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Can You Have Medical Marijuana Mailed to You in Virginia?

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Navigating Virginia's medical marijuana landscape can seem complex. With new laws and programs in place, understanding the ins and outs of obtaining a medical marijuana card, utilizing delivery services, and complying with federal law is crucial for medical cannabis patients and providers. This guide breaks down what you need to know about Virginia dispensaries, delivery options, and the legalities involved.

medical marijuana ready to be shipped Can You Have Medical Marijuana Mailed to You in Virginia?

Table of Contents

Medical Marijuana Delivery Services in Virginia

In Virginia, accessing medical marijuana through delivery services is a convenient option for those with a medical marijuana card. While the number of dispensaries is limited, these facilities provide an essential service, ensuring patients can receive their medical cannabis products safely and discretely.

Key Takeaway: The availability of medical marijuana delivery services across Virginia makes it easier for patients to receive their medication without the need for travel, offering relief and convenience right to their doorstep.

Virginia dispensaries like BEYOND / HELLO offer a range of products, from CBD-dominant strains to high-THC options, catering to a variety of medical conditions. With same-day delivery available for orders placed before 5:30 pm, and next-day delivery for all others, the service is efficient and responsive to patient needs​​​​.

If you're a legal guardian or a patient over 21, having a medical marijuana card allows you to utilize these delivery services. It's worth noting that currently, only licensed medical cannabis dispensaries are permitted to provide these delivery services, ensuring that all products meet the state's stringent medical standards​​​​.

For those looking to learn more about qualifying conditions or how to apply for a medical marijuana card in Virginia, ARCannabisClinic is a valuable resource. With an extensive range of services, from a pre-qualification survey to detailed marijuana therapy plans, they guide patients through every step of the process.

If you find yourself contemplating the ease of medical marijuana delivery, consider this:

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Lastly, to find more in-depth information on medical marijuana delivery services, consider exploring the topic further on ARCannabisClinic's website, where they provide updated insights and comprehensive guides on medical cannabis use in Virginia.

Virginia's Medical Marijuana Program and Qualifications

Virginia's Medical Marijuana Program facilitates access to cannabis for therapeutic use. Patients or their legal guardians can possess medical cannabis with a valid written certification from a registered healthcare provider, like a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner​​.

The program does not specify qualifying conditions, allowing healthcare practitioners to recommend medical cannabis for any condition they find to be debilitating​​. This means a range of conditions from glaucoma to PTSD could potentially be treated with medical marijuana, as long as a medical provider approves​​.

To become part of Virginia’s medical marijuana program, you must first obtain the aforementioned certification and then apply for a medical cannabis card. This card not only validates the holder's legal status to use marijuana but also enables the purchase of cannabis products from licensed dispensaries​​​​. It's important to note that the options for medical marijuana are limited to non-smokable products like oils, capsules, and patches​​.

In 2017, Virginia set up a regulatory framework for the production of medical cannabis by five providers, ensuring that high-quality medical products are available within the state​​.

Key Takeaway: The Virginia Medical Marijuana Program is designed to be flexible and patient-focused, emphasizing accessibility and a variety of medical cannabis products to meet patient needs.

For those looking to delve deeper into the specifics of obtaining a medical marijuana card or learning about the qualifying conditions, ARCannabisClinic is a valuable resource. They provide detailed guidance on the application process and offer personalized marijuana therapy plans.

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To explore more about the benefits and process of getting a medical marijuana card in Virginia, interested readers can find comprehensive information on ARCannabisClinic's dedicated page.

Restrictions on Marijuana Use and Possession in Virginia

Virginia's stance on marijuana use and possession has evolved significantly in recent years. As of June 2023, the state has legalized marijuana for recreational use for adults over the age of 21. This means that individuals within this age group are legally permitted to purchase up to four ounces of cannabis and are also allowed to grow up to four plants per household, with retail sales expected to commence at the beginning of 2024​​.

However, there are clear boundaries set within these laws. It is strictly illegal for anyone under 21 to consume, purchase, or possess marijuana. Additionally, the distribution or sale of marijuana remains prohibited, as is possessing marijuana with the intent to distribute or sell​​. Consuming marijuana in public spaces is also forbidden, regardless of age or possession amount​​.

Regarding possession limits, adults 21 and over are permitted to have up to one ounce of marijuana in public. Having more than this amount, but less than one pound, is considered a civil violation, with fines increasing with the amount possessed. For example, possessing more than four marijuana plants but no more than ten is subject to a civil penalty and potential misdemeanor charges for repeated offenses​​​​.

Key Takeaway: While Virginia has relaxed its laws concerning marijuana, responsible use within the legal guidelines is essential to avoid penalties.

It's crucial for Virginians and visitors to be aware of these restrictions to stay on the right side of the law. For those seeking further information on the legalities of marijuana use in the state, reliable resources such as Virginia State Cannabis offer comprehensive overviews of the Cannabis Control Act and its implications.

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For those who are navigating the medical marijuana landscape, ARCannabisClinic is an excellent resource for learning about qualifying conditions and the process for obtaining a medical marijuana card. Their services ensure that patients can gain legal access to cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

Legal Implications of Mailing Marijuana in the United States

Mailing marijuana, whether for medical or recreational purposes, remains illegal in the United States under federal law. The United States Postal Service (USPS) operates under federal jurisdiction, which classifies marijuana as an illegal substance. This means that it is prohibited to mail cannabis and cannabis products anywhere in the US, irrespective of the legalization status of cannabis in the originating or destination state​​​​.

The legal implications of mailing marijuana are serious. If you mail cannabis and get caught, the USPS will intercept your package, which can lead to arrest and prosecution. Thousands of marijuana parcels are intercepted every year, highlighting the risks involved​​. Penalties for mailing marijuana can be severe, including a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 for amounts less than 50 kilos for those with no prior criminal record​​.

Key Takeaway: Despite varying state laws, the federal prohibition on mailing marijuana is a crucial consideration for anyone contemplating sending cannabis through mail services.

Here's a tweet to encapsulate this caution: "Mailing marijuana remains a federal offense in the U.S., with significant legal risks. Stay informed and avoid costly mistakes." #CannabisLaw #USPS #StayInformed Tweet This

For further insight into the legalities surrounding marijuana, ARCannabisClinic provides resources and guidance. Their state-by-state guide to medical marijuana cards is particularly useful for understanding the complex landscape of cannabis regulations.


Can you have medical marijuana mailed to you in Virginia? No, it is illegal to mail medical marijuana in Virginia, as federal law prohibits the mailing of any cannabis products, even if you possess a valid medical marijuana card.

Is it legal for Virginia dispensaries to deliver medical marijuana? Yes, medical marijuana delivery services are legal in Virginia for patients holding a valid medical marijuana card from a licensed dispensary within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

How can a legal guardian obtain medical marijuana for a patient? A legal guardian must present a government-issued ID and a valid written certification from a registered practitioner to purchase medical cannabis products on behalf of a medical marijuana patient.

What are the business days for medical marijuana dispensaries in Virginia? Most Virginia medical marijuana dispensaries operate during regular business hours, which can vary; checking with the nearest Virginia marijuana dispensary is advised for specific operating hours.

Can recreational marijuana be delivered in Virginia? No, currently only medical marijuana delivery is legal in Virginia, and recreational marijuana cannot be legally delivered to individuals.

What types of medical cannabis products are available in Virginia? Virginia dispensaries offer a variety of medical cannabis products including oils, capsules, lozenges, and topicals with varying mg of THC, catering to patients with different medical conditions and chronic pain.

What is the role of the Virginia Board of Pharmacy regarding medical marijuana? The Virginia Board of Pharmacy oversees the medical marijuana program, including the registration of pharmaceutical processors and dispensaries.

What is required for the application process for a medical marijuana card in Virginia? The application process requires submission of an online application, a valid written certification from a registered practitioner, and payment of an application fee to the Virginia Board of Pharmacy.

Can you possess an ounce of marijuana for personal use in Virginia? Yes, adults aged 21 and over can legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana for personal use in Virginia.

Are there any new laws regarding medical marijuana in Virginia? Yes, Virginia has enacted new laws expanding the medical marijuana program, which include allowing more licensed dispensaries and updating qualifying conditions for patients.

How do you find a registered practitioner for a medical marijuana card in Virginia? Patients can find a registered practitioner through the Virginia Board of Pharmacy or websites like Virginia Norml that list providers authorized to issue a medical marijuana certification.

Are there civil penalties for possessing marijuana without a medical marijuana card in Virginia? Yes, possessing marijuana without a valid medical card can result in civil penalties in Virginia, especially if the amount exceeds personal use limits.

What should you know about weed delivery services in Virginia? Weed delivery services in Virginia are available to patients with a valid medical marijuana card and are regulated to ensure safe and legal access to cannabis.

How does the Commonwealth of Virginia regulate medical marijuana? The Commonwealth of Virginia regulates medical marijuana through the Cannabis Control Authority, which ensures compliance with state laws and medical program regulations.

What is the role of the cannabis control authority in Virginia? The Cannabis Control Authority in Virginia is responsible for overseeing the lawful use, distribution, and production of medical cannabis within the state.

What is Dharma Pharmaceuticals' involvement in Virginia's medical marijuana program? Dharma Pharmaceuticals is one of the pharmaceutical processors in Virginia permitted to grow, extract, dispense, and deliver medical marijuana products to registered patients.

What kind of delta-9 THC products can you get from Virginia dispensaries? Virginia dispensaries provide delta-9 THC products such as tinctures, edibles, and concentrates, but only to patients with a valid medical marijuana license.

How does Virginia's medical marijuana program support patients with chronic pain? Virginia's medical marijuana program allows patients with chronic pain to receive medical cannabis products prescribed by a licensed physician, offering potential relief and management of their condition.

What should you consider before attempting recreational weed use in Virginia? Before considering recreational weed use in Virginia, be aware of state marijuana laws, as recreational cannabis is subject to different regulations than medical use.

Where is the nearest Virginia marijuana dispensary for medical cannabis patients? Medical cannabis patients can locate the nearest Virginia marijuana dispensary by visiting the Virginia Department of Health Professions website or using dispensary finders like those provided by Virginia Norml.

Can a medical marijuana doctor in Virginia prescribe marijuana directly? No, doctors in Virginia do not prescribe marijuana, but they can issue a valid written certification for patients to obtain a medical marijuana card for treatment.

Do patients need to renew their Virginia marijuana card annually? Yes, patients must renew their Virginia marijuana card annually, which involves a consultation with a registered practitioner and potentially updating their medical records.

What are the steps to apply for a medical marijuana card in Virginia? First, obtain a certification from a licensed physician, then complete the online application with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy, and submit the required application fee.

Are vape products available at medical marijuana dispensaries in Virginia? Yes, vape products and vape pens are available at licensed medical marijuana dispensaries for patients with a medical marijuana card in Virginia.

Is it legal to carry an open container of marijuana products in Virginia? No, carrying an open container of marijuana products in public is illegal in Virginia and can result in a civil penalty.

Can out-of-state medical cannabis patients purchase from Virginia dispensaries? No, only registered Virginia medical marijuana cardholders can legally purchase from Virginia dispensaries.

What are the qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card in Virginia? Virginia allows healthcare providers to recommend medical marijuana for any condition they deem debilitating, not limiting to specific qualifying conditions.

How much is the application fee for a medical marijuana card in Virginia? The application fee for a medical marijuana card in Virginia is set by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy and may be subject to change.

Is it legal to use medical marijuana in public places in Virginia? No, the use of medical marijuana in public places in Virginia is prohibited.

Can a nurse practitioner in Virginia provide a valid written certification for medical marijuana? Yes, nurse practitioners in Virginia can provide valid written certifications for medical marijuana if they are registered with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy.

What is the legal age to use recreational marijuana in Virginia? The legal age for recreational marijuana use in Virginia is 21 years or older.

How long does it take to get a medical marijuana card in Virginia after applying? The processing time can vary, but typically it can take from several business days to a few weeks to receive a medical marijuana card after the application is submitted.

Is it possible to grow your own marijuana plants in Virginia for medical use? Yes, it's legal for adults 21 and over to grow up to four marijuana plants per household for personal use in Virginia.

What should you do if you're charged with a marijuana-related offense in Virginia? If charged with a marijuana-related offense, it's advised to consult with a defense attorney experienced in Virginia's marijuana laws.

Does Virginia allow the medical use of cannabis oil? Yes, Virginia allows the use of cannabis oil for medical purposes for patients with a valid medical marijuana card.

Are pharmaceutical processors in Virginia allowed to deliver marijuana directly to patients? Yes, pharmaceutical processors in Virginia are allowed to deliver medical marijuana directly to patients through a delivery service.

How can patients with chronic pain access medical marijuana in Virginia? Patients with chronic pain can access medical marijuana in Virginia by obtaining a medical marijuana card through a certified physician's recommendation.

What information do medical marijuana dispensaries in Virginia require from patients? Dispensaries require a valid medical marijuana card, government-issued ID, and the specific medical cannabis products prescribed by a healthcare provider.

Can Virginia residents use medical marijuana for anxiety and PTSD? Yes, Virginia residents can use medical marijuana for anxiety and PTSD if recommended by a licensed physician and holding a valid medical marijuana card.

What is the maximum amount of marijuana a patient can possess in Virginia? A patient can possess a 90-day supply of medical marijuana as determined by their healthcare provider, not exceeding the limit set by Virginia law.


In conclusion, navigating the medical marijuana landscape requires understanding the nuances of state and federal laws, as well as the intricacies of medical cannabis programs. For those seeking guidance, ARCannabisClinic stands as a beacon, offering comprehensive support for patients to obtain a medical marijuana card. Their MMJ Therapy Visit is an industry-leading service, providing personalized consultations with cannabis experts who assist with medical marijuana treatment plans, including strains, ratios, and dosing instructions. As pioneers in full diagnosis evaluations, ARCannabisClinic is committed to assisting patients with PTSD, anxiety, and other qualifying conditions, ensuring they receive the utmost care and proper diagnosis to improve their quality of life through medical cannabis.

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