Herbology Dispensary in Little Rock to Open Nov 7th!

AR Cannabis Clinic was invited to the Herbology open-house on 10/29/19 and our Mangers and Supervisors were able to meet with the people in charge of Herbology. They have announced an opening date of November 7th which is great news for medical marijuana patients in central Arkansas, especially Little Rock. For a more in-depth review, please visit the Herbology landing page on our website https://www.arcannabisclinic.com/herbology

and to leave customer reviews and comments on their dispensary. We look forward to seeing what our customers have to say about Herbology dispensary!

If you haven't gotten your medical cannabis card, the time to get it done is now. With the first Little Rock dispensary opening in 1 week, you want to beat the rush. Visit www.arcannabisclinic.com and select your preferred clinic location to book an appointment or call 888-454-2111 to speak to one of our friendly patient care specialists. We look forward to serving you!


Hannah, Clinic Director

AR Cannabis Clinic




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Our mmj doctors ( marijuana doctor ) and staff here at ARCannabis Clinic are committed to educate and help you understand the process in which to obtain your marijuana card/cannabis card, medical card ( cannabis card ) so that you may have an alternative treatment option.  The marijuana doctor ( cannabis doctor ) and staff at ARCannabis Clinic understand that the world is changing and the art of medicine has to change along with it.  Our marijuana doctors ( cannabis doctors ) will see you periodically for follow-up appointments and visit with you on your progress.  Your cannabis card marijuana card ( mmj card ) is required to be re-certified yearly by your marijuana doctor ( cannabis doctor ) to keep your marijuana card/cannabis card active.  Get certified to get your marijuana card, cannabis card today!  Our cannabis doctor, marijuana doctor is available 7 days a week to visit with you.

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