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How to Apply
for a Marijuana Card in

  1. Schedule an evaluation with a licensed physician: The first step in obtaining a medical marijuana card in Mississippi is to schedule an evaluation with a licensed physician. During this evaluation, the physician will assess your medical history and determine whether medical cannabis is an appropriate treatment option for you.

  2. Complete the online application: After your evaluation, the physician will complete the online application on your behalf. This application will include your personal information, medical history, and a certification from the physician that you are eligible for medical cannabis treatment.

  3. Pay the application fee: The Mississippi Medical Marijuana Program requires a non-refundable fee to be paid when submitting the online application. Make sure to have your payment information ready when submitting the application.

  4. Wait for approval: The Mississippi Medical Marijuana Program typically takes up to 30 days to review and approve applications. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a medical marijuana card in the mail.

  5. Register with a licensed dispensary: After receiving your medical marijuana card, you must register with a licensed dispensary in order to purchase medical cannabis.

  6. Begin treatment: Once you have registered with a licensed dispensary, you may begin purchasing and using medical cannabis as directed by your physician.

Here is a comprehensive instructions on how to apply for your card:

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