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A Letter from our Medical Director regarding COVID-19

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

As Medical Director of Arkansas Cannabis Clinic, I want to take this opportunity to reassure the public that ARCC has taken extraordinary measures to protect our patients, and our staff from potential coronavirus exposure.

Firstly, we have implemented a comprehensive screening assessment during all patient communication to identify symptomatic patients and to reschedule them for when they have recovered from any illness.

Reschedule Appointments
Patients with Exposure and/or Symptoms are Rescheduled

We also ask about potential exposures to sick family members, recent travel, and other high-risk activity and reschedule patients appropriately at a later time. On appointment day, we are actively rescheduling patients who present at check in with any cold or flu symptoms. Since we are NOT a sick clinic, our patients are unlikely to come in when they are symptomatic, and we stop them even if they are. Other clinics are combined family practice clinics and they mix cannabis patients with sick patients---This is not the case with AR Cannabis Clinic. We ONLY do marijuana certifications, so our patients tend not to come when they are feeling unwell--they go to their family doctor instead or an ER.

Secondly, we screen our team members and provide work leave when necessary at no risk of job loss.

Work from home at AR Cannabis Clinic
Our call center staff are isolated and asked to work from home for safety

With the largest dedicated clinic Staff of over 30+ team members across the state, we are well equipped to give time off to those who need it, with extra help ready to step into any void. We require daily early morning check-ins for all team members by management where team members are asked how they are feeling and if they have any sick exposures before they are allowed to come to work. Our call center is distributed across the state, with no direct patient contact, so there is always someone answering the phone 7 days per week 8am until 6pm to provide you with the best service and support.

Thirdly, our exam rooms are "social distanced" according to current CDC and federal guidelines to give plenty of room between doctor and patient.

Covid 19 friendly 8 feet away buffer zone consultation room design.
North Little Rock's socially distanced room with 8 ft of buffer zone.

Bentonville, Fort Smith, West Little Rock and Bryant clinics are now featuring air-tight glass windowed consultations with electronic two-way communication between doctor and patient.

Bentonville now featuring Covid 19 Ready Air Tight Seal Glass Window Exam Rooms
Bentonville Air-Tight Seal Glass Windowed Exam Room

This new "windowed" approach will be implemented across all our 12 clinics over the coming weeks. Our clinics are cleaned multiple times throughout the day and after every patient encounter with Lysol wipes and sprays so our clinics are always kept smelling and feeling fresh and clean for every patient who comes in.

We offer online pre-boarding for check-In so your wait time in our lobby is virtually non-existent. This process is quick and can be completed before your visit at the comfort of your own home or via mobile phone anywhere. A link will be emailed to you requesting you to on-board upon booking an appointment with us.

All our physicians are happy to offer curb-side visits at a no extra fee. This type of visit will allow you to stay in the car while consulting with our doctor. This service will require a full payment before your visit. Don't worry, If our doctor cannot certify you then you will get a full refund. Simply call us at: 1-888-454-2111 or book an appointment online and leave a note of your request for a prepaid curb-side visit. Click Here for more information

During these challenging times, you can count on AR Cannabis Clinic to continue leading the way in providing safe and effective medical marijuana certifications. We are the statewide leader with the most locations, the most doctors, and the most staff to deliver the very best and safest care to our patients and to the public. Now is the time to use a dedicated cannabis clinic like AR Cannabis Clinic which is NOT a sick clinic and avoid crowded waiting rooms at your local PCP's office. I will engage our management team to continue designing and implementing new policies to make our patients feel safe and to deliver a better patient experience.

Please subscribe to our blog for the latest updates, and please contact us or visit for further information about what steps we are taking to address the novel coronavirus.


David Nguyen, MD

Medical Director

Arkansas Cannabis Clinic


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