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A Letter From Our Medical Director, Part 2

During this crisis, prescription medicine and supplies are already in short supply. Pharmacies remain open for now, however most prescription medicines are manufactured overseas. It is estimated that 95% or more of prescription medicine that Americans use and depend on are made in China and India--but not medical marijuana.

Arkansas medical marijuana is grown, processed, tested, and sold locally here in Arkansas. The supply chain for medical marijuana is just about the only thing that is 100% intact and not threatened. Many of our patients depend on medical marijuana for daily use whether it be for treating pain, seizures, ulcerative colitis, or muscle spasms.

Even the federal government is saying this pandemic could last for months. Will you have access to the medicine you need for the next 2 months? What about the next 12 months? The southern border to Mexico is now closed which will only increase demand for legal marijuana. Several dispensaries in Arkansas are moving towards online and phone ordering and curbside pickup. Arkansas Cannabis Clinic and our doctors recommend for patients and the public to use medical grade marijuana and not use street marijuana due to safety and efficacy.

We have implemented extensive new measures to our policies, procedures, and to our facilities to implement CDC recommended "social distancing" for our exam rooms. Some clinics are undergoing construction to create air-tight glass barriers to protect patients and doctors from any exposure. Everything is being sanitized, sterilized, and ventilated for maximum patient safety and peace of mind. Please refer to part one of this blog series for more information. I will update the public with our new measures as we implement them. From ARCC to you, please get legal, stay legal, and stay safe. Let us help you get the access to much needed medicine that you will need to get through this crisis.

David Nguyen, MD

Medical Director

Arkansas Cannabis Clinic



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