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Our Minnesota medical marijuana doctor will reach out in minutes to help you get access to medical marijuana dispensaries near you.  Get approved of your money back!  We also offer renewal appointments.

STEP 1.  Book an Appointment
Select a time for your Risk-Free New or Renewal Visit Below

STEP 2.  Payment

You are all set!  After you sign the consent form, simply sit back and wait for our medical provider to contact you at your scheduled appointment time.



Here's how ARCannabisClinic compares to other MMJ doctors



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  • Same Day Appointment

  • Same Day Easy Online Self-Booking

  • Same Day Card Approvals*


slow speed

  • Frequent reschedules and cancellations

  • Must call for appointments

  • Approvals delivered in days


Affordable + Price Match

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fees as high as $500+

  • Hidden prices

  • No price matching

  • Accepts only cash or credit over the phone



approved-151676_960_720 (1).png
  • Full Refund if You Don't Qualify*

  • No Follow-Up Required

  • Full Transparent Up Front Pricing


high risk

  • Partial or no refund if not approved

  • follow-up visits required with more fees

  • Do not show pricing before booking


Very Convenient

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  • 100% Online Forms and Signatures

  • Diagnosis Screening Services like PTSD and Anxiety

  • In-House Records Services and More



  • Must print forms, scan, and send in

  • External diagnosis visits required

  • No assistance with records gathering


Excellent Service

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poor service

  • Poor or no online reviews

  • Avg. email response time:  7 days

  • No phone support

*terms and conditions apply


Most Frequently Asked Questions on Minnesota Medical Marijuana

📌 What are the qualifying conditions for Minnesota

Adult patients age 18 or over will need to be diagnosed with at least one of the following state-approved debilitating medical conditions:

Alzheimer’s disease

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)


Cancer associated with severe/chronic pain, nausea or severe vomiting, or cachexia or severe wasting

Chronic motor or vocal tic disorder (effective August 2021)

Chronic pain



Inflammatory bowel disease, including Crohn’s disease

Intractable pain

Obstructive sleep apnea

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Seizures, including those characteristic of epilepsy

Severe and persistent muscle spasms, including those characteristic of multiple sclerosis

Sickle cell disease (effective August 2021)

Terminal illness, with a probable life expectancy of less than one year

Tourette Syndrome

✔ I have one of the “qualifying medical conditions,” am I automatically a qualified patient?"

An official Minnesota physician written certification must be obtained from a medical physician and submitted with the application. To schedule your risk-free appointment to see a ARCannabisClinic approved marijuana doctor in Minnesota, click here.

⌛ How do I set up an appointment with a registered medical marijuana provider in Minnesota?

Step 1. Book. Book an Appointment Online

Step 2. Payment. Pay Online

Step 3. Sign an Online Consent Form (a link will be emailed to you upon payment)

Step 4. Submit your Qualifying Medical Records

💲 How much is annual enrollment fee for the Minnesota Medical Cannabis program?

The annual enrollment fee with the State of Minnesota is $200. For most updated pricing click here

  • Full fee is $200.

  • Reduced fee is $50.
    Patients who receive Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability (including those transitioned to retirement benefits), medical assistance, MinnesotaCare, IHS, Railroad disability, VA dependency and indemnity compensation, or Veteran’s disability benefits are eligible for the reduced fee. You must provide evidence. See the How to Register in the Medical Cannabis Program (PDF) for details on required proof that you will need to submit.

⚡How do I apply online with the Minnesota Department of Health - Medical Marijuana Division?

Applications and payment can be collected through an online system. You will need a valid email address to login to this system. This email address will be used to send notices once you create an account. For more information, click here

Shortly after getting certified, you will receive an email from the Minnesota Department of Health's Medical Cannabis Registry. Check your junk or spam folder if you do not see this email in your regular inbox. Read the instructions carefully and click the link in the email to begin your Medical Cannabis Registry enrollment.

After you submit your application, the Office of Medical Cannabis will let you know by email when your enrollment has been approved (processing can take up to 30 days) or if we need additional documentation from you.

👨‍🦽 How do I qualify to become an Minnesota MMJ caregiver?

A primary caregiver, like the patient, must first prove Minnesota residency before applying for a card.  A registered caregiver is a person designated to assist a registered patient in administering medical cannabis or obtaining medicine from a Medical Cannabis Dispensary. Parents, spouses, and legal guardians of the patient may act as a caregiver but do not have to complete a background check. Caregivers will need to be entered into the state database by the patient’s certifying physician.  For more information, click here

👍 How much does it cost to get a medical marijuana doctor certification?

We offer the most competitive pricing in the industry with the fastest and the most friendly service you can't find anywhere else.  If our network doctor can not approve you for any reason, you get your money back!*  We currently accept major credit cards and debit cards via phone or online. No cash or personal checks are accepted. We offer the best prices and we guarantee it!  Check out our 👉 PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE  *Conditions apply

🌿 I'm certified and enrolled. Where can I get medical marijuana?

Once you have been enrolled in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis program, you can purchase medical marijuana at any dispensary in Minnesota. Some dispensaries require an appointment for your first visit. View contact information and locations for all dispensaries.

🤷‍♂️ I have more questions, can you help?

Absolutely!  We'd love to help and we are open everyday.  Please contact us at anytime if you need assistance.

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