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Arkansas Department of Health to re-issue marijuana cards

The Arkansas Department of Health announced it will re-issue marijuana cards to qualifying patients who received them in the months before the drug could be sold. The law initially stated that the cards would be issued within 30 days of the first dispensary was to open, but since there were delays to dispensaries, the ADH sent the cards out way too early. Many card holders were angry they "lost" more than two months of use of their cards (which must be recertified every 12 months) and they let their complaints be heard. The ADH listened. Now, they have stated that they will issue cards out when the first dispensary statewide opens. This will give qualifying patients the full 12 months use of their card. So, if you haven't already gotten certified, now is the time to do it. The State will not send you your card until you can actually use it. So there's no advantage to waiting. Book now at www.ARCannabisClinic/appointments

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 14, 2019

That’s not what they are telling patients now. They are saying that cards will only be sent to patients who had a less then one year recommendation by there dr. Many of us have called them and asked them and they said nope. Only those who’s

card was less then a year which is so wrong. Money grubbing monopoly

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