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Body and Mind West Memphis dispensary opening in Feb!

Comprehensive Care Group has partnered with Body and Mind, a multi-state dispensary operator to bring a medical marijuana dispensary to West Memphis. According to their promotional materials, they will be opening for business in February. They have not formally asked for final inspection from the ABC, but by the appearance of their countdown, they must be close.

If you have not gotten your medical marijuana card yet, now is the time to do so. With three dispensaries planned for West Memphis, you want to beat the rush and have your card ready to go for when the first dispensary opens in West Memphis.

AR Cannabis Clinic, the leading certifier for medical marijuana cards is taking appointments for our nine clinics located throughout the state and we are opening one soon in West Memphis. Stay tuned for the details!

Call 888-454-2111 to book an appointment or book online 24/7 at


Hannah, Clinic Director



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