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How To Get A Marijuana Card in Connecticut

It's Easy to Get Your Connecticut Medical Marijuana Card

Meet a Marijuana Doctor

 Book an appointment via phone or online to speak with one of our medical marijuana doctors via tele-health 7 days per week

Apply for Cannabis Card

Once your marijuana recommendation to state of Connecticut is submitted by one of our doctors you can apply for your cannabis card.

Renew Your Marijuana Card

Connecticut law requires patients meet with their medical marijuana doctor within 12 months to keep their cannabis card active.  ARCC doctors will renew your card at a discount. 

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Welcome to ARCananbisClinic: Navigating Connecticut's Medical Marijuana Path With You

Hey there! If you're a Connecticut local and thinking about exploring medical marijuana as a treatment option, you're in the right place. We at ARCananbisClinic are your friendly guides, helping you walk this path with confidence and understanding.

Are You Eligible for a Medical Marijuana Card in Connecticut?

First things first. Curious about your eligibility? Take our pre-qualification survey. Remember, back in 2012, Connecticut greenlit medical marijuana for folks with specific health issues. So, if you're battling conditions like cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's, PTSD, anxiety, or other conditions, you might just be on the right track to get that card.

Teaming Up with Our Medical Pros

Ready to take the plunge? It's time to meet our seasoned doctors for a medical evaluation. They'll dive into your medical records, discuss your health, and if all's well, pen down that crucial certification for your card application.

We've Got Your Back in the Application Process

Once you have your certification, it's time to apply. But hey, you don’t need to navigate the paperwork alone. We'll guide you through submitting everything to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection.

Keeping Your Card Active

Snagged your card? Brilliant! But remember, it needs refreshing every year. Renewing involves another health chat and some paperwork. But with us, it's a smooth process.

Shopping with Your New Card

With your card in hand, you can swing by any of Connecticut's licensed dispensaries. Stay within the state's buying limits, and you're good to go.

Kickstart Your Health Journey with ARCananbisClinic

Delving into the world of medical marijuana might seem daunting. But with ARCananbisClinic, it's more like a stroll in the park. Dive deeper into marijuana therapy, or explore marijuana cultivation consultation. Start your health adventure with a team that genuinely cares. Catch you soon!

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