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Medical Cannabis: A Boon for Mississippi's Chronic Pain Patients

Chronic pain is a debilitating condition that affects millions of Americans each year, hindering their quality of life. For Mississippi residents dealing with this often-unseen ailment, the medical use of cannabis offers a new, promising solution.

The Journey to Legalization: Mississippi's Medical Cannabis Program

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The road to legalization in Mississippi has been one of ups and downs. Mississippi voters initially passed Initiative 65 in November 2020, supporting the use of medical marijuana. However, in a twist of events, the state Supreme Court overturned this decision in May 2021. Unyielding, the Mississippi Legislature pressed on and passed Senate Bill 2765, also known as the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act. Eventually, this bill received the final approval from Gov. Tate Reeves, marking a significant shift in Mississippi's medical marijuana law.

The Mississippi Department of Health, the designated state agency for this cause, will oversee the administration of the medical cannabis program. From establishing the application process for a patient's medical cannabis card application to managing public records such as licenses of medical cannabis establishments, the Health Department plays a crucial role in making medical cannabis accessible to patients.

The Path to Becoming a Medical Cannabis Patient

Access to medical marijuana in Mississippi starts with a written certification from a qualified practitioner, who could be a state-licensed doctor or a medical provider registered with the Health Department. This certification will indicate that the patient has a qualifying medical condition, such as chronic pain.

Once the patient receives the written certification, they can apply for their medical marijuana card through an online portal managed by the Health Department. On successful completion of the application process, the patient will receive their registry identification card via email.

Medical card holders can then purchase cannabis products from state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. These dispensaries source their products from regulated cannabis cultivation facilities, ensuring a safe and high-quality supply chain. For instance, the indoor growing facility of Mockingbird Cannabis has been lauded for their production of medical-grade cannabis products.

Medical Marijuana: A Game-Changer for Chronic Pain Management

A variety of medical cannabis products available at a licensed Mississippi dispensary

Chronic pain is one of the qualifying medical conditions for the use of medical cannabis in Mississippi. Numerous studies have shown that medical marijuana can effectively manage chronic pain, making it a potent alternative to traditional pain medication.

Medical marijuana treatment involves various cannabis products, which can include topical products, ingestible items, or inhalable forms. The state law sets an allowable amount of medical cannabis for each patient to ensure the responsible use of the program.

Safeguarding Patient Rights and Public Safety

The Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act contains provisions designed to protect medical marijuana patients from adverse employment action. While employers cannot fire, demote, or penalize employees solely because they are legal medical marijuana patients, this protection does not apply if the employee is under the influence at work.

State law also restricts the use of medical marijuana to non-public spaces. Patients cannot use medical marijuana in a public place, a motor vehicle, or near a school. This regulation ensures the safe and respectful use of medical cannabis in society.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Medical Cannabis in Mississippi

Over the coming months, the Mississippi Department of Health will be rolling out the state's medical cannabis program, overseen by the Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association executive director, Ken. Meanwhile, the Mississippi Department of Revenue will collect a 7% sales tax on medical cannabis, treating it like other taxable goods.

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