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Step 5:  In-Office Visit

West Little Rock

1121 S. Bowman Road.,

Suite C-3, Little Rock, AR  72211

Directions  (Directly Across Lowe's Hardware )

STOP! DO NOT book an in-person visit below if you have not spoken with our provider first.  IMPORTANT:  The In-person visit with a doctor is currently required by Arkansas State Law (ADH)

Tele-Health Is Coming Back in Arkansas  Arkansas State Law is allowing tele-medicine again starting mid-August, 2021 (an exact date has not been confirmed as of now).  If you are able to wait for your approval letter to be sent to you later, you are NOT REQUIRED to meet in-person with our doctor.
Step 5, Book an In-Person Visit with our doctor below:

I Booked, So What's Next?

Plan For Your Visit

NO ADDITIONAL FEES:  If you completed Steps 1 - 4 there's NO additional fees charged for this visit.

WHAT TO BRING:  If you have completed our required Initial Screening Visit you should have already submitted all your required documentation needed to approve you on the same day of your in-person visit with our doctor.  This means you do not need to bring anything with you for your visit.

CHECK-IN PROCESS:  When you arrive to our clinic please check-in. You may be requested to wait in your car until you are ready to be seen.

WHAT TO EXPECT FOR YOUR VISIT:  You will visit with the doctor briefly.  Once the doctor approves you for a card, the doctor will email your approval letter to you same day.  Please note we cannot provide a printed copy of your approval letter at the clinic.

IMPORTANT COVID NOTICE:  To protect you and our team members, our offices require a mask to be worn at all times inside our clinics.  Our restrooms are currently closed to the public until further notice.  


You will receive a signed approval letter from our doctor via email and text.  Please click here to see what you need to do next to get your Arkansas marijuana card as quickly as possible from the ADH.