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green Springs


309 Seneca St, Hot Springs, AR 71901


Green Springs Medical, a medical marijuana dispensary,
is located at 309 Seneca St. in Hot Springs, AR.
(off Golf Links Road)  

Hours of operation for greenspringsmedical are:
Monday - Saturday, 10:00am - 8:00pm

If you have an experience or information you would like to share about this dispensary, please comment down below.  Doing so will greatly help users of our site get up to date information on the medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas.


Before purchasing cannabis from a medical marijuana dispensary, like Green Springs Medical, Arkansas patients must first qualify for a medical marijuana certification; AR Cannabis Clinic doctors provide qualified patients with the state-required recommendation to complete this process.

For a full list, please see:  Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Green Springs Dispensary News Update 1/15/20:  

Green Springs Dispensary continues to be in the news about lawsuits between both co-owners.  Despite the legal drama, Green Springs continues to be the largest dispensary in the state per lbs of medicine sold.  It is likely the two recently opened Texarkana dispensaries will take some of their market share.  With Doctor's Orders RX re-branding under new management as Studio 43, Green Springs will have to bring it's A game if it wants to continue being the number one dispensary by volume in the state.


Accessibility:  2-Stars.    Green Springs Medical is located on a small side street in the heart of Hot Springs.  If you did not use a GPS you might get lost.  You have to drive through some narrow windy roads and residential areas to get here, especially if you are coming from out of town.
Selection:   2-Stars.  Selection is limited but improving
Service:  1-Stars.  Our interactions with management and employees has been negative, they have been rude and hang up on us when we have tried to reach out.  Weedmaps reviews also echo this same sentiment.
Facility:  3-Stars.  The facility appears to be built from the ground up and has nice curb appeal.  There are flags out front that add a nice touch.
Prices:  2-Stars.  This dispensary is still one of the pricier dispensaries in the state but it does appear to be cheaper than its cross-town rival at the time of this review.
Overall Rating:  2-Stars.  This dispensary's strengths are the facility.  It is marginally cheaper than Doctor's Orders Rx at this time, but you have to weigh the service level difference and how important that is to you.  Driving to this dispensary was way more difficult than it should be, but that is a limitation of its location.