical use and prohibiting "unlawful users" of controlled substances, which include state-legal medical marijuana users, from owning firearms.

The ATF has issued clear guidance to federal firearms dealers that those using marijuana for medical purposes are still deemed "unlawful users," barred from possessing firearms or ammunition. This federal stance has been upheld by court decisions such as Wilson v. Lynch, where the Ninth Circuit applied intermediate scrutiny to reject a medical marijuana patient's challenge to this restriction.

However, there are cases being presented in court that challenge this federal prohibition. For example, in Florida, the case Fried v. Garland is arguing that the federal "unlawful user" prohibition violates the Second Amendment and interferes with the implementation of Florida's medical marijuana program. The U.S. Department of Justice has countered these challenges by emphasizing the "wide-ranging consequences" of overturning the ban, arguing that such a ruling would not only affect medical marijuana users but could also prevent the government from imposing firearms bans on users of any controlled substance.

At the crux of the debate is the historical context of the Second Amendment, with plaintiffs arguing that there's no historical basis to justify barring state-registered medical marijuana patients from possessing guns, whereas the DOJ draws parallels to historical restrictions on firearm possession by those intoxicated from alcohol.

As it stands, the legal landscape is a patchwork of conflicting state and federal statutes, leaving medical marijuana patients in a precarious position when it comes to their Second Amendment rights. Until there's a resolution in the courts or a change in federal law, medical marijuana patients will have to weigh the legal risks carefully. Those concerned about how this might affect them should seek professional legal advice.

For those navigating the complexities of medical marijuana use in Arkansas and considering the implications for gun ownership, ARCannabisClinic's state-by-state guide can provide valuable information. Additionally, the clinic offers personalized MMJ Therapy Visits to assist patients with treatment plans that include strain selection and dosing instructions, acknowledging the importance of staying informed and compliant with the laws as they evolve.

Key Takeaway: While Arkansas laws provide a path for medical marijuana patients to obtain concealed carry licenses, federal law imposes a blanket ban on firearm possession by any user of controlled substances, including medical marijuana. This federal restriction stands as a significant barrier for medical marijuana patients asserting their Second Amendment rights, and ongoing legal challenges are yet to yield a decisive outcome.

For more information on this complex issue, you can visit the Marijuana Moment, which provide insights into the ongoing legal discussions and court cases.

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The Specifics of Federal Law on Firearm Ownership for Medical Marijuana Users

The specifics of federal law on firearm ownership for medical marijuana users are quite straightforward and yet controversial due to their implications. Under the Gun Control Act, marijuana, classified as a Schedule I controlled substance at the federal level, places medical marijuana cardholders into the category of “unlawful users.” This federal classification restricts their gun rights and prevents them from legally purchasing firearms from federally licensed dealers. The form required for gun purchases, Form 4473, explicitly asks if the purchaser is an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or other controlled substances, highlighting the federal stance that cannabis use is incompatible with responsible gun ownership.

Despite the clear language of the Gun Control Act, its enforcement becomes complex due to varying state attitudes toward cannabis and its legality. For instance, while federal firearm dealers are prohibited from selling firearms to medical marijuana patients, this does not prevent patients from purchasing firearms through private sales, which are not regulated federally. This legal dichotomy creates a challenging situation for medical marijuana users who are also seeking to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

The Justice Department has defended the federal ban by comparing cannabis consumers to groups like "the mentally ill," arguing that such individuals are more likely to have difficulty exercising self-control, making it dangerous for them to possess firearms. However, the blanket application of this ban to all cannabis consumers is contentious and has been challenged in various court cases, including one in Florida, where plaintiffs argue that the federal "unlawful user" prohibition violates the Second Amendment.

As the legal landscape currently stands, medical marijuana users must navigate this complex interplay between state freedoms and federal restrictions. Those concerned about how federal law might affect their right to gun ownership should consider seeking professional legal advice to understand the risks and navigate the complexities of the current legal framework.

For a comprehensive understanding of the impact of medical marijuana cards on gun ownership rights and the nuances of the federal and state laws that govern them, it's essential to consult various resources, including legal guides and current legal challenges in the courts.

For those in Arkansas, ARCannabisClinic provides resources and assistance regarding medical marijuana cards and related legal considerations.

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Impact of Arkansas' Legislation on Medical Marijuana Users and Gun Rights

Arkansas has taken a significant step in addressing the legal complexities faced by medical marijuana patients with respect to gun ownership. A new law enacted in the state underscores that the status of an individual as a qualified medical cannabis patient cannot be used as a criterion to determine their eligibility for a concealed carry license for firearms. This development came into effect in August 2023, after being signed by the governor earlier in April following strong support in the legislature​​​​.

The law is specific to concealed carry licenses and amends state statutes to clarify that participation in the medical marijuana program does not define a person as a chronic or habitual user of controlled substances. This is crucial because such a designation could otherwise disqualify someone from obtaining a concealed carry permit. Moreover, the Arkansas Department of Health is now prohibited from disclosing an individual's patient status to the state police in any investigation related to concealed carry eligibility​​​​.

This legislative move is particularly noteworthy as it aligns with a broader trend where states are considering or enacting laws to protect the rights of medical marijuana users, especially where gun ownership is concerned. It provides a degree of clarity and protection for medical marijuana patients who also value their Second Amendment rights, allowing them to legally carry concealed handguns despite their patient status. Importantly, this law offers protections when traveling to other states and during police encounters, which is a practical concern for many gun owners​​​​.

However, it's essential to note that while Arkansas has made strides at the state level, federal law still presents challenges. Federally, marijuana remains a controlled substance, and users are generally prohibited from owning firearms. This means that, despite state laws, individuals could potentially face federal consequences for possessing firearms if they are also medical marijuana users. As such, individuals should remain informed about both state and federal laws and how they intersect.

For more detailed information on how to navigate these laws and for assistance related to medical marijuana in Arkansas, resources such as ARCannabisClinic can be helpful. They provide services like helping individuals apply for a medical marijuana card and renew it, ensuring legal access to medical marijuana, and staying compliant with the evolving legal landscape.

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Public Opinion and Cultural Context of Gun Ownership in Arkansas

Public opinion and cultural context of gun ownership in Arkansas present a complex and deeply rooted landscape influenced by history, culture, and current legislative trends. Gun ownership in Arkansas is a cultural mainstay, with a significant percentage of the adult population owning firearms, largely due to the state's rich hunting heritage and the rural lifestyle that values self-sufficiency and personal freedom. This is reflected in Arkansas's high ranking in terms of gun ownership, with reports indicating that 57.9% of adults in the state own guns​​.

The historical context of gun safety in Arkansas suggests that there has been a long-standing recognition of the need for reasonable regulation of gun ownership, even among those who support gun rights. Earlier legal opinions in the state have acknowledged that while the right to bear arms is fundamental, it is not immune to legal regulation, particularly when considering the collective safety of the community​​.

Contemporary polls reveal a nuanced perspective among Arkansans regarding gun laws. A majority express commitment to maintaining gun freedoms, but on specific policy questions, opinions are more varied. For example, while there's significant support for concealed carry laws potentially making society safer, the support is not as strong for open carry laws. When it comes to prioritizing rights, a majority lean towards protecting the right to own guns over protecting citizens from gun violence, but there is notable geographical and demographic diversity in these opinions. Central Arkansas and Northwest Arkansas show more support for enhanced gun laws, and there's a clear divide based on racial lines, with differing priorities between protecting gun rights and addressing gun violence​​.

The state's legislative actions reflect these cultural attitudes, with recent laws being passed to protect the gun rights of medical marijuana patients, reinforcing Arkansas's commitment to gun ownership rights while also addressing the evolving legal status of marijuana use. This legal advancement allows qualified patients to obtain concealed carry licenses, reflecting a significant shift towards reconciling gun rights with medical marijuana usage​​​​.

In summary, the public opinion and cultural context of gun ownership in Arkansas are characterized by a strong tradition of gun rights, a historically informed approach to regulation, and a contemporary legislative environment that seeks to balance individual freedoms with collective safety concerns. The state's actions show an effort to align its laws with changing societal norms and federal legislation, illustrating the dynamic nature of gun policy debates in the U.S.

Key Takeaway: While Arkansas upholds a strong tradition of gun ownership rooted in its culture and lifestyle, the state also demonstrates a willingness to adapt its laws to address modern societal issues, such as medical marijuana use, within the context of gun rights.

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Can you have a medical marijuana card and a gun at the same time in Arkansas? Yes, Arkansas state law allows medical marijuana patients to apply for and obtain a concealed carry license. The Arkansas Department of Health cannot disclose patient status to state police in the context of concealed carry eligibility.

Does federal law impact the rights of medical marijuana patients to own guns in Arkansas? Yes, under federal law, the use of marijuana disqualifies an individual from legally owning firearms as marijuana remains a controlled substance at the federal level, regardless of state laws.

Are Arkansas gun dealers required to follow federal law regarding medical marijuana users? Yes, gun dealers in Arkansas, like all federally licensed dealers, must comply with federal law, which includes not selling firearms to individuals who use controlled substances, including medical marijuana.

What should medical marijuana cardholders in Arkansas consider before purchasing a firearm? They should consider the potential legal implications at the federal level, as federal law prohibits drug users from owning firearms, and medical marijuana users are classified under this category.

Is there a conflict between federal and Arkansas state laws regarding gun ownership for medical marijuana users? Yes, while state law may permit medical marijuana users to own guns, federal law prohibits firearm possession by those who use controlled substances, creating a legal conflict.

Can medical marijuana cardholders in Arkansas get a concealed carry license? Yes, Arkansas law specifically protects the rights of medical marijuana patients to obtain a concealed carry license.

Will the Arkansas Department of Health disclose medical marijuana status to law enforcement during gun purchase background checks? No, state law prevents the Arkansas Department of Health from disclosing this information to law enforcement for the purpose of background checks for concealed carry licenses.

Do federal background checks for firearm purchases ask about controlled substance use? Yes, the ATF Form 4473 for firearm purchases asks if the buyer is an unlawful user of, or addicted to, controlled substances, including marijuana.

Can Arkansas medical marijuana patients face legal trouble for owning guns? Yes, if federal law is enforced, as it prohibits firearm possession by individuals who use controlled substances, including state-legal medical marijuana.

How does the Arkansas medical marijuana amendment impact gun ownership rights? The amendment provides that being a qualified medical cannabis patient cannot be used to deny a concealed carry license, aligning state law with protections for medical marijuana users' gun rights.

What are the Second Amendment rights of medical cannabis patients in Arkansas? While state laws protect the rights of medical cannabis patients, their Second Amendment rights may still be challenged under federal law due to the federal classification of marijuana as a controlled substance.

How does the Gun Control Act affect medical marijuana card holders in Arkansas? The federal Gun Control Act may supersede state protections, potentially disqualifying medical marijuana cardholders from owning firearms due to their status as controlled substance users.

What do Arkansas voters say about gun ownership for medical marijuana users? Public opinion varies, but recent legislative actions suggest a supportive trend in Arkansas towards protecting the gun rights of medical marijuana users.

Can law enforcement in Arkansas use a person’s medical cannabis status as reasonable cause for gun license denial? No, Arkansas law prohibits using one's status as a medical marijuana patient as a reason to deny a concealed carry license.

What should medical marijuana patients in Arkansas do if they seek legal advice about gun ownership? They should consult with an attorney familiar with both federal and state laws regarding firearms and controlled substances to understand their rights and risks.

Does the federal government's position affect the rights of Arkansas residents to own guns for recreational purposes? Yes, the federal stance on controlled substances, including marijuana, can impact the rights of individuals wishing to own guns, even for recreational purposes.

How do federal regulations impact concealed handgun licenses for Arkansas medical marijuana card holders? While state law allows medical marijuana users to hold a concealed handgun license, federal regulations can complicate this due to the federal prohibition on firearm possession by drug users.

Are there interactive maps or tools that help explain the legal states for both medical marijuana and gun ownership? Yes, there are resources available online that provide information on the legality of medical marijuana and gun ownership across different states.

What should Arkansans expect during the legislative session concerning medical marijuana and gun laws? Changes and discussions may arise, and it's important to stay informed on any legislative developments that could affect the rights of medical marijuana users in the state.

How does the Arkansas state law reconcile medical use of cannabis with gun ownership rights? The state law aims to protect the rights of medical cannabis patients, indicating a move towards reconciling medical use with the right to bear arms within the state's legal framework.

Can medical marijuana patients in Arkansas legally purchase guns from private sellers? Yes, Arkansas law does not prevent medical marijuana patients from purchasing firearms from private sellers, but federal restrictions still apply.

Does possessing a medical card affect the ability to carry firearms in public places in Arkansas? No, having a medical marijuana card does not affect the ability to carry firearms in public places under Arkansas law, but federal restrictions could influence this.

Are Arkansas concealed carry licenses for medical marijuana patients recognized by other states? It depends on the state. Some states have reciprocity agreements with Arkansas, but medical marijuana use could affect this recognition due to federal laws.

What should medical marijuana cardholders in Arkansas do if denied a gun purchase? They should seek legal advice to understand the specific reasons for the denial and to explore their legal options, considering both state and federal laws.

How does the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives view medical marijuana use and gun ownership? The ATF considers medical marijuana use as drug use that disqualifies an individual from passing a federal background check for firearm ownership.

Can medical marijuana certification in Arkansas protect against federal prosecution for gun ownership? No, medical marijuana certification at the state level does not offer protection against federal prosecution for gun ownership as federal law supersedes state law in this matter.

What is the role of Arkansas state police in regulating gun ownership among medical marijuana users? Arkansas state police follow state laws regarding gun ownership but are also bound by federal laws, which may lead to conflicts due to the differing regulations on medical marijuana.

Does the Arkansas medical marijuana program provide guidance on gun ownership for patients? The program itself does not provide guidance on gun ownership; this topic falls under the jurisdiction of state and federal firearm regulations.

Are medical marijuana users in Little Rock treated differently regarding gun ownership? No, medical marijuana users in Little Rock are subject to the same state laws as all residents of Arkansas, though local enforcement may vary.

What legal states allow both medical marijuana use and gun ownership without conflict? There is currently no state where medical marijuana use and gun ownership are allowed without potential conflict due to federal laws on controlled substances and firearm possession.

Can Arkansas residents with a medical marijuana card apply for a federal firearms transaction record? They can apply, but disclosing medical marijuana use on the federal firearms transaction record form can result in denial due to federal restrictions on drug users owning guns.

Does the Department of Justice provide exemptions for medical cannabis cardholders regarding gun ownership? No, the Department of Justice enforces federal laws which do not provide exemptions for medical cannabis cardholders from regulations on firearm ownership.

What advice do gun sellers in Arkansas give to potential buyers who are medical marijuana patients? Gun sellers are likely to advise medical marijuana patients that purchasing firearms may be illegal under federal law and could result in legal consequences.

How does Arkansas' medical use of cannabis law interact with federal gun license regulations? While Arkansas law allows for medical use of cannabis, federal gun license regulations do not recognize legal cannabis use, creating potential legal conflicts for users.

How has Rep. Aaron Pilkington contributed to the discussion on gun rights for medical marijuana patients in Arkansas? Rep. Aaron Pilkington sponsored the bill that clarified medical marijuana patients can obtain concealed carry licenses in Arkansas, contributing significantly to the conversation on gun rights.

Do medical marijuana patients in Arkansas risk losing their gun rights for using cannabis for medicinal purposes? Under federal law, they risk losing their gun rights as they are classified as unlawful users of a controlled substance, despite state protections.

What kind of legal states maps are available for understanding gun rights and medical marijuana use in Arkansas? There are various interactive maps and resources online that provide information on gun rights and medical marijuana use across different states, including Arkansas.

How has the legal medical cannabis state law in Arkansas influenced the national conversation on gun rights? Arkansas' law has added to the national conversation by highlighting the tension between state-level legalization and federal restrictions on gun rights for cannabis users.

Does the unlawful user of marijuana federal statute affect Arkansans with a medical card looking to own guns? Yes, the federal statute affects all users of marijuana, including those in legal states like Arkansas, in terms of their ability to legally own guns.

Can qualifying patients in Arkansas who use marijuana for medical conditions safely own guns without legal trouble? While state law allows for it, federal law creates a risk of legal trouble for qualifying patients who own guns due to the classification of marijuana as a controlled substance.


Weighing the gun rights of medical marijuana patients against the backdrop of Arkansas laws presents a tapestry of legal and ethical considerations. At ARCannabisClinic, the nation's largest network of marijuana doctors, we stand at the forefront of navigating these complex waters. Our MMJ Therapy Visit provides patients with customized medical marijuana treatment plans, emphasizing the importance of informed, responsible action. As a pioneer in full diagnosis evaluations, including PTSD, anxiety, and uncovering other qualifying conditions, ARCannabisClinic is dedicated to empowering patients with knowledge and legal awareness. Join us in exploring the intricate balance of medical cannabis use and gun ownership in Arkansas, where health and rights intersect.

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