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Beware of Knock-off Websites!

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

As the statewide leader in Arkansas Medical Marijuana evaluations, AR Cannabis Clinic has attracted many copycats. We have earned our stellar reputation from hard work, dedication, and offering the very best service in the industry. Our 500+ five star Google-verified business reviews are a testament of what the public thinks of our company. There are out-of-state upstarts trying to ride our coat-tails and trying to trick the public by copying our website design, language, graphics, and in some cases, literally copying and pasting our website text and links. One competitor website still had hyperlinks that led back to other pages on the AR Cannabis Clinic website! The public is smart, and these attempts to copy our design will backfire.

Forget the fakes. Trust in the Statewide leader in Arkansas: AR Cannabis Clinic. We are an Arkansas born-and-raised company with five clinic locations to serve you. Visit to book your appointment to speak to one of our doctors or call toll-free 888-454-2111.


Hannah, Clinic Director

AR Cannabis Clinic


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