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ARCannabisClinic has been connecting patients with medical marijuana doctors since 2019. We help patients find the nearest marijuana doctors who may recommend them for medical cannabis or CBD within their state. We are the leading Medical Marijuana Doctor Network in the United States. We offer PTSD Evaluation, Anxiety Evaluation, Medical Evaluation, and Marijuana Therapy. Get your medical marijuana card now.

You are all set!  After you sign the consent form, simply sit back and wait for our Oklahoma medical marijuana doctor to contact you at your scheduled appointment time.


Our Oklahoma medical marijuana doctor will reach out in minutes to help you get access to medical marijuana dispensaries in Oklahoma.  Get approved today or your money back!  We also offer renewal appointments. 

To get started, book an appointment below.  

STEP 1.  Book an Appointment
Select a time for your Risk-Free New or Renewal Visit Below

STEP 2.  Payment


Here's how ARCannabisClinic compares to other MMJ doctors



The doctors in the ARCannabisClinic network have years of experience helping patients access CBD oil for pain and CBD oil for anxiety. Book an appointment now at ARCannabisClinic. We are the fastest online medical marijuana card service that offers same-day appointments, easy online self-booking, and same-day medical marijuana card approvals. Find your nearest marijuana doctors at ARCannabisClinic.
  • Same Day Appointment

  • Same Day Easy Online Self-Booking

  • Same Day Card Approvals*


slow speed

Our ARCannabisClinic network's Medical Marijuana doctors have years of expertise assisting patients in obtaining medical cannabis. We can assist you in locating a cannabis dispensary in your area. Make an appointment with ARCannabisClinic right now to discover more. We are the quickest online medical marijuana card service, providing same-day appointments, convenient online self-booking, and MMJ card approvals on the same day. Learn more about anxiety and PTSD evaluations on this page.
  • Frequent reschedules and cancellations

  • Must call for appointments

  • Approvals delivered in days


Affordable + Price Match

ARCannabisClinic offers affordable online medical marijuana card service. Our MMJ doctors approved thousands of patients for medical marijuana cards fast, cheap, and easy.  Open 7 days a week. Our services include PTSD, anxiety, medical, and MMJ Therapy. Learn with us how to treat your anxiety and PTSD with CNB oil and other MMJ products.


fees as high as $500+

ARCannabisClinic provides a low-cost MMJ card service online. Thousands of people have received medical marijuana cards quickly, cheaply, and easily from our MMJ doctors to assist them with PTSD treatment and anxiety medicine. We are open seven days a week. PTSD Evaluation, Anxiety Evaluation, Medical Evaluation, and MMJ Therapy are some of the services we provide.
  • Hidden prices 

  • No price matching

  • Accepts only cash or credit over the phone



ARCannabisClinic offers a full refund if you don’t qualify. Our medical marijuana doctors approved thousands of patients for medical marijuana cards fast, cheap, and easy. We help patients find specialized marijuana physicians who may recommend them for anxiety and PTSD treatments with medical marijuana and medical cannabis, within their state. Learn more about our services on this page.
  • Full Refund if You Don't Qualify*

  • No Follow-Up Required

  • Full Transparent Up Front Pricing


high risk

If you don't qualify, ARCannabisClinic will give you a full refund. Thousands of patients have received MMJ cards because of our marijuana doctors' quick, low-cost, and simple approval process. We assist patients in locating specialized marijuana physicians in their state who may be able to suggest medicinal marijuana to them. We assist our patients in locating the closest CBD oil dispensary for pain, PTSD, and anxiety.
  • Partial or no refund if not approved

  • follow-up visits required with more fees

  • Do not show pricing before booking


Very Convenient

ARCannabisClinic is the largest online medical marijuana card service.  We help you find dispensaries near you for your anxiety medication and PTSD medication.   We are the leading Medical Marijuana Doctor Network in United States. We offer PTSD Evaluation, Anxiety Evaluation, Medical Evaluation, and Marijuana Therapy. Get your medical marijuana card now.
  • 100% Online Forms and Signatures

  • Diagnosis Screening Services like PTSD and Anxiety

  • Records Services and More



All of your appointments have been made easy with ARCannabisClinic. Thousands of individuals have received medical marijuana cards thanks to our medical marijuana doctors who approved them quickly, cheaply, and easily. We assist people in locating expert marijuana physicians who may be able to recommend MMJ in their state. With our help, you may learn more about the advantages of cannabis and hemp oil.
  • Must print forms, scan, and send in

  • External diagnosis visits required

  • No assistance with records gathering


Excellent Service

ARCannabisClinic the largest online medical marijuana card service. We help you find dispensaries near you for your anxiety medication and PTSD medication. We offer PTSD Evaluation, Anxiety Evaluation, Medical Evaluation, and Marijuana Therapy. Get your medical marijuana card now. Open 7 days a week.


poor service

The ARCannabisClinic network's MMJ doctors have years of experience aiding patients in acquiring medical cannabis. In the United States, we are the premier Medical Marijuana Doctor Network. We provide PTSD testing, anxiety testing, medical testing, and marijuana therapy. Now is the time to get your medical marijuana card and begin your PTSD and anxiety treatment.
  • Poor or no online reviews

  • Avg. email response time:  7 days

  • No phone support

*terms and conditions apply


Most Frequently Asked Questions for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Program

📌 What are the qualifying conditions for an Oklahoma medical marijuana card? (OMMA Card)

Oklahoma’s medical marijuana law, SQ 788, clearly states that “there are no qualifying conditions.” Instead, a physician may follow the same judgment they would use to prescribe any other medication. Qualifying conditions commonly treated with cannabis include:

✔ I have one of the “qualifying medical conditions,” am I automatically a qualified patient?"

An official Oklahoma physician written certification must be obtained from a medical physician and submitted with the application. To schedule your risk-free appointment to see a ARCannabisClinic approved marijuana doctor in Oklahoma, click here.

⌛ How do I set up an appointment with a registered medical marijuana provider in Oklahoma?

Step 1. Book. Book an Appointment Online

Step 2. Payment. Pay Online

Step 3. Sign an Online Consent Form (a link will be emailed to you upon payment)

Step 4. Submit your Qualifying Medical Records

💲 How much is a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma?

The standard application fee is $100. Individuals who provide acceptable proof of Medicaid (SoonerCare) or Medicare enrollment or status as a 100% disabled veteran will pay a reduced fee of $20. Application fees must be paid by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card. An additional credit card processing fee will be added to the transaction. These application and processing fees are non-refundable. The payment will not be refunded for applications not approved.

⚡How do I apply online with the Oklahoma Department of Health - Medical Marijuana Division?

Applications and payment will be collected through an online system. This system is available on our website at You will need a valid email address to login to this system. This email address will be used to send notices once you create an account. For more information, click here.

👨‍🦽 How do I qualify to become an Oklahoma MMJ caregiver?

A caregiver in Oklahoma must meet certain criteria to assist a registered patient. To begin with, a caregiver must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the state. To prove residency, a caregiver must provide a current Oklahoma license or state identification card. The caregiver must also provide documentation that they are designated by the state-registered patient to assist them. In Oklahoma, caregivers are not required to pay a card registration fee. 

👍 How much does it cost to get a marijuana card doctor approval?

We offer the most competitive pricing in the industry with the fastest and the most friendly service you can't find anywhere else.  If our network doctor can not approve you for any reason, you get your money back!*  We currently accept major credit cards and debit cards via phone or online. No cash or personal checks are accepted. We offer the best prices and we guarantee it!  Check out our 👉 PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE  *Conditions apply

🌿 I received my card. Where can I get medical marijuana?

Once you have received your medical marijuana ID card, you can purchase medical marijuana at any dispensary in Oklahoma. Some dispensaries require an appointment for your first visit. View contact information and locations for all dispensaries.

🤷‍♂️ I have more questions, can you help?

Absolutely!  We'd love to help and we are open everyday.  Please contact us at anytime if you need assistance.

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