Medical marijuana has been proven to alleviate pain, and improve severe arthritis symptoms.

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Arthritis is the most common form of joint disease caused by the destructive process of inflammation on the joints of the body.  Arthritis affects more than an estimated 30 million patients a year.  When the joints become inflamed due to wear and tear, injury, genetics, or host of other factors, the joints can become painful, hot, swollen, stiff and the symptoms can worsen leading to long term disability.  There are many types of arthritis, including autoimmune causes such as rheumatoid arthritis, and other forms caused by infection, and mechanical wear and tear.  Most common areas of the body affected by arthritis are the fingers of the hands, knees, shoulders, neck, back, and hips.


Common symptoms include:

  • Deep, achy joint pain made worse by extensive use of the joint or with weather changes

  • Reduced range of motion and "popping" or "creaking" of the bones when moving the joint

  • Stiffness during rest may develop, with morning joint stiffness lasting more than 30 minutes

Arthritis is usually diagnosed clinically with radiographic evidence such as x-rays, CT scans, and MRI.  Arthritis can be called many different things on doctor's reports including arthropathy, degenerative disc disease (DDD), facet disease, and many other names.  Please consult with an AR Cannabis Clinic doctor who will best interpret your medical records to see how you might be certified for medical marijuana under this qualified diagnosis.


Patient frequently report an improvement in the symptoms of pain and inflammation after using medical marijuana.  Many patients attest to being able to reduce or stop narcotic pain medications altogether after using medical marijuana for their severe arthritis.  Unlike narcotic pain medicines, medical marijuana has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties which directly acts on the underlying mechanism of arthritis disease.  This may help to explain why so many patients report improvement in their arthritis symptoms compared to traditional medicines used today.  

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