What is a Tele-Health visit?

Telehealth is the use of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access health care services remotely and manage your health care. In simpler terms, in a tele-health visit, you can see and talk to your doctor from the comfort and safety of your own home using your smartphone, computer or tablet. ARCannabis Clinic has certified Physicians with a specialized Certificate to Recommend Medical Marijuana and is serving the entire State of Ohio.

How can a tele-health visit help me get a medical marijuana card?

ARCannabis Clinic is the leading provider of medical marijuana recommendations via tele-health or telemedicine visits. We offer tele-health visits an industry-leading seven days per week. A tele-health visit allows us to reach more people, and saves you time, effort, and money. Transportation, or gas money, or finding time off from work no longer is an issue with tele-health. A tele-health visit is a convenient way to access a licensed marijuana doctor to get your recommendation or renewal to get or maintain a medical marijuana card in the state of Ohio.

What are the steps to get a telehealth visit?

There are four yellow buttons at the top of every page at www.arcannabisclinic.com. These four buttons say Step 1, 2, 3, and 4. If you follow these 4 steps you will have completed everything you need in order to have a successful consultation with our doctors.

I booked the telehealth appointment, now what?

After booking the appointment, please proceed to step 2, which is signing your consent forms. For marijuana card appointments, fill out the MMJ consent form for your state. For PTSD appointments, fill out the PTSD consent form. If you plan to do both appointments, fill out both forms. Step 3 is the payment, and Step 4 is requesting or uploading records. If you are doing a PTSD evaluation, you can skip step 4. Follow the yellow links at the top of the page on our website and you will know what to do every step of the way.

Why does ARCC require records?

ARCC engages in 100% white-hat practices and we understand how important it is for patients get not ony get legal, but to stay legal. There is no "corner-cutting" going on at ARCC. We require outside records because that is what the law says needs to be done. Unlike other places who do not require records and will "make a new diagnosis" for you and signs your certification, ARCC does not do that. These cut-rate providers will have to face the Ohio State Medical Board and other state authorities and will need to explain their practices at risk to them and the status of your card. It is not legal, nor ethical, for a physicial to blindly certify or "rubber-stamp" a diagnosis for the purpose of certifying a patient for medical marijuana. ARCC requires medical records to be collected prior to releasing a signed certification. However, you can still have a consultation with our doctors before having your records in hand -- we will get the records after your visit.

How long will tele-health visits be allowed to get a marijuana certification?

There is no definite end-date for tele-health visits due to the uncertainty of the covid-19 crisis. As long as tele-health remains allowed by the State of Ohio, we will offer it to our patients.

What technology do I need in order to have a tele-health visit?

All you need is a Smartphone/PC/or tablet and access to e-mail. We have multiple ways to reach out to you and multiple software platforms to make it all work. Don't worry if you're not tech-savvy, we have a dedicated support staff who can help you from start to finish and the tele-health visits are less than 15 minutes in duration. There's no waiting rooms, no waiting on the doctor. The doctor will contact you at the appointed time. That's called service!

What is a medical diagnosis consult?

ARCC offers a primary care medical diagnosis consult for patients who have not seen a doctor in a long time but have a qualifying condition. Our doctors will address your qualifying condition on this visit and will update the card recommending physician on your situation.

When can I get a tele-health appointment?

ARCannabis Clinic offers tele-health appointments Monday through Friday between 8:30am to 6pm. No one else is offering the availability, convenience, and service that we do. All you need is a working phone or Desktop PC/Tablet and our doctors can contact you at your convenience at the designated appointment time. We make the process so amazingly simple you will wish you had gotten a card sooner!

Do I have to have my records first before visiting with the doctor?

Unlike other clinics, we do not have to have your records before speaking to our doctor. Our doctor will speak to you about your medical and surgical history and figure out which medical records he needs to recommend you for medical marijuana. After the visit, our dedicated support staff will request for the records on your behalf from your doctors/hospitals. We take care of everything from start to finish, making visits with ARCannabis Clinic worry-free and stress-free.


How long does it take to get the medical marijuana card?

ARCannabis Clinic physicians will register you into the Ohio Medical Marijuana Registry same-day of your appointment, so that you can log in and activate your medical marijuana card right away.

How long does it take to get records?

That depends on your doctor. Some doctor's offices will respond quickly to records requests, some not so much. We have received records in as little as 1 day and sometimes we get records after 1 month or longer. ARCC will fax over a records request to your doctor's office but it usually helps if the patient calls the doctor's office to follow-up to make sure records were sent. Ultimately, it is the patient's responsibility to provide adequate medical records to prove the qualifying condition but we will do what we can to help. If you're having trouble getting records or do not want to wait, you can always see if you can get a PTSD diagnosis from an ARCC doctor--which allows for same day service without waiting for outside records.

Is ARCannabis Clinic a real medical clinic?

Yes. We are a real medical clinic and not a middleman brokerage service that matches random patients to random doctors. We advise patients to stay clear of these outfits and only go to trusted and reputable specialized marijuana clinics like us for your safety and peace of mind. We only certify qualified patients for a medical marijuana card (also called medical card, mmj card, marijuana card, cannabis card) and we do everything above-board and legal.

What makes ARCannabis Clinic different from the competition?

At ARCannabis Clinic, we believe in professionalism, service, and compliance above all else. Unlike our competitors, we are not some fly-by-night operation where a doctor is seeing you in a hotel conference room and you never see or hear from him or her again. There are lots of websites out there promising lots of things but most do not even have an in-house physician who can see you right away. Your reputation, livelihood, and personal health information is too important to entrust to just anyone. When you get a marijuana card (also known as a medical card, cannabis card, mmj card) that was certified at ARCannabis Clinic, you can do so knowing that you went to the largest, most trusted medical marijuana certification clinic in the state of Ohio that has served more qualified patients than anyone else in the business. We have thousands of Google-Verified 5-Star Reviews from satisfied patients and you can read what they're saying about us at https://www.arcannabisclinic.com/testimonials Also, we are the only clinic in the state with a risk-free guarantee: If our doctor does not provide you with a signed certification letter, the office visit is free. The other clinics do not refund at all if you don't qualify. Using ARCannabis Clinic is not only the safe and secure option, it is also makes the most sense. Why go anywhere else? Still unsure? Call our main number 888-454-2111 between 8am and 6pm and one of our friendly support agents will pick up the phone and answer your questions --7 days a week. That's the AR Cannabis Clinic difference.

Do I lose my guns if I get a marijuana card?

This is a common misconception and the short answer is NO. You do not lose your guns by having an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card. Medical marijuana laws have been in place for decades around the United States and there has been no recorded instance where a medical marijuana patient was forced to give up the guns they already own.


What is the marijuana recommendation consultation fee?

The recommendation fee for a brand new patient is $250 for a typical 12 month certification. We offer our veterans a $25 discount for their service for new certifications. We are the only cannabis clinic in Ohio to offer a 100% risk-free consultation so if our cannabis doctor cannot recommend you for medical marijuana, then you will be refunded in full. Renewal appointments are only $200. We offer discounts and promotions so please reach out and see what you may qualify for! Please be careful of cut-rate providers out there offering an unrealistic low price. Most of these outfits are middle-men brokers or they are data-mining websites that sell your information. ARCannabis Clinic is a legitimate medical clinic registered with the Ohio State Medical Board. No one has more locations than we do and more available time slots. If you want peace of mind, trust in the State-wide Leader in Ohio Medical Marijuana Recommendations --ARCannabis Clinic. Please call us at 888-454-2111 or book an appointment online for current offers and discounts

What is the PTSD consultation fee?

The consultation fee for a PTSD evaluation is $99 and this is fully refundable to you if you do not qualify for a PTSD diagnosis. You will speak to a licensed Ohio ARCannabis Clinic physician who can determine if you meet criteria for PTSD.

Does my certification appointment payment apply towards the PTSD consultation?

No. The consultation fee for marijuana certification consultation is separate from the PTSD consultation fee.

Do you take my insurance?

Unfortunately medical marijuana/cannabis is still federally illegal, therefore no insurance company has elected to cover cannabis-related treatments or related office visits. We currently accept debit cards and major credit cards. We do not accept personal checks.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept only debit cards and major credit cards. Apple Pay is also accepted. We are the ONLY cannabis clinic in Ohio to offer an in-house payment plan--You can still see our physician and get certified and then take up to 30 days to pay your certification fee. Please call 888-454-2111 for more information about our flexible payment plan.

Can I make a payment online?

YES! We have a new online bill pay portal to pay for your visit anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please visit https://www.arcannabisclinic.com/pay to make your payment. All major credit cards accepted. Please note, your credit card bill will show up as "HD Clinics, LTD"

How is my credit card charged?

Charges made to your credit card are made by our company legal name, NOT ARCannabis Clinic. There will be no mention of "cannabis" or "marijuana" on your credit card statement. We strive to respect your privacy and want to assure you that your privacy is important to us.

What kinds of discounts do you offer?

ARCannabis Clinic offers discounts to our veterans, fire, police, and ems. We thank you for your service! We offer discounts for renewal patients.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes! Conditions do apply, so please call 888-454-2111 in order to arrange for a group discount. Group discounts are awarded on a case-by-case basis by our manager on duty so please call ahead to make the arrangements, especially for groups larger than 2 or 3. No group discount will be given without prior authorization.

Do you offer a payment plan?

YES! ARCannabis Clinic is the ONLY cannabis certification clinic in the state of Ohio to offer our valued patients an in-house payment plan. You can get certified for as little as $50 down and take up to 30 days to pay off your remaining balance. Our doctors will still see you before you make any payment, as always, and you can pay us over time. How's that for service? Call us at 888-454-2111 to inquire more about our flexible payment plan and to set up a no-risk appointment to see our friendly doctors. Please note, the payment plan is NOT available for PTSD Diagnosis appointments (where you need to get the PTSD Diagnosis from our doctor).


I booked an appointment online, now what?

If you booked an appointment online you will be receiving a phone call from one of our friendly patient support representatives in order to help answer any questions you may have and to confirm your appointment. Since ARCannabis Clinic does not require a deposit in order to book an appointment, we sometimes get appointments made from people who are not serious about getting a marijuana card and who no-show for their appointment. Please keep this in mind and be sure that you are able to speak to one of our representatives at least once after making your appointment. If we are unable to reach you by phone repeatedly, you may lose your time-slot to someone else who does confirm their appointment with us.

What do I need to have ready for my appointment?

1. IDENTIFICATION: Required! Please bring a photo ID such as an Ohio driver's license or state-issued ID card. You MUST be 18 years of age and older and be an Ohio resident to receive a medical marijuana card in Ohio. 2. DOCUMENTATION: Plan Ahead! Our physicians suggest that you provide (upload/fax) supporting documentation with your diagnosis prior to your appointment. Documentation should clearly state your name, visit date, qualifying diagnosis, and treatment. DON'T HAVE MEDICAL RECORDS? YOU CAN STILL BE SEEN BY OUR DOCTORS RISK-FREE AND OUR OFFICE STAFF WILL HELP YOU GATHER YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS AFTER YOUR APPOINTMENT AT NO CHARGE! 3. PAYMENT: Due at time of serivce. Your medical marijuana recommendation will be submitted to the state Registry immediately after your visit and after full payment is made. We accept major credit cards and debit cards. We do NOT accept personal checks. No insurance is accepted at this time. We DO offer an in-house payment plan. Please call toll-free 888-454-2111 for more details.

How recent do my medical records have to be?

It depends. Our doctors prefer recent medical records, the more recent the better. If you have records from several years ago, contact us and let one of our in-house documentation specialists give you tips and advice on your specific situation.

What if my regular doctor will not release my records to me?

If your doctor is not cooperating with providing your medical records to you, don't worry, we are here to help. By law, your doctor must provide your medical records to you upon your request, but we understand sometimes doctor's offices can drag their feet or put you on the back burner. We can request those medical records on your behalf. ARCC has a dedicated medical records department that specializes in this sort of thing. Records requests always go smoother when another medical clinic requests them, and we have a good relationship with doctors across the state. Chances are, your doctor is already referring patients to us. Just give us a call at 888-454-2111 and let us handle it.

I don't have my medical records yet, can I still make an appointment?

YES! If you feel you can get the required documents before your appointment time you are welcome to book an appointment. If you need help gathering medical records, don't worry! Our in-house documentation specialists will be happy to help you at NO CHARGE. If for some reason you are unable to gather your documents before your appointment, please inform us at least 48 hours in advance.

I am late for my appointment, do I have to reschedule?

Not necessarily. It depends on how late you are and how busy the clinic is at that particular time. If you are running late, don't hesitate to call our friendly patient support specialists at 888-454-2111 and explain your situation. You are not "in trouble" so don't worry. Just let us know how late you are going to be and we will do our best to work with you.

Do you have a cancellation or no-show policy?

If you do not show for a scheduled appointment, then you will be charged a no-show fee as indicated in the terms and conditions on our consent form. If you need to cancel your appointment, you must cancel at least 48 hours prior to your appointment or you will be assessed a cancellation fee. Please give us a call and let us know what's keeping you from making it to your appointment and we will see what we can do to get you the help you need.

After my appointment, can you help me apply to the state?

Absolutely! During your appointment day, you will get detailed instructions on how to activate my medical marijuana card with the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program. If you need further assistance, call us at 888-454-2111. We are here to help.

Are follow-up appointments required?

At ARCannabis Clinic, we do not require follow-up appointments but they are encouraged. Other cannabis clinics just want to sign your form and not see you for a year. At ARCannabis Clinic, we want to be invested in our patient's well-being and progress. We want to be able to chart that progess and help our patients choose the right decision for their own healthcare. We want our patients to know that we "have their back" throughout this journey, and that we are here to help.

I'm disabled and have a caregiver, do you register caregivers?

Yes. ARCC Physicians can register both the patient and up to one (1) caregiver per registered patient.


What is PTSD?

PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is a disorder in which a person has difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event.The condition may last months or years, with triggers that can bring back memories of the trauma accompanied by intense emotional and physical reactions. Symptoms may include nightmares or unwanted memories of the trauma, avoidance of situations that bring back memories of the trauma, heightened reactions, anxiety, or depressed mood. Source: Mayo Clinic and others

Is PTSD a qualifying condition to get a marijuana card?

Yes. PTSD is recognized as a qualifying condition for a medical marijuana card in every state with a medical marijuana card program, including Ohio. ARCC doctors can diagnose you with PTSD, if you qualify, same day so you can get your medical marijuana card FAST.

What are the steps to get a PTSD Diagnosis consultation?

There are four yellow buttons at the top of every page at www.arcannabisclinic.com. These four buttons say Step 1, 2, 3, and 4. If you follow the first 3 steps you will have completed everything you need in order to have a successful PTSD consultation with our doctors. Step 4 is optional and not required for the PTSD diagnosis service.

How do I know if I have been already diagnosed with PTSD?

Usually your mental health professional or PCP will tell you if you are being diagnosed with PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. If you have not heard those words being used during your visits, you probably have not been officially diagnosed with PTSD. No worries, ARCC physicians can help you get diagnosed with PTSD if you qualify, and they can do it online at your convenience.

Do I have to go into the office to get a PTSD diagnosis?

No. All PTSD consultations are done via tele-health visit. ARCC has streamlined the process so that it can all be done from the comfort of your phone or from anywhere.

How can ARCC help me get diagnosed with PTSD?

ARCannabis Clinic has several physicians (MD) on staff who are available for a quick consultation to determine whether you meet criteria for PTSD. If you meet criteria based on the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), you will be diagnosed with PTSD and then you will qualify for a medical marijuana card in Ohio. ARCC doctors can diagnose you for PTSD same day (if you qualify), and together with your physician recommendation/registration you can proceed directly to activate your medical marijuana card online to get access to dispensaries.

What if I don't qualify for PTSD after speaking to an ARCC physician?

If you don't qualify for a PTSD diagnosis, you will be refunded for your PTSD evaluation fee in full.

What is the DSM - 5 and why is it important?

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the handbook used by health care professionals in the United States and much of the world as the authoritative guide to the diagnosis of mental disorders. DSM contains descriptions, symptoms, and other criteria for diagnosing mental disorders. It provides a common language for clinicians to communicate about their patients and establishes consistent and reliable diagnoses that can be used in the research of mental disorders. ARCC Physicians will base your diagnosis of PTSD on the DSM - 5 criteria. Source: American Psychiatric Association

Is there a payment plan for the PTSD consultation?

No. PTSD Diagnosis consultations must be paid in full before the doctor will speak to you.

I have PTSD but it was diagnosed a long time ago, can you help?

If you were diagnosed with PTSD and several years have passed without seeking treatment or followup of your PTSD, you probably need to have it re-diagnosed. You may contact your existing mental health provider to schedule a follow-up or you may consult with an ARCC physician who will be happy to discuss your situation. If you meet criteria for PTSD, you will be re-diagnosed for PTSD by an ARCC physician and will be eligible to get a medical marijuana card. ARCC offers a same-day diagnosis service for our patients.

What if I have PTSD but don't want to wait for records to come in?

We have several patients who have a PTSD diagnosis, but do not want to wait for records to come in from their existing mental health providers. We are happy to re-diagnose you for PTSD to expedite your card application process. Having an ARCC physician diagnose you for PTSD is the fastest way to get a medical marijuana card, short of already having records in hand and uploading to us. Since it takes time for a doctor's office to respond to a medical records request (sometimes several weeks), some patients would rather just get re-diagnosed by an ARCC physician so they can expedite the process to get their medical marijuana card. As always, ARCC is happy to help.

Do I have to get re-diagnosed every year for PTSD to get renewed for a card?

Not usually. The decision whether you need additional records is based on the physician's clinical judgement. You can speak to our doctors risk-free to discuss your unique situation.

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