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Beware of Scams, Part 5

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

By popular demand, this is part 5 of the Beware of Scams series. Part 4 got 585 views which is an AR Cannabis Clinic record! Still, that's not enough considering there are thousands of people out there at risk.

The first scam I'll mention in part 5 are websites using the Arkansas State Seal. They use it to make their business look like it is a governmental or "official" website. I have seen both marijuana card websites and dispensaries using this tactic and it just irks me. Don't be fooled! There are no "official" governmental dispensaries or clinics despite what the scammers want you to believe!

Another scam recently made the news. There was a traveling doctor (psychiatrist) who was certifying patients en masse by holding classroom-style sessions. If that wasnt bad enough this doctor was selling weed out of a "Canna Bus" immediately after "class" was dismissed. Needless to say, that doctor is under criminal investigation and will probably go to jail. Please beware of "mobile clinics" of any type.

Another scam has popped up where a clinic says they are opening in two weeks but yet they already have (fake) positive Google reviews from "patients" who were already seen and got their card in the mail. These businesses are trying to game the review system by posting fake reviews. Eventually they will be caught, Google is not dumb!

If you're tired of dealing with all of the scammers, stick with the proven state-wide leader, AR Cannabis Clinic. We are the largest certification clinic with a stellar reputation and over 400+ Google-verified Business Reviews! To book an appointment, please visit or call 888-454-2111. There is no risk to you because if you don't qualify, you don't pay. Arkansas Cannabis Clinic is the only real clinic offering this zero-risk guarantee.

If you enjoyed this blog post and want to help us warn others please like and share this so this message gets out to as many people as possible. Your small action could be the difference in saving some vulnerable elderly person from getting scammed. If this blog gets 1,000 views I will do a part 6 to this popular series. Let's make it happen Arkansas!


Dr David N.


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