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Benton, AR


Mission at CUSTOM CANNABIS is to:

  • Increase awareness, educate, and inform our fellow Arkansans about the many medical and economic benefits of the medical marijuana industry.

  • Produce, test, and cultivate premium pharmaceutical-grade products in secure and state of the art facilities.

  • Provide Arkansas' citizens and lawmakers with the most reliable and comprehensive information, research, and results.

  • Take the experience of the medical marijuana industry in other states and improve upon their work with more effective regulation and treatment. 

  • Continue researching and fine-tuning different formulations of chemicals derived from the cannabis plant.

    • To provide more precise, targeted, and improved pain relief with fewer side effect to reduce the dependence on opioids among Arkansans. 

  • Make Arkansas a leader in the cannabis-based biotech industry. 

If you have an experience or information you would like to share about this dispensary, please comment down below.  Doing so will greatly help users of our site get up to date information on the medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas.


Before purchasing cannabis from a medical marijuana dispensary, like Custom Cannabis, Arkansas patients must first qualify for a medical marijuana certification; AR Cannabis Clinic doctors provide qualified patients with the state-required recommendation to complete this process.

For a full list, please see:  Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Natural State Medical Group News Update 12/4/19:

Facebook postings by Natural State Medical Group have indicated they plan to open on January 1, 2020.  As with many announced opening dates, this is not 100% concrete and is subject to change.  When we have more information we will share it.

Custom Cannabis (now open for business)  formally  known as Natural State Medical Group

AR Cannabis Clinic Review

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