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How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania

It's Easy to Get Your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card

Meet a Marijuana Doctor

 Book an appointment via phone or online to speak with one of our medical marijuana doctors via tele-health 6 days a week.  If you qualify, your doctor's approval will be done instantly on the PA Dept of Health website.

Register for Cannabis Card

Once your marijuana certification is done online by our doctor to the state of Pennsylvania, you will instantly receive an email from the PA Department of Health with a link and instructions for you to finish the online registration process.  You will receive your card in the mail in about a week.

Renew Your Marijuana Card

Pennsylvania law requires patients meet with their medical marijuana doctor within 12 months to keep their cannabis card active.  ARCannabisClinic will send you automated reminders on when it's time to renew so you can keep your card active.

> Schedule your appointment online

ARCananbisClinic: Your Go-to Place for a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card 🌿

Hey there! Dreaming of that Pennsylvania medical marijuana card? With ARCananbisClinic, you're not alone. Let's simplify the process and get you feeling better with the help of nature! 🍃

🔍 Eligibility Made Easy:

  • Pennsylvania gave the thumbs up to medical marijuana in 2016.

  • Qualify? Conditions include cancer, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, and PTSD among others.


👩‍⚕️ Working with Our Top-notch Doctors:

  • After determining your eligibility, join forces with our medical professionals in Pennsylvania.

  • We evaluate your health, give the all-clear, and write up that essential certification for you.


📝 Stress-free Application Help:

  • Got the certification? Great! We'll walk with you through the application process for the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

  • All you need: our doctor's certification, a proof of where you stay, and a little application fee.


🔄 Renewal? Piece of Cake!:

  • Cards need a yearly update.

  • With our help, renewing is a breeze! Another chat with our doctor, and a quick resubmission is all it takes.


🛍️ Shop with Your Card:

  • With card in hand, step into any licensed dispensaries in Pennsylvania.

  • State rules let you buy a specific amount of medical marijuana every 30 days.


Beginning with ARCananbisClinic 🚶‍♂️🌱 We know, it sounds like a lot. But, that's what we're here for! From finding a doctor to answering your questions, ARCananbisClinic makes the journey feel like a walk in the park. Dive deeper on our site and get started on a healthier you:


Your well-being journey just got a whole lot brighter! 🌞🌱🌼

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