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Native green wellness

26225 US-167, Hensley, AR 72065


According to Native Green Wellness. they are proud to be a woman-owned business with 100% Arkansan ownership. Their company views itself as a community partner that will contribute to the diversity and economic development of their communities by providing high quality alternative medicine, employment opportunities, research, and education opportunities. Their members have dedicated and will continue to devote their time, executive leadership, experience, and private finances to making their vision become a reality. The Native Green Wellness team is united in its commitment to set the gold standard for Arkansas medical marijuana dispensaries. They are confident that with their team of owners, advisors, and trained staff, they will serve the State of Arkansas with care and integrity.

If you have an experience or information you would like to share about this dispensary, please comment down below.  Doing so will greatly help users of our site get up to date information on the medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas.


Before purchasing cannabis from a medical marijuana dispensary, like Harvest Cannabis Dispensary, Arkansas patients must first qualify for a medical marijuana certification; AR Cannabis Clinic doctors provide qualified patients with the state-required recommendation to complete this process.

For a full list, please see:  Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


Accessibility:  1-Star.  Hensley is a small town 20 minutes south of Little Rock with a population of less than 200 people.  With two planned dispensaries in central Little Rock, one in Sherwood, and two in Pine Bluff, we give accessibility of Native Green 1-Star.  The dispensary is just not easily accessible to a large number of people.
Selection:   2-Stars.  Since there are only two cultivators in business, selection and inventory is slim across the dispensary market and this dispensary is no different.
Service:  1-Stars.  We were contacted by ownership of Native Green and they requested a meeting at our office but they no showed, no called, and did not answer phone calls and text messages asking if they were coming.  For that lack of professionalism, we give their service rating 1-Star.  
Facility:  2-Stars.  Although we have not been invited to tour the facility, based on photos we have seen and news reports, they appear to have a large, brand new facility.  
Prices:  3-Stars.  Based on what we have seen in online reports and online reviews, their prices are some of the better prices in the market.  There is definitely room for improvement across the market for medicine.
Overall Rating:  2-Stars.  Native Green Dispensary has what appears to be a nice-looking facility.  However, most patients will choose a dispensary closer to home for convenience.  They get low marks for accessibility and service based on our experience with them.  
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