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How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card in Missouri

It's Easy to Get Your Missouri Medical Marijuana Card

Meet a Marijuana Doctor

 Book an appointment via phone or online to speak with one of our medical marijuana doctors via tele-health 7 days per week.  If you qualify, you will be provided an electronic physician certification letter for a full one year marijuana card (doctor's approval)

Apply for Cannabis Card

Your digital certification (approval) will be emailed to you within minutes of your appointment with ARCannabisClinic, and you will get full instructions--with links-- on how to apply online with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services website.  Your card will be downloadable in about 1 week.  You may also choose to apply for a grower's permit (cultivation card) to grow your own plants!

Renew Your Marijuana Card

Missouri law requires patients meet with their medical marijuana doctor within 12 months to keep their cannabis card active.  ARCannabisClinic will send you automated reminders on when it's time to renew so you can keep your card active.

> Schedule your appointment online

ARCananbisClinic: Navigating the Missouri Medical Marijuana Journey Together

Hey, friend! Welcome to ARCananbisClinic. Think of us as that dependable buddy you call when life's puzzles seem a bit too tricky. If you're in Missouri and dealing with specific health issues, the idea of a medical marijuana card might sound daunting. No sweat! We're here to break it down and help you get on track. Our compassionate Missouri doctors are ready to chat, offer advice, and provide the backup you need.

Am I Right for the Card? Let's Chat

So, first things first: Are you eligible? Missouri said "yes" to medical marijuana in 2018. This means folks dealing with conditions like cancer, epilepsy, those wicked migraines, PTSD, and a few others might have another option on the table.

Let's Connect with Our ARCananbisClinic Docs

Feeling optimistic? Great! Come sit down with one of our friendly doctors at ARCananbisClinic. They'll have a genuine heart-to-heart about your health, and if things look good, they'll pen down a note – that's your key to the next step.

Applying? More Like Storytelling

With that note, we'll join hands and walk through the application. We'll share our stories with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. All they need? The doctor's note, a little snippet of your Missouri life, and a small fee.

Keep That Card Shiny and New

Just a heads-up, cards do have an expiry date. But like all good things, it can be renewed. And guess what? We'll be by your side, just like before. A quick chat with our doc, a reapplication, and you're good to go.

Card in Hand? Let's Explore

Now, with that shiny card, you're free to visit any local dispensary in Missouri. But remember, even in the world of green, there are some rules. Stick to the state's shopping list, and you're golden.

Your Journey with ARCananbisClinic? Just Getting Started

Life's journeys can be twisty, but that's why we're here. Whether it's a coffee chat with our doctors or guiding you through the paperwork, we aim to make every step feel like a breeze. Curious? Dive deeper into our site, have your questions answered, and let's walk this path to wellness together with ARCananbisClinic. Cheers! 🍃

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