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Arkansas Dispensary Reviews Coming Soon!

As the largest, most trusted medical marijuana clinic in the entire state of Arkansas, our doctors and staff feel an obligation to provide the very best cannabis care to our patients. Our doctors and staff get asked every day questions such as where are the dispensaries, which ones are reputable, which have the best prices, etc. AR Cannabis Clinic is proud to announce that we will be providing in-depth reviews on each of the 32 medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas, as they open, and educating our patients of their many options.

As Arkansas patients (not just our patients) begin the process of choosing the right dispensary to purchase their medicine, AR Cannabis Clinic pledges to be there by their side to help along the way. It bears reminding that none of the doctors, staff, or founders of AR Cannabis Clinic have any financial, nor ownership interest in any of the medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas, so we can offer a truly unbiased source of information. It is not only unethical, but it is illegal for a physician to refer a patient to a pharmacy/dispensary/medical facility the doctor has a financial interest in. This includes arrangements where a doctor is employed by--directly or indirectly--a dispensary. AR Cannabis clinic will be sure to warn our patients of any unethical or shady conduct in the industry as we discover it, in order to protect our patients and the public.

At Arkansas Cannabis Clinic, our commitment to service extends past the appointment day. We care about what happens to our patients after they get their Arkansas marijuana ID card in the mail. We work too hard and care too much to provide 5 star service just to see our patients go to a 1 star dispensary, have a terrible experience, or even be harmed. These reviews are coming soon so stay tuned for updates.

If you feel you may have a qualifying condition and would like to have a no-risk consultation with a marijuana doctor, visit AR Cannabis Clinic at or call 888-454-2111. Our in-house medical documentation specialists are ready to answer your call and guide you through the entire process. We are open 6 days a week and walk-ins are welcome. We look forward to serving you!

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