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Can Any Doctor in Arkansas Prescribe Medical Marijuanas?

When it comes to obtaining medical marijuana in Arkansas, it all starts with the right certification. But can any doctor in Arkansas prescribe it? This blog unpacks the criteria and process, making the journey to a medical marijuana card clearer for Arkansas residents.

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Table of Contents

Eligibility Criteria for Doctors to Certify for Medical Marijuana in Arkansas

When it comes to certifying patients for medical marijuana in the State of Arkansas, doctors must adhere to specific eligibility criteria. A licensed physician must have a valid DEA number, be in good standing to practice medicine in Arkansas, and have a legitimate physician-patient relationship with the person they are certifying. This ensures that the certification for medical cannabis is relevant to the patient's health conditions and part of a comprehensive medical treatment plan.

Physicians must conduct a thorough review of the patient's medical history and current medical conditions. This could involve looking into the patient's chronic pain history, verifying their status as Arkansas residents, and ensuring all medical records accurately reflect the qualifying medical conditions. The physician certification is a critical first step in the application process for obtaining a medical cannabis card, which allows access to state-licensed dispensaries.

Patients seeking certification must also provide proof of residency, and in some cases, a legal guardian or designated caregiver may be involved in the application process, especially for minor patients or those with conditions like severe arthritis or Alzheimer’s disease. The entire process is governed by the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment and federal law, requiring a careful balance between state legislation and national regulations.

For further details on how to get certified for medical marijuana, including conditions that qualify, visit this comprehensive guide.

Key Takeaway: The certification form is just the start; it opens the door to better health through medical marijuana treatment options, all within the legal framework of Arkansas.

"Arkansas doctors have a pivotal role in medical cannabis access, ensuring patients meet all medical conditions for a green future." #MedicalMarijuana #ArkansasHealth Tweet This
For more detailed eligibility requirements, learn about the certification process here.

Patient Responsibility in Finding a Certifying Physician in Arkansas

In Arkansas, patients carry the primary responsibility for identifying a certified medical marijuana doctor who can evaluate their health conditions and determine if they qualify for medical marijuana treatment. The journey begins with the patient's initiative – understanding their medical conditions and ensuring they align with the qualifying conditions defined by the state's medical marijuana program.

Patients should gather their medical records as evidence of their qualifying medical condition, often involving a comprehensive collection of health history, treatment plans, and medical documentation. With these documents, they can demonstrate a legitimate need for medical cannabis certifications to a potential certifying physician.

Finding a licensed physician in Arkansas who is registered to certify for medical marijuana involves research. Patients can start by reviewing a list of certified doctors provided by the Arkansas Department of Health or exploring online platforms that connect patients with licensed medical marijuana doctors. A useful resource for this is the Arkansas State Medical Board's website, where patients can verify the licensure and credentials of physicians.

It's essential for patients to verify that the doctor they choose has the authority to certify them for a medical cannabis card. The certification process involves a detailed evaluation by the physician, which may include an in-person visit or telemedicine appointments, depending on state laws and regulations.

Once patients have secured their physician certification, they can move forward with the application process, which might include an application fee and submission of required forms to the Arkansas Department of Health. Patients must act swiftly as the physician certification has a limited validity period.

Key Takeaway: Patients must proactively seek a qualified physician, gather relevant medical records, and navigate the certification process within the legal framework of Arkansas for medical marijuana use.

For more information on the application process and to ensure a smooth experience, patients can consult ARCannabisClinic's step-by-step guide.

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Explore more about your role in the medical marijuana certification process at ARCannabisClinic.

Voluntary Physician Participation in Medical Marijuana Certification in Arkansas

In Arkansas, physician participation in medical marijuana certification is entirely voluntary. Doctors who choose to participate must willingly complete a physician certification form for patients seeking medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries. This certification attests to the physician's assessment that the patient has a qualifying condition for medical cannabis use​​.

The 2021 legislative changes have expanded access through telehealth, allowing physicians to provide medical marijuana certification via telemedicine. This is particularly beneficial for patients who may have mobility issues or live in remote areas​​.

It is crucial for patients to understand that not all physicians will participate in the medical marijuana program. Therefore, they must seek out doctors who have opted into the program and are willing to perform the necessary patient assessments and provide written certification. This certification must be current, typically within 30 days of the patient's application for a medical marijuana card​​.

When seeking a physician's certification, patients should ensure that their chosen physician is licensed in Arkansas and registered with the DEA, as these are prerequisites for a doctor to issue medical marijuana certifications​​.

Many clinics and physicians who support medical cannabis therapy emphasize the empowerment that comes with this alternative treatment option. They focus on providing comprehensive guidance through the certification process, advocating for cannabis as a means to achieve natural relief and a better quality of life​​.

Key Takeaway: The voluntary role of physicians in the medical marijuana certification process is a significant step that enables qualified patients in Arkansas to access medical cannabis as part of their health regimen.

Here's a statement that encapsulates the collaborative spirit of the process:

"Arkansas physicians who certify for medical cannabis are not just doctors; they are gatekeepers to a new realm of natural therapy." #MedicalCannabis #ArkansasHealth #NaturalTherapy Tweet This

For more details on finding a certifying physician and understanding the certification process, click here.

Remember to consult with a healthcare provider or a certified medical marijuana doctor to understand how you can navigate the certification process within the legal provisions of Arkansas. For further information on qualifying conditions and how medical marijuana can help with specific ailments, visit ARCannabisClinic.

Validity Period of Physician Certifications for Medical Marijuana in Arkansas

In Arkansas, the validity period for a physician's certification for medical marijuana is a critical aspect that patients must be aware of. The physician certification is a required document for patients applying for a medical marijuana card, which is valid for up to one year from the date it is issued. However, it's important to note that a physician has the discretion to issue a certification for a shorter period if they deem it necessary based on the patient's medical needs​​​​.

Patients should be diligent in renewing their medical marijuana cards, which can be done up to 60 days before the expiration date. Staying within this timeframe is crucial to maintain uninterrupted access to medical marijuana dispensaries across Arkansas​​​​. The renewal process will require a new physician certification, so timely communication with a healthcare provider is essential.

Key Takeaway: Ensuring the validity of your medical marijuana certification is crucial for continuous access to cannabis treatments in Arkansas.

Here's a clear message for the community to keep in mind:

"Arkansas's medical marijuana journey doesn't end with certification; it's a yearly commitment to renew and maintain legal access." #MedicalMarijuana #Arkansas #Renewal Tweet This

For detailed information on how to renew your medical marijuana card and keep up with the latest regulations, check out ARCannabisClinic's renewal guide.

To understand more about the application process and find out how to get started with medical marijuana treatment, visit ARCannabisClinic.


Can any doctor in Arkansas prescribe medical marijuanas? Yes, but the doctor must be an Arkansas-licensed physician with a DEA number, in good standing, and have a bona fide physician-patient relationship with the person they are certifying.

Is there a specific application process for obtaining a medical marijuana card in Arkansas? Yes, patients must submit an application form with a certification from a licensed physician, proof of residency, and an application fee to the Arkansas Department of Health.

Do all medical conditions qualify for medical marijuana treatment in Arkansas? No, only certain qualifying medical conditions as per the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment are eligible for treatment with medical marijuana.

Are telemedicine appointments available for obtaining a physician certification in Arkansas? Yes, telemedicine appointments are available, allowing certified medical marijuana doctors to provide recommendations to qualifying patients remotely.

What is the first step to acquiring a medical cannabis card in Little Rock or other parts of Arkansas? The first step is to obtain a written certification from a certified medical marijuana doctor that you have a qualifying health condition.

How often do I need to renew my Arkansas medical marijuana card? Patients must renew their medical marijuana card annually, ensuring they meet the continuing qualifying conditions and have up-to-date physician certification.

Can minor patients apply for a medical marijuana card in Arkansas? Yes, with parental consent, a minor patient can apply, but they must have a designated caregiver who is responsible for managing the medical marijuana use.

What does the certification process entail for Arkansas residents? The process includes obtaining a physician certification, confirming the patient's medical conditions, completing an application form, and submitting it along with the required fee.

Do medical marijuana patients in Arkansas have legal protection? Yes, patients with a valid medical marijuana card are legally protected under the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act when using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Are there state-licensed dispensaries available to Arkansas medical marijuana patients? Yes, there are state-licensed dispensaries across Arkansas where patients with a medical cannabis card can legally purchase marijuana.

Can a licensed medical marijuana doctor in Arkansas refuse to provide certification? Yes, providing physician certification for medical marijuana is voluntary, and doctors can choose whether or not to participate in the program.

Is a criminal background check required for medical marijuana patients or caregivers in Arkansas? No, a criminal background check is not required for patients, but designated caregivers may undergo a background check as part of the application process.

Can Arkansas medical marijuana cards be used in other states? Not all states recognize Arkansas medical marijuana cards, as medical marijuana laws vary by state. It's essential to check the local laws before traveling.

What medical documentation is required for an Arkansas marijuana card application? Patients need to provide medical records detailing their qualifying condition and a physician certification when applying for a marijuana card.

Do Arkansas voters have any influence over the medical marijuana program? Yes, Arkansas voters passed the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment, thereby establishing the medical marijuana program in the state.

Can visitors to Arkansas apply for a temporary medical marijuana card? Arkansas does not currently offer temporary medical marijuana cards for visitors; only state residents can apply for the card.

Does federal law impact the use of medical marijuana in Arkansas? Yes, while medical marijuana is legal in Arkansas, it remains illegal under federal law, which can affect certain legal protections and activities, such as firearm ownership.

Can I use my Arkansas medical marijuana card in a public place? No, the use of medical marijuana is restricted to private residences, and its use in public places is not allowed under state law.

Are there any compassionate doctors in Arkansas who specialize in medical marijuana treatment? Yes, there are compassionate and certified doctors in Arkansas who specialize in evaluating patients for medical marijuana treatment options.

What should Arkansas medical marijuana patients do if they experience intractable pain or other severe symptoms? Patients experiencing severe symptoms should consult with their licensed medical marijuana doctor to discuss treatment options, which may include adjustments to their medical marijuana use.

Does Arkansas have an official department of health website for medical marijuana information? Yes, the Arkansas Department of Health website provides information on the medical marijuana program, including application forms and FAQs.

What are the qualifying medical conditions for a medical marijuana card in Arkansas? Qualifying conditions include cancer, glaucoma, positive status for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, ALS, Tourette's syndrome, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, PTSD, and conditions causing intractable pain, among others.

How much is the application fee for a medical marijuana card in Arkansas? The application fee for a medical marijuana card in Arkansas is $50, which is non-refundable.

Can medical marijuana be used for any health conditions not listed as qualifying in Arkansas? No, medical marijuana can only be recommended for the specific qualifying conditions listed by the Arkansas medical marijuana program.

Do Arkansas medical marijuana patients have access to an online patient portal? Yes, Arkansas medical marijuana patients can use the Arkansas Department of Health's online patient portal to manage their application and card details.

Are there specific medical marijuana dispensaries in Little Rock, Arkansas? Yes, there are licensed medical marijuana dispensaries located in Little Rock and throughout the state of Arkansas.

Can a certified medical marijuana doctor in Arkansas provide a recommendation for recreational cannabis? No, certified medical marijuana doctors in Arkansas can only provide recommendations for medical use, as recreational cannabis is not legal in the state.

What is the role of a legal guardian in the medical marijuana application process for minors in Arkansas? A legal guardian must consent to the medical marijuana treatment and act as the designated caregiver for the minor patient in Arkansas.

Is proof of residency required for all medical cannabis card applicants in Arkansas? Yes, proof of residency is required for all applicants to ensure they are Arkansas residents, as per the Arkansas medical marijuana program guidelines.

How does the federal law affect medical marijuana use in Arkansas for those living on federal property or working in a federal job? Federal law prohibits the use of marijuana on federal property and by federal employees, regardless of state laws.

What is a written certification from a doctor for a medical marijuana card in Arkansas? A written certification is a document signed by an Arkansas-licensed physician stating that the patient has a qualifying medical condition for medical marijuana use.

Can Arkansas medical marijuana cards be used at any dispensary within the state? Yes, patients with a valid Arkansas medical marijuana card can purchase medical cannabis at any state-licensed dispensary within Arkansas.

How does a patient with severe arthritis apply for a medical marijuana card in Arkansas? A patient with severe arthritis must obtain a written certification from a licensed physician and submit an application with the required documents to the Arkansas Department of Health.

Are there any restrictions on medical marijuana use in motor vehicles for patients in Arkansas? Yes, patients are not allowed to use or be under the influence of medical marijuana while operating a motor vehicle.

Can veterans and members of the Arkansas National Guard apply for a medical marijuana card? Yes, veterans and members of the Arkansas National Guard can apply for a medical marijuana card if they meet the qualifying condition requirements.

What is the entire process for a new certification for medical marijuana in Arkansas? The entire process involves obtaining a physician certification, completing the application form, submitting it with the fee, and then receiving the medical marijuana card if approved.

Do state laws in Arkansas protect medical marijuana patients from discrimination in housing? Yes, state laws provide legal protection for medical marijuana patients, but they must comply with private residence policies regarding use and cultivation.

How do medical cannabis certifications contribute to better health for patients in Arkansas? Medical cannabis certifications allow patients to legally access and use medical marijuana, which can be an effective treatment for various qualifying medical conditions, contributing to better health.

What treatment options are available at medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas? Dispensaries offer various forms of medical marijuana, including flowers, edibles, tinctures, and topicals, to suit different treatment plans for qualifying conditions.

How do patients with chronic pain access medical marijuana treatment in Arkansas? Patients with chronic pain must receive a written certification from a licensed physician that they have this qualifying condition and then apply for a medical marijuana card.


Choosing the right path to medical marijuana treatment in Arkansas hinges on understanding the legalities and processes involved. ARCannabisClinic stands out as a premier network of marijuana doctors, guiding patients through the complexities of getting approved for a medical marijuana card. With an industry-leading MMJ Therapy Visit, ARCannabisClinic provides personalized consultations, offering a medical marijuana treatment plan tailored to each patient's needs. As a pioneer in comprehensive diagnosis evaluations, ARCannabisClinic identifies qualifying conditions, including PTSD and anxiety, ensuring patients receive the care they need.

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