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How To Get A Marijuana Card in Arkansas

It's Easy to Get Your Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card

Meet a Marijuana Doctor

 Book an appointment via phone or online to speak with one of our medical marijuana providers via tele-health 7 days per week.  After you complete an in-person visit with one of our doctors, If you qualify, you will be provided an electronic physician certification letter (doctor's approval) for a full one year card.

Apply for Cannabis Card

Your digital certification (approval) will be emailed to you within minutes of your in-person visit our doctor with ARCannabisClinic, and you will get full instructions--with links-- on how to apply online with the Arkansas Department of Health.  After applying, your card will be downloadable in about 1 week.  The physical card will arrive in the mail in about 1-2 weeks. 

Renew Your Marijuana Card

Arkansas law requires patients meet with their medical marijuana doctor within 12 months to keep their cannabis card active.  ARCannabisClinic will send you automated reminders on when it's time to renew for maximum discounts ONLY for our exclusive ARCC renewal members!

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