red river remedy dispensary

4423 E Broad St, Texarkana, AR 71854


Red River Remedy (formerly RXMED, Inc.)
4423 Broad Street
Texarkana, Arkansas

If you have an experience or information you would like to share about this dispensary, please comment down below.  Doing so will greatly help users of our site get up to date information on the medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas.


Before purchasing cannabis from a medical marijuana dispensary, like RXMED INC., Arkansas patients must first qualify for a medical marijuana certification; AR Cannabis Clinic doctors provide qualified patients with the state-required recommendation to complete this process.

For a full list, please see:  Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Red River Remedy News Update 1/15/20:

We had a nice conversation with another part-owner and general manager of their operation and he was very knowledgeable and friendly.  This company is run by people with experience in multiple states on the West Coast and with growing operations around the country.  We were left with a good impression of this dispensary and we saw interior photos that had a nice look and feel.  Stay tuned for a more extensive review.

Red River Remedy News Update 1/10/19:

The dispensary is now open for business, with local news reporting they have 20 different strains of medical grade marijuana for sale.  

AR Cannabis Clinic Review 11/3/19

One of the owners of Rx Med has reached out to us to foster a good working relationship in the Texarkana and surrounding market.  We were told they plan to open for business before the end of November.  Please stay tuned for more updates as we should learn more very soon about their operations and about some possible cross-promotion opportunities.

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Our mmj doctors ( marijuana doctor ) and staff here at ARCannabis Clinic are committed to educate and help you understand the process in which to obtain your marijuana card/cannabis card, medical card ( cannabis card ) so that you may have an alternative treatment option.  The marijuana doctor ( cannabis doctor ) and staff at ARCannabis Clinic understand that the world is changing and the art of medicine has to change along with it.  Our marijuana doctors ( cannabis doctors ) will see you periodically for follow-up appointments and visit with you on your progress.  Your cannabis card marijuana card ( mmj card ) is required to be re-certified yearly by your marijuana doctor ( cannabis doctor ) to keep your marijuana card/cannabis card active.  Get certified to get your marijuana card, cannabis card today!  Our cannabis doctor, marijuana doctor is available 7 days a week to visit with you.

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