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Best of AR 2023: Top 10 Cannabis Dispensaries in Arkansas

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Arkansas has witnessed a burgeoning growth in the cannabis industry, especially with the advent of medical marijuana dispensaries catering to a wide array of medical conditions. The state has become a sanctuary for medical marijuana patients seeking natural relief from chronic pain and other ailments. With a plethora of dispensaries dotting the landscape from Little Rock to Pine Bluff, the quest for the best dispensary could be a daunting task for both new and seasoned cannabis consumers. This article unfurls the tapestry of the Arkansas cannabis retail scene, shedding light on the top 10 dispensaries, their unique selling propositions, and their contributions toward cannabis education and community outreach.

Top 10 Arkansas dispensaries review with medical marijuana with ARCannabisClinic

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berner's by Good Day Farm medical marijuana dispensary in Little Rock AR outside of building photo

A Comprehensive Review of Top 10 Cannabis Dispensaries in Arkansas

In recent years, the state of Arkansas has risen to prominence within the cannabis industry, becoming a sanctuary for medical marijuana patients. The array of dispensaries across the state, from Little Rock to Hot Springs, provides a robust foundation for those seeking relief from a variety of medical conditions. This article aims to shed light on the top 10 cannabis dispensaries in Arkansas, each contributing uniquely to the local cannabis culture and community.

  1. Good Day Farm is one dispensary that has garnered attention for its extensive menu of high-quality products and its knowledgeable staff, dedicated to guiding medical marijuana patients toward the right product to suit their specific needs. Its location in the heart of Little Rock makes it a convenient stop for locals and visitors alike.

  2. Hot Springs is home to Green Springs Medical Dispensary, known for its wide variety of strains and CBD products. Their loyalty program is a highlight, rewarding returning customers and making every visit a gratifying experience. The dispensary's commitment to cannabis education is apparent, ensuring every patient leaves with a better understanding of cannabis consumption for their medical conditions.

  3. Arkansas Natural Products in Clinton is another noteworthy mention. This dispensary has garnered a reputation for its community-centric approach. They not only provide medical marijuana card holders with a diverse selection of products but also engage in local community outreach to demystify the cannabis use and its benefits.

  4. Further north in Heber Springs, Fiddler’s Green takes a personalized approach to patient care. They are lauded for their patient-centric ethos, ensuring each individual's medical marijuana needs are met with a tailored treatment plan. This dispensary embodies the essence of a local, homegrown establishment with a deep-rooted commitment to the Heber Springs community.

  5. A trip to West Memphis will lead you to NEA Full Spectrum. This dispensary is acclaimed for its premium flower and a vast array of cannabis products catering to a wide spectrum of medical conditions. Their mission is to provide natural relief to the community, backed by a knowledgeable staff ready to guide each patient through their cannabis journey.

  6. In Mountain View, the aptly named Mountain View dispensary stands as a pillar in the cannabis community, known for its quality products and a well-informed staff that prioritizes patient education. They provide a safe and welcoming environment for all medical marijuana patients, ensuring a positive experience with each visit.

  7. The thriving city of El Dorado houses the Natural State Medicinals, a dispensary that has become synonymous with quality and variety. Their broad spectrum of products ensures that every patient finds the perfect product to suit their needs, whether they are seeking relief from chronic pain or other medical conditions.

  8. In the bustling locale of Pine Bluff, the Treatment Center cannabis dispensary stands out for its dedication to providing a comprehensive cannabis education alongside a diverse product selection. They take pride in fostering a community of informed medical marijuana users.

  9. Zen Leaf in West Memphis is another dispensary that has carved a niche for itself with its premium quality products and an unyielding commitment to patient care. The dispensary is a haven for patients, providing a serene environment to explore the benefits of medical cannabis.

  10. Lastly, the Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway exemplifies the essence of a holistic approach to cannabis retail. Their emphasis on educating the community about the medical benefits of cannabis sets them apart in the Arkansas dispensary landscape.

Key Takeaway: The top 10 cannabis dispensaries in Arkansas each offer a unique approach to patient care, community engagement, and cannabis education. Their collective efforts contribute significantly to the positive narrative surrounding medical cannabis in the state, making Arkansas a notable player in the broader cannabis industry.

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For those embarking on their medical marijuana journey, understanding the qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card is crucial. The landscape of Arkansas dispensaries is a testament to the state’s progressive stance on medical cannabis, offering hope and natural relief to countless individuals.

Award-Winning Cannabis Strains: A Closer Look at Arkansas' Finest

The state of Arkansas has gradually evolved into a fertile haven for cultivating and acquiring award-winning cannabis strains, courtesy of its local legislation and the burgeoning cannabis industry. The diverse range of strains available within the state not only caters to recreational cannabis users but is also a beacon of hope for medical marijuana patients seeking natural relief for a wide variety of medical conditions. The prevalence of licensed Arkansas dispensaries, spearheaded by knowledgeable staff, plays a vital role in fostering an environment conducive for cannabis education and informed cannabis consumption.

award winning cannabis strain with rainbow back drop in Arkansas

One of the flagship dispensaries making a significant imprint on the Arkansas cannabis landscape is Good Day Farm. This dispensary, located in Little Rock, has been a forerunner in providing a diverse selection of premium flower strains, each meticulously cultivated to meet the specific needs of the local community. Among the strains that have garnered accolades and a loyal patronage include Blue Dream, known for its euphoric and calming effects, ideal for individuals grappling with chronic pain or anxiety.

The cannabis industry in Arkansas has not shied away from innovation, particularly in ensuring the wide variety of strains are accessible to all qualified patients, even those residing in remote areas like Mountain View or Hot Springs. The advent of online order systems, coupled with delivery service, has significantly expanded the reach of these award-winning strains, much to the delight of Arkansas patients.

Green Springs dispensary is another hallmark establishment situated in the heart of West Memphis, where cannabis connoisseurs can find an extensive menu of high-quality products. The dispensary groups in Arkansas, including Green Springs, have been pivotal in championing the cannabis education crusade, assisting individuals in understanding the THC content and the potential benefits and harms associated with different strains.

The Natural Relief Dispensary, nestled in the quaint city of Sherwood, has been another torchbearer in the journey towards better quality of life through cannabis use. With a robust loyalty program, the dispensary ensures that every visit is rewarding, both in savings and in the wealth of cannabis knowledge imparted.

Key Takeaway: The breadth and quality of cannabis strains available in Arkansas are a testament to the state's progressive stance towards cannabis use, both for recreational and medical purposes. The concerted efforts of local dispensaries in fostering an educated cannabis community are not only enhancing the cannabis retail experience but are also instrumental in destigmatizing cannabis consumption.

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The thriving cannabis culture in Arkansas also opens avenues for individuals seeking to secure a medical marijuana card, facilitating a structured and legal channel for acquiring the right product tailored to their medical conditions. The dispensaries, with their diverse product selection and knowledgeable staff, stand as pillars in the community, guiding individuals towards a path of better health and wellness.

Innovations in Cannabis Retail: A Tour Through Arkansas' Top Dispensaries

Arkansas has witnessed a renaissance in the cannabis industry, particularly in the retail sector. This metamorphosis is largely attributed to the state's open embrace of medical marijuana for a plethora of medical conditions, thereby propelling dispensaries to evolve in meeting the nuanced demands of medical marijuana patients and recreational marijuana users alike. This evolution is not merely confined to the variety of strains on offer, but extends to the retail experience, ensuring it's streamlined, informative, and conducive for both seasoned cannabis aficionados and novices.

Arkansas top dispensary products with joint and dried buds

The onset of this retail revolution can be traced back to the rigorous licensure of Arkansas dispensaries. This official stamp of approval has not only instilled a sense of trust among Arkansas patients but has also set the stage for dispensaries to champion the cause of cannabis education. Dispensaries like Native Green Wellness have taken the mantle in this domain, nurturing a knowledgeable staff adept at guiding individuals through the extensive menu of cannabis products, elucidating on the distinct benefits, potential harms, and the most optimum methods of cannabis consumption tailored to individual preferences and medical needs.

One of the hallmark innovations in the Arkansas cannabis retail landscape is the advent of online order systems. Dispensaries like Greenlight Dispensary in Helena have pioneered this initiative, ensuring that cannabis products are merely a click away. This digital stride has not only amplified the convenience factor but has also brought a semblance of discretion to cannabis procurement, a facet much appreciated by individuals who prefer a private retail experience.

The city of Pine Bluff hosts the eminent Natural Relief Dispensary, which has garnered accolades for its patient-centric approach. The dispensary epitomizes the essence of personalized retail experience, extending a patient care ethos that transcends the transactional nature of retail. Every interaction is tailored to educate, inform, and guide individuals in finding the perfect product that aligns with their medical or recreational needs.

Moreover, the dispensary landscape in Arkansas has seen a surge in the variety of options available, from CBD products to a wide variety of strains catering to diverse cannabis consumption preferences. This diversity is not merely a testament to the rich cannabis culture in Arkansas but also a reflection of the dispensaries' commitment to catering to the holistic needs of the local community.

Key Takeaway: The innovation in cannabis retail in Arkansas is a robust indicator of the state's progressive stance towards cannabis. It underscores the concerted efforts of local dispensaries in elevating the retail experience from a transactional interaction to a holistic, educational, and personalized journey.

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The spirit of innovation is not confined to urban centers like Little Rock but resonates through the valleys of Hot Springs and the calm terrain of Heber Springs. The dispensary groups have transcended the traditional retail model, infusing a blend of education, accessibility, and a broad spectrum of product selection, thus setting a precedent for other states to emulate. The releaf center in Bentonville is a quintessence of this innovative retail paradigm, embodying the ethos of patient care, education, and an extensive variety of cannabis products.

Sustainable Practices in Arkansas Cannabis Dispensaries

In recent years, the cannabis industry in Arkansas has been flourishing, with a notable emphasis on sustainable practices within the realm of retail dispensaries. The heartbeat of this green evolution resonates through the meticulous efforts of local dispensaries in adopting eco-friendly practices, aimed at minimizing the environmental footprint while maximizing the quality and accessibility of cannabis products for medical marijuana patients and recreational users.

sustainable practices in Arkansas.  patient paying with credit card at Arkansas dispensary

One notable dispensary embodying the ethos of sustainability is Good Day Farm. Nestled in the heart of Little Rock, this dispensary has pioneered the integration of renewable energy sources within its operational framework. The implementation of solar panels and energy-efficient lighting systems significantly reduces the energy consumption, thereby contributing to a greener cannabis retail landscape.

Furthermore, the adoption of organic cultivation practices is another feather in the cap of Arkansas' sustainable cannabis retail narrative. Dispensaries like Arkansas Natural Products in Clinton have taken a steadfast approach towards organic farming, shunning the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. This not only ensures the purity and safety of the cannabis strains but also curtails the contamination of the local soil and water bodies.

The emphasis on local sourcing is a hallmark of sustainability, and dispensaries like Native Green Wellness have championed this cause. By procuring a wide variety of strains and CBD products from local growers, these dispensaries are not only bolstering the local cannabis industry but also reducing the carbon footprint associated with long-haul transportation.

Moreover, the advent of digital platforms for online order and delivery services has significantly curtailed the need for physical retail spaces, thus reducing the energy and resource demands. Dispensaries like Greenlight Dispensary have embraced this digital transition, ensuring that the medical marijuana card holders can procure their preferred strains from the comfort of their homes, with minimal environmental impact.

Key Takeaway: The infusion of sustainable practices within the operational and procurement processes of Arkansas cannabis dispensaries is a robust step towards an eco-friendly cannabis retail landscape. It underscores a holistic approach, balancing the scales of accessibility, quality, and environmental stewardship.

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In addition, dispensaries are also delving into the realms of recycling and waste management to further the cause of sustainability. The implementation of recycling programs, coupled with the promotion of reusable packaging, showcases a forward-thinking approach towards waste reduction. Moreover, the education on sustainable cannabis consumption is also being promulgated by knowledgeable staff across various dispensaries, nurturing a community of environmentally-conscious cannabis consumers.

The sustainable narrative is not a solitary endeavor but a collective initiative, intertwining dispensaries, local growers, and the community at large. This sustainable framework is not only setting a precedent within the state of Arkansas but also serving as a beacon for other states in fostering a greener cannabis retail ecosystem.

Impact of Local Legislation on Arkansas Cannabis Retail Landscape

The cannabis retail landscape in Arkansas has undergone a significant transformation, much of which can be attributed to the evolving local legislation governing the cultivation, distribution, and consumption of cannabis. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act, initiated in 2016, was a watershed moment, laying the groundwork for a structured and regulated cannabis industry within the state. This legal framework has been instrumental in shaping the cannabis retail sector, ensuring it operates within a well-defined legal ambit, ensuring the safety, quality, and accessibility of cannabis products to qualified patients and recreational users.

Arkansas balloons floating above medical marijuana logo with ARCannabisClinic

A cornerstone of the local legislation is the stringent licensure process for Arkansas dispensaries, which entails a thorough vetting of the applicants ensuring only reputable and compliant entities are granted the privilege to operate within the cannabis retail sector. This meticulous licensure process has instilled a sense of trust and professionalism within the industry, attracting a cadre of knowledgeable staff and cannabis experts to the retail sector, thereby elevating the quality of service and products offered.

Furthermore, the local legislation has also paved the way for a robust system of medical marijuana card issuance, allowing individuals with qualifying conditions to access medical marijuana legally. This structured approach has fostered a conducive environment for individuals seeking natural relief for ailments like chronic pain, PTSD, and severe arthritis, to name a few.

Moreover, the legislation has also placed a strong emphasis on cannabis education, mandating dispensaries to provide accurate and comprehensive information regarding the benefits, potential harms, and responsible cannabis consumption practices. This legislative directive has propelled dispensaries to invest in educating their staff and the community at large, thus nurturing an informed and responsible cannabis consumer base.

The local legislation has also shown a degree of flexibility, adapting to the evolving needs of the Arkansas cannabis industry. For instance, the allowance for online order and delivery services amidst the global health crisis showcased a pragmatic and adaptive legislative framework, ensuring uninterrupted access to cannabis products even in challenging times.

Key Takeaway: The local legislation in Arkansas has been a bedrock in shaping a responsible, accessible, and quality-driven cannabis retail landscape. Its adaptive nature and emphasis on consumer education and safety underscore a progressive and thoughtful approach towards cannabis regulation.

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Furthermore, the local legislation has also provided a framework for tax revenue generation through a privilege tax on marijuana sales. The revenue generated is channeled back into the community, funding various state initiatives and projects. This fiscal aspect of the legislation reflects a broader socio-economic impact, intertwining the cannabis retail sector with the larger economic fabric of the State of Arkansas, fostering a symbiotic relationship that propels both the industry and the community towards a progressive trajectory.


How have recent changes in local legislation impacted the Arkansas cannabis retail landscape? Recent years have witnessed a significant evolution in the legal framework surrounding medical marijuana in Arkansas, thanks to the progressive stance of Arkansas voters and the Arkansas Department of Health. This evolving legislation has played a pivotal role in shaping the Arkansas cannabis retail landscape​1​.

What are some notable award-winning cannabis strains available in Arkansas' dispensaries? While the exact strains might vary over time, dispensaries in Arkansas offer a wide variety of strains, ensuring medical marijuana patients have access to high-quality products to suit their medical conditions. It would be beneficial to visit local dispensaries or their websites to explore the range of award-winning cannabis strains they have on offer.

What are some of the innovative practices adopted by Arkansas' top dispensaries? Arkansas' top dispensaries are known for their knowledgeable staff and extensive menu of products catering to the specific needs of medical marijuana patients. They leverage the latest in cannabis retail technology to provide a seamless shopping experience, ensuring patients find the right product for their medical conditions.

What sustainable practices are being employed by cannabis dispensaries in Arkansas? Sustainable practices in the cannabis industry are critical for minimizing environmental impact. Though detailed practices might vary from one dispensary to another, common sustainable practices include energy-efficient growing operations, water conservation, and the use of organic cultivation methods.

How do the sales figures reflect the growth of medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas? The first six months of 2023 saw a record-breaking sales figure for medical marijuana, demonstrating a progressive increase in cannabis popularity since the first dispensary opened four years ago. Additionally, the state tax collection on medical marijuana totaled $5.3 million for January and February 2023. During these two months, dispensaries sold 8,832 pounds of medical marijuana, amounting to $45.5 million in sales​2​​3​.

How is Good Day Farm contributing to the cannabis retail landscape in Arkansas? Recently, two central Arkansas dispensaries changed their names to Good Day Farm following a change in ownership. This rebranding represents part of the dynamic and evolving cannabis retail landscape in Arkansas, illustrating how existing dispensaries are adapting to changing market conditions​4​.

What is the projected growth of the medical marijuana industry in Arkansas for 2023? The medical marijuana sales in Arkansas are nearing $100 million, and the state's industry is on pace to surpass $276 million this year. Patients are spending an average of $787,000 a day on medical marijuana purchases across the state’s 38 dispensaries​5​.

What is the role of the Arkansas Department of Health in the cannabis industry? The Arkansas Department of Health plays a crucial role in regulating and overseeing the medical marijuana program in the state, ensuring that only qualified patients have access to medical marijuana and that dispensaries comply with all necessary laws and regulations.

How can one get a medical marijuana card in Arkansas? To obtain a medical marijuana card in Arkansas, individuals need to meet certain qualifying conditions as stipulated by the state. They should consult with medical cannabis doctors to evaluate their eligibility, and upon confirmation, they can apply for a medical marijuana card following the guidelines provided by the Arkansas Department of Health.

What are the tax implications for medical marijuana sales in Arkansas? The state collects taxes on medical marijuana sales, which contribute to the revenue. For instance, the tax collection on medical marijuana amounted to $5.3 million for the first two months of 2023​2​. This tax revenue supports various state programs and initiatives, thus benefiting the local community.

How do dispensaries ensure patient care while providing medical marijuana? Dispensaries in Arkansas are equipped with knowledgeable staff who provide cannabis education to patients, ensuring they are well-informed about cannabis consumption and the variety of strains available. They also provide personalized consultations to help patients find the perfect product for their medical conditions.

How is privacy maintained for medical marijuana patients in Arkansas? Privacy is a crucial aspect of medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas. Dispensaries adhere to a strict privacy policy to ensure that patient information is kept confidential. This helps in building trust and ensuring that patients feel comfortable while seeking medical marijuana treatment.

What types of products are available in Arkansas' medical marijuana dispensaries? Arkansas’ medical marijuana dispensaries offer a diverse selection of products including a wide variety of strains, CBD products, and other cannabis-derived products. The extensive menu ensures that patients have a variety of options to choose from based on their specific needs and medical conditions.

How is the quality of medical marijuana ensured in Arkansas dispensaries? Quality assurance is paramount in Arkansas dispensaries. They adhere to stringent quality control measures to ensure that the medical marijuana products sold are of high quality. This includes regular testing for potency, purity, and consistency.

How do dispensaries in Arkansas contribute to cannabis education? Cannabis education is a core aspect of the services provided by dispensaries in Arkansas. Through their knowledgeable staff, dispensaries provide essential information on cannabis consumption, its benefits, and potential harms, enabling patients to make informed decisions regarding their treatment.

What are the working hours of dispensaries in Arkansas? The working hours of dispensaries may vary, but most operate during regular business hours. It's advisable to check the working hours of specific dispensaries either by visiting their websites or contacting them directly.

What are the recent developments in Arkansas' medical marijuana laws? In recent years, Arkansas has witnessed significant transformations in its legal framework surrounding medical marijuana, driven by the progressive stance of its voters and the involvement of the Arkansas Department of Health​1​.

What were the sales figures for medical cannabis in Arkansas for 2021? In 2021, Arkansas recorded medical cannabis sales worth $264.9 million, reflecting sales of 40,347 pounds of medical cannabis by 37 dispensaries. This was a significant increase from 2020, where sales totaled $175 million with 26,000 pounds sold​2​.

How has local legislation impacted the medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas? Recent legislative changes have led to a judge ruling twenty-seven amendments to Arkansas’ medical marijuana laws as unconstitutional. However, despite these legal hurdles, medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas are expected to surpass their 2022 sales​3​.

How is the number of medical cannabis dispensaries regulated in Arkansas? The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission has adjusted the number of medical cannabis dispensaries allowed in each of the state’s eight designated zones. This move paved the way for the state to grant the last of the state’s 40 retail licenses​4​.

Is there a possibility of broader cannabis legalization in Arkansas? Yes, broader cannabis legalization could be on the horizon in Arkansas. The state court had blocked legalization initiatives for a while, but in 2023, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that citizens will have a chance to vote on cannabis legalization in the November ballot of the same year​5​.

What was the top-selling dispensary in Arkansas for 2021? The Releaf Center in Bentonville emerged as the top-selling dispensary in Arkansas for 2021, with sales of 4,012 pounds of medical marijuana​2​.

How many active medical marijuana patients are there in Arkansas? As of 2021, Arkansas had 79,476 active medical marijuana patients​2​.

How have the recent legislative changes impacted the sales of medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas? The recent legislative developments, despite having some ruled as unconstitutional, have not dampened the sales prospects for medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas. In fact, they are projected to exceed their sales recorded in 2022​3​.

How are dispensary licenses allocated in Arkansas? Dispensary licenses in Arkansas are allocated by the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission, which recently adjusted the number of dispensaries allowed in each designated zone of the state​4​.

What is the stance of the Arkansas Department of Health regarding medical marijuana? The Arkansas Department of Health has played a pivotal role in the evolution of the legal framework surrounding medical marijuana in the state, reflecting a progressive stance towards the medicinal use of cannabis​1​.

How does the medical marijuana retail landscape in Arkansas compare to the previous years? The medical marijuana retail landscape in Arkansas has shown growth, with increased sales figures and more dispensaries operating in 2021 compared to 2020​2​.

What factors contributed to the growth of medical cannabis sales in Arkansas? The progressive stance of Arkansas voters, coupled with the supportive role of the Arkansas Department of Health, has contributed to the growth of medical cannabis sales in the state​1​.

How many dispensaries were operational in Arkansas in 2021? In 2021, 37 dispensaries were operational in Arkansas, contributing to the sales of 40,347 pounds of medical cannabis​2​.

Are there any recent court rulings related to cannabis in Arkansas? Yes, an Arkansas judge recently ruled twenty-seven changes made to Arkansas’ medical marijuana laws as unconstitutional​3​.

How is the future of medical cannabis retail looking in Arkansas? The future of medical cannabis retail in Arkansas looks promising with expectations of surpassing previous sales records, despite some legal challenges​3​.

Is recreational marijuana legal in Arkansas? No, as of now, recreational marijuana is not legal in Arkansas. However, there's a potential for broader cannabis legalization as citizens will have the opportunity to vote on this issue in the November ballot of 2023​5​.

What is the role of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission? The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission regulates the number of medical cannabis dispensaries in the state, ensuring they are evenly distributed across eight designated zones​4​.

How have the dispensaries in Arkansas been performing in recent years? The dispensaries in Arkansas have been performing well, with increased sales figures and a growing number of operational dispensaries from 2020 to 2021​2​.

How do recent legal rulings in Arkansas impact medical marijuana dispensaries? Recent legal rulings, such as the one declaring twenty-seven amendments to the medical marijuana laws as unconstitutional, could pose challenges, but dispensaries are still projected to perform well in terms of sales​3​.

What are some anticipated changes in the cannabis retail landscape in Arkansas? With the possibility of broader cannabis legalization being presented to the voters in the November ballot of 2023, there could be significant changes in the cannabis retail landscape in Arkansas​5​.


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