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Step 5:  In-Office Visit

West Little Rock

1121 S. Bowman Road.,

Suite C-3, Little Rock, AR  72211

Directions  (Directly Across Lowe's Hardware )

STOP! Have you completed your REQUIRED Initial Screening Visit With Our Provider?   If yes, please proceed and book an appointment below for an in-person visit with our doctor to complete your approval.
First, select the reason for your visit, then time for your visit. 

I Booked, So What's Next?

Plan For Your Visit

NO ADDITIONAL FEES:  If you completed Steps 1 - 4 there's NO additional fees charged for this visit.

WHAT TO BRING:  If you have completed our required Initial Screening Visit you should have already submitted all your required documentation needed to approve you on the same day of your in-person visit with our doctor.  This means you do not need to bring anything with you for your visit.

CHECK-IN PROCESS:  When you arrive to our clinic please check-in. You may be requested to wait in your car until you are ready to be seen.

WHAT TO EXPECT FOR YOUR VISIT:  You will visit with the doctor briefly.  Once the doctor approves you for a card, the doctor will email your approval letter to you same day.  Please note we cannot provide a printed copy of your approval letter at the clinic.

IMPORTANT COVID NOTICE:  To protect you and our team members, our offices require a mask to be worn at all times inside our clinics.  Our restrooms are currently closed to the public until further notice.