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Beware of Scams part 2

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Now that some dispensaries are now open in Arkansas, we are seeing more scam artists coming out of the woodwork. Many of these characters are out of state operators with copied websites from existing businesses. For example, there is a suspicious website (which we will not name nor link to) that has a website address that is the same as another website except it is different by one letter. The two websites are almost identical but the web addresses are not. This is a sign of a scam. It would be like someone copying the homepage of Google and making another site named Gooogle that looked exactly the same.

Another way you can tell a scam is a company stating they only accept cash. Any legitimate medical clinic will be able to accept your credit card as payment and will advertise that fact. Do not be fooled by scam artists telling you that to be seen by a physician for a medical marijuana certification letter you must pay in cash due to the law---thats a lie. AR Cannabis Clinic accepts cash, credit, and debit. Any legitimate clinic will be able to accept cash or credit or debit. Anyone accepting only cash for service is just trying to run off with your money or cheat the IRS, or both.

Yet another way to spot a scam is a site that doesn't have a physical clinic address. Please do not meet a "physician" at a seedy hotel and pay cash. There is a very good chance the person you are meeting is not a doctor at all and is just there to take your money. By the time you apply and get a rejection letter from the Arkansas Dept of Health, that scammer will be long gone, along with your hard-earned money. Brokerage sites are also suspect and are not recommended. These are middle-man websites that take your money up front and then they find a doctor to see you later. You have no idea if or when they will actually find a doctor to see you or where their clinic is (if they even have one).

If you would rather not take a risk on a possible scam, or rather not take a risk at all, call AR Cannabis Clinic at 1-888-454-2111 to schedule a 100% risk-free in-office evaluation with one of our doctors. We do not take any money up front and you can see a doctor BEFORE you pay. Remember, if you don't qualify, you don't pay. We have a comprehensive and informative website at where you can also book your appointment using our easy-to-use online booking system.

Please share this blog to spread the word. If this post gets over 200 views we will post a part 3 to this series with even more examples of how to detect and protect yourself against fraud.

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