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What is Rick Simpson Oil? RSO Uses and Benefits

In the sprawling world of cannabis products, Rick Simpson Oil, often simply referred to as RSO, has created quite a buzz, especially among those seeking alternative treatments. Originating from a Canadian engineer's personal journey, RSO has transformed from a personal remedy to a sought-after form of cannabis oil. Let's embark on a journey to understand RSO better.

Table of Contents:

The Genesis of Rick Simpson Oil: Back in the early 2000s, an intriguing chapter began in the world of cannabis, woven by the hands of Rick Simpson, a Canadian engineer. While the cannabis community was abuzz with a variety of cannabis products, Simpson's personal saga with a type of skin cancer, specifically basal cell carcinoma, carved a unique niche in the annals of cannabis history.

A dropper showing RSO oil being dropped into a bottle

Driven by a need, a desperation, and a hope to find an alternative, Rick turned towards the potential healing power of the cannabis plant. Now, it wasn’t just about lighting up or feeling the high. It was about the very grains of the plant, its essence, and the medicinal compounds it harbored. By blending anecdotal evidence, some knowledge gathered from similar conditions treated by medical marijuana patients, and perhaps a dash of intuition, Rick went on to develop his own form of cannabis oil. This wasn’t just your ordinary cannabis concentrate; it was an oil dense in THC, a compound many associated with the potent psychoactive effects but now, was being looked at for its potential therapeutic advantages.

The process of creating this powerful potion was an intricate one. It required the meticulous extraction of plant material, preserving the high THC content while ensuring the entirety of the cannabis compounds were intact – creating what many know as the "entourage effect." The final product, characterized by its dark color and thick consistency, had an impressive THC concentration. The fact that this potent oil was made using an extraction process from the cannabis plant that Simpson learned from an early visit to Rick Simpson's website, speaks volumes of its authenticity and dedication.

Simpson's journey with RSO wasn't just about creating an oil; it was about challenging the status quo. He began treating his cancer spots, noting significant improvements. The tales of its efficacy in managing tumor growth, especially when consumed in small doses equivalent to a grain of rice, began to spread like wildfire. These weren’t just stories, these were testimonies, and while scientific evidence was still in the preliminary stages, many suffering from chronic pain, chronic inflammation, and other medical conditions couldn't wait. They were curious, eager, and hopeful.

Many wonder, though, what's the best way to utilize RSO? The approach is always gradual. The high THC content means one needs to build a tolerance. This prevents any unnecessary psychoactive effects that might be too intense for the uninitiated. If you're just embarking on this journey and you’re trying to figure out if RSO might be right for your condition, I'd suggest checking out ARCannabisClinic’s qualifying conditions guide. If you meet the criteria, understanding how to get a marijuana card is your next best step. They even guide you on how to apply and get started on this green path.

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Key Takeaway: Rick Simpson Oil, often simply termed as RSO, is more than just a cannabis product. It's a beacon of hope, derived from a personal journey, with potential therapeutic benefits that many are beginning to recognize and explore. Like with all things, the journey with RSO should be undertaken with knowledge, guidance, and an open heart.

How is RSO Made? The Extraction Process: Diving deep into the world of cannabis products, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) holds its ground, not just for its reputed therapeutic effects but also for its meticulous extraction process. Made predominantly from the cannabis plant, this concentrated oil boasts high levels of THC, alongside a medley of other valuable cannabis compounds. So, let's roll up our sleeves and delve into the alchemy behind this cannabis elixir.

CBD cannabis oil extract dropping from a dropper into a bottle of cannabis oil

Ingredients at Play

RSO’s formulation focuses on tapping into the rich potency of the cannabis plant. Often utilizing indica strains, it endeavors to capture the essence of the plant material to yield a high THC content. Yet, it’s not just about THC. When we talk about the harmony of cannabis compounds and their benefits, RSO plays it like a maestro, ensuring the resultant oil is an ensemble, leading to the famed entourage effect. This symphony of compounds manifests in the oil's dark hue and thick consistency, echoing the raw power of its source.

Unveiling the Process

  1. The Basics: Crafting RSO starts with a generous helping of premium-grade cannabis. Grinding the plant material to perfection ensures every bit is prepped and primed for the extraction process.

  2. Solvent Selection: Now, there are various ways to tease out the goodness from the plant, but RSO's therapeutic potential is often attributed to specific solvents. One common method, supported by the science behind solvent selection, is using ethanol, famed for procuring a robust full-spectrum cannabis oil.

  3. Soaking and Straining: The finely-ground cannabis bathes in the chosen solvent, breaking down its cell walls and liberating those cherished cannabinoids and terpenes. After a thorough soak, the mixture is strained, separating the plant bits from the potent liquid.

  4. Evaporation: This is the crescendo of the process. As the solvent gently heats up, it begins to evaporate, leaving behind a concentrated, sticky treasure: the RSO.

  5. Collection and Storage: This elixir is typically drawn into an RSO syringe, making dosing a breeze. Given its potency, it’s often likened to a ‘grain of rice’ – a little goes a long way. The syringe aids medical marijuana patients in getting their dose just right.

For those intrigued about qualifying conditions for this powerful extract, delve into the MMJ card qualifying conditions. Those looking to step into the world of medical cannabis, here's your guide on procuring a marijuana card. And if you're keen on deepening your cannabis knowledge, exploring marijuana therapy might just be the next chapter.

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Key Takeaway: Crafting RSO is more than just an extraction process—it’s a delicate dance between nature and science. This balance ensures that medical marijuana enthusiasts and patients have access to a potent and therapeutic tool.

Potential Benefits of RSO: For many canna-enthusiasts, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is hailed as nothing short of a miracle. This dark, potent oil packs a punch, boasting a profile rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. Let’s hop on this green train and ride through the myriad potential benefits of RSO.

1. Fighting the Good Fight against Cancer: One of the most talked-about potential benefits of RSO is its role in cancer management. While a direct cure is still under debate, several users have reported relief in symptoms and potential slowing of tumor growth. Scientific studies have started to explore cannabinoids and their effect on cancer cells, suggesting a promising avenue.

2. Soothing Severe Arthritis: Joint pains, inflammation, limited mobility... the woes of arthritis can be debilitating. Enter RSO, which offers a gleam of hope. Its anti-inflammatory properties have the potential to alleviate joint pain, providing relief to those wrestling with severe arthritis.

The word "arthritis" written on a dry erase board

3. The PTSD Calmer: The intricate maze that is PTSD can be daunting. Yet, the entourage effect of RSO, where various cannabis compounds synergize, may provide solace to the mind. Some users find it helps them face traumatic memories without the associated stress. Here's a deep dive into how PTSD and cannabis interact.

4. Epilepsy and Seizure Control: The stories are heartwarming - many epilepsy sufferers claim RSO has reduced the frequency and severity of their seizures. The reason? Likely the anti-convulsant properties of certain cannabinoids. It’s no wonder that research on cannabis and epilepsy is in full swing.

5. Potentially Boosting Appetite: For those battling conditions that kill the appetite, or undergoing treatments like chemotherapy, RSO can be a potential game-changer. A little dose might just light up those hunger signals, encouraging a healthy intake of food.

6. Glaucoma Relief: The pressure. The pain. Living with glaucoma is no walk in the park. Interestingly, RSO might hold the key to intraocular pressure relief. The connection between glaucoma and cannabis is becoming hard to ignore.

If you're vibing with these potential benefits and wondering if RSO is your next green move, check out the MMJ card qualifying conditions. To explore other holistic therapies, maybe it’s time to deep dive into marijuana therapy. And if the green wave is calling, getting your medical marijuana card is your ticket to ride.

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Key Takeaway: RSO isn’t just a cannabis product; it’s an emblem of potential and hope for many medical conditions. Harnessing the full spectrum of cannabis compounds, it’s a champion in the world of therapeutic cannabis extracts.

Application and Dosage of RSO: Alright, fam, so you've heard about the magic of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and its potential benefits. But, like any good party, the magic's in getting the dosage right. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of applying and dosing RSO, ensuring you're getting the max benefits without any hiccups.

Start Low and Go Slow: Firstly, and most importantly, it's the motto of all savvy cannabis users. With RSO, it's super crucial. Begin with a tiny amount, like the size of a half grain of rice. Some folks prefer taking it orally, placing it right under their tongue, while others may opt for the capsule route. Check out this handy guide on how to dose cannabis oils for a more comprehensive dive.

Woman opening her mouth and taking a dose of RSO oil from a dropper

Consistent Application: When starting, it's a good idea to administer the dose every 8 hours - morning, noon, and night. This ensures a consistent level of cannabinoids in your system. But as with everything cannabis, it's personal! Monitor your body's reaction and adjust as needed. Need guidance on managing doses with different medical conditions? Check to see if you have a qualifying condition.

Increase Gradually: After a few days, if you're feeling like your body's cool with the initial dose, double it. Continue this pattern every four days until you reach about 1 gram per day. It sounds like a lot, but remember, it's a gradual climb. Sites like RSO dose scaling can be a handy compass on this journey.

Choosing the Right RSO for You: There are different strains and potencies of RSO, so make sure you're getting the right one for your needs. If you're seeking relaxation or managing conditions like anxiety, consider an indica-dominant RSO. For day-time use or cerebral focus, a sativa-dominant RSO might be your jam.

Topical Application: Got localized pain or skin conditions? RSO ain't just for ingesting. Apply it directly to the affected area. It could potentially work wonders on conditions like eczema or localized pain spots.

If you're gearing up to dive into the RSO world, or any cannabis product for that matter, make sure you've got your official green card. For first-timers, here's how to get your medical marijuana card. And if you're wondering about other therapeutic approaches with cannabis, take a peek into the world of marijuana therapy.

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Key Takeaway: When it comes to RSO, or any cannabis product, understanding and tailoring your dosage is key. It's an individual journey, ensuring you achieve therapeutic benefits while ensuring safety and comfort. Listen to your body, seek guidance, and enjoy the ride on the green wave! 🌊🌿

The Relationship between RSO and Cancer Treatment: Alright, herb enthusiasts, let's delve into the intriguing world of RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, and its promising connection to cancer treatments. Now, for those out of the loop, RSO is a concentrated form of cannabis oil renowned for its potential medicinal properties, especially when you talk about the big "C" - Cancer.

First up, a brief rewind. RSO was introduced by Rick Simpson, a former engineer from Canada. After a dramatic health turnaround credited to this oil, he became a marijuana messiah of sorts, advocating its potential benefits for a variety of ailments, but primarily cancer. While the full story is worth a read on its own, let's stick to the scientific aspects of cannabis and its potential anticancer properties.

There are a plethora of anecdotes and some preliminary studies suggesting that RSO might inhibit the growth of cancer cells. But as exciting as that sounds, it's crucial to approach this with a balanced perspective. Clinical trials and more extensive research are needed to validate these claims. That said, the positive stories emerging from the community are nothing short of inspiring. If you're curious about the conditions that could potentially benefit from medical cannabis, check out this list of qualifying conditions which, yes, includes cancer.

A cancer patient resting and looking out a window

But where does one get their hands on RSO or learn more about it? For genuine seekers, the ARCannabis Clinic directory of dispensaries offer not just products but also guidance and information, ensuring you're making well-informed decisions. However, always remember, while RSO is available without a prescription, it's always smart to consult with professionals before integrating it into any treatment plan.

To bolster your knowledge and join the green revolution, consider getting your medical marijuana card. This card acts as your golden ticket to a world of therapeutic potential, opening doors to diverse strains and products tailored for different conditions.

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Key Takeaway: The potential of RSO in cancer treatment is promising, reflecting the broader, evolving perspective on cannabis as a medicinal ally. However, as with all things health-related, a balanced, informed approach is the way to go. Celebrate the anecdotes, but also respect the need for ongoing research and personal due diligence.


  • What is the main distinction between RSO and other cannabis concentrates? RSO contains high levels of THC and is meant for medical use, focusing on ailments like cancer.

  • How much RSO should one consume initially? It's best to start with a small amount, often likened to a grain of rice.

  • What's the best way to store RSO? In a cool, dark place. A fridge works well.

  • Are there potential side effects of using RSO? Yes, due to the high THC content, users might experience psychoactive effects, high blood pressure, or other side effects.

  • Can RSO be used in conjunction with traditional cancer treatments like radiation therapy? Always consult medical advice before combining treatments.

  • Is the "entourage effect" real? The concept refers to the combined effect of all cannabis compounds, believed to enhance the plant's therapeutic potential.

  • Why is RSO dark in color? The extraction process and the presence of full spectrum cannabis compounds give RSO its dark color.

  • Who is Rick Simpson? A Canadian engineer and medical cannabis activist who popularized this form of cannabis oil.

  • Is there a difference between full spectrum CBD oil and RSO? Yes, RSO has higher levels of THC compared to most CBD oils.

  • How long does it take to see the effects of RSO? Effects can vary based on the dosage, individual metabolism, and intended use.

  • Is it a good idea to make your own RSO at home? Always be cautious and aware of the risks when making any form of concentrated cannabis product at home.

  • How does RSO compare to other forms of cannabis oil products? RSO is unique due to its high THC content and potential therapeutic benefits.

  • Is RSO legal everywhere? Legality varies by jurisdiction; always check local regulations.

  • What conditions can RSO potentially treat? Chronic pain, inflammation, cancer, and other conditions based on anecdotal reports.

  • Can I apply RSO directly to my skin? Yes, especially for issues like basal cell carcinoma, but always in recommended amounts.

A smiling woman with cancer

Conclusion: The world of cannabis is vast and ever-evolving, with RSO standing out as a remarkable discovery. While the tales of its potential are fascinating, it's always crucial to approach with knowledge and caution. For those interested in exploring the potential benefits of RSO and other cannabis products, ARCannabisClinic offers a comprehensive approach. As a pioneer in full diagnosis evaluations and an industry leader with their MMJ Therapy Visit, ARCannabisClinic stands as a beacon for medical marijuana patients nationwide. From Cannabis Cultivation Consults to 100% interest-free financing options,

ARCannabisClinic truly embodies the essence of a one-stop shop in the cannabis world. Remember, as with all medical treatments, it's essential to consult with professionals and ensure you're making informed decisions.


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