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NEW! Get PTSD Diagnosis at ARCC!

AR Cannabis Clinic is proud to offer no-risk PTSD evaluations with our group of Arkansas licensed physicians for only $100, which is the lowest in the industry. If you don't have a qualifying condition or if you have PTSD and don't want to wait for records, this is the service for you. PTSD diagnosis by a physician (MD) is more official than a diagnosis by a counselor or therapist. ARCC offers SAME DAY SERVICE for PTSD evaluations to make your marijuana certification complete. If you do not qualify for a PTSD diagnosis, you get a full refund of your PTSD consultation fee. To be fully compliant with the law, you will always speak to a different ARCC physician than the physician who signs your marijuana certification so there is no risk to your marijuana card. THIS IS THE FASTEST WAY TO GET RECORDS TO GET A MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD. No more outside referrals and long waits for records to come in. Let AR Cannabis Clinic take care of your diagnosis and certification SAME DAY. Visit

See you soon,

Hannah, Clinic Director



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