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How to Apply
for a Marijuana Card in

To apply for your card with the Iowa Department of Public Health’s Office of Medical Cannabidiol please visit:

All applications must include:

  • Healthcare Practitioner Certification Form, signed by your healthcare practitioner

  • Completed Adult Patient Application (paper or online)

  • A copy of your photo ID, which can be either:

  • A valid Iowa driver's license

  • A valid Iowa non-operator's identification card

  • Payment

  • $100, unless the patient is applicable for the reduced fee

  • $25, when scanned proof of any of the following is provided:

  • Copy of Social Security Disability Benefit notice (SSDI notice)

  • Copy of proof of receipt of Supplemental Security Income Payment (SSI receipt)

  • Copy of Iowa Medicaid member card

  • Copy of Hawk-I member card

Here is a comprehensive instructions on how to apply for your card, and a list of dispensaries for your convenience:

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