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Arkansas Senate passes bill restricting some marijuana edibles

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

The Arkansas Senate passed a bill restricting certain forms of medical cannabis such as lollipops and brownies on the basis of child safety. The bill states that medical cannibis cannot be made or packaged in a form that would appeal to children. The bill must now pass the Arkansas House before it becomes law. Medical marijuana is still not available for sale in Arkansas even though the law for medical marijuana legalization was passed in 2016. Arkansas' medical marijuana program has lagged behind neighboring states such as Missouri and Oklahoma which passed laws in 2018 and now have medical cannabis already on store shelves. The wait will soon be over for Arkansans as the first medical marijuana is expected to be available for sale in late April. Sign up for our AR Cannabis Clinic newsletter and blog for the latest information about the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Program.


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